Black Forest

Bordering the north end of Colorado Springs, the Black Forest area encompasses some 200,000 acres, and is roughly defined as the
area from Highway 83 to Eastonville Road, and County Line Road to Woodmen Road in unincorporated El Paso County.

The area is heavily wooded with some open grassland areas, primarily on the southern boundary, and is characterized by mostly 5
acre and larger lots in a rural setting.

This beautiful area was named by a German Immigrant who thought that the dark hue of the Ponderosa Pine very closely resembled
The Black Forest in Germany.

The area abounds in wildlife, and horses are a common sight. The elevation varies from approximately 6500 to 7600 feet. The
commercial center is located in the area of Shoup and Black Forest Roads where a number of small businesses are located.

            The Steve Lee House

State Sen. Charles Duke isn't sure what's going on, but he thinks there may be merit in the claim of a Black Forest man who says
apparitions haunt his home.

Duke has seen them with his own eyes.

"There are certainly some anomalies that don't belong there," Duke said Wednesday of his visit last weekend to Steve Lee's home. "I
don't as yet know what they are."

And Duke would like to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Lee reports that he hears ringing, smells strange odors that burn his throat and eyes, and has seen a flying dead dog and visions of
men wearing fatigues and carrying assault rifles outside his front door. Lee says several of the unusual happenings occur daily. The
television show "Sightings" has aired three segments about Lee, and the TV crew is expected to return to Lee's log home later this
month, bringing with them X-ray machines and ground sonar.

In Lee's view, though, it's the government - not a ghost - that is causing the strange occurrences.

"This ain't no poltergeist," said Lee, 38, a former truck driver. "This is government. How can someone do this and continue to get away
with it?"

Lee said he believes the military is conducting biological and laser testing on his isolated Swan Road property because it would easily
go unnoticed.

Lee said he has tried for about five years to get local and federal agencies to help stop the incidents, but to no avail.

A few weeks ago, Duke, a Monument Republican, got a call from Lee, a constituent, asking for help. The public servant in Duke
surfaced, and he went out Saturday to hear Lee's claims.

Duke took his own camera so he wouldn't have to rely on Lee's photos.

Duke snapped several photos inside Lee's home of nothing in particular. But when he had them developed, something in particular
was on the prints:

"A light beam that is not there to the naked eye, images in the pictures," Duke said.

"There's certainly something unusual, there's no doubt about it," Duke said. "It begs more questions. Where could this be coming
from? And for what purpose?"

That's what Lee has wanted to know for years and what Duke said he now plans to help with.

"I'm going to cautiously talk about it with the FBI," Duke said. Duke has made some acquaintances within the bureau after working with
them in May to try help end the Freemen standoff in Montana.

One of those acquaintances is Greg Groves, supervisory senior resident agent in Colorado Springs.

Groves said an agent has talked with Lee about his claims. Groves is analyzing the information to determine whether a full-blown case
is warranted.

"If there is a violation of federal law, we will proceed appropriately," Groves said.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation

in April 1993 after Lee reported seeing laser lights in his home at night, heard noises that sounded as if someone was walking or
dragging chains on the roof and smelled a strong, sour-type odor in his truck, according to police documents.

The Sheriff's Office conducted 45 follow-ups, including sending clothing, bedding and a rag to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in
Denver to be tested for volatile substances, according to Sheriff's Office reports.

After one detective smelled the rag, his nose and throat started burning, according to sheriff's reports.

Also, the Sheriff's Office had tested a CB radio Lee brought in that he said wouldn't transmit, said Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Stan

But the case was shelved after the tests determined that the clothing, bedding and rag contained no noxious substances and that the
CB wasn't operating out of the ordinary, Ross said.

"We've never been able to determine there was a crime," Ross said. "We've investigated every time he's made a complaint, but
couldn't find any evidence of a crime."

Colorado Springs Gazette, July 18, 1996


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