(In alphabetical order)

3am Paranormal Research Society

Located in Littleton

Expanding personal knowledge through investigation and truth to the idea and unexplained.

Curtis Ferraro Co-Director
I was born in Sacramento, California, but was raised in southern Cali for 23 years. I moved to Colorado in November of 2002. I am a car
enthusiast. I enjoy going to car shows. I also love movies and consider myself somewhat of an amateur movie critic..

Bryce Phillips Co- Director
I am 32 years old, born and raised in Indiana, but came to Colorado about 15 years ago. I am fascinated by the beauty and history that
Colorado has to offer. I am Chief Superintendent with a local demolition company, and have been involved with many projects that have
a paranormal background...

Patrick Mastin Co-Director
I was born in Denver, Colorado and have lived here my whole life. I am a husband and the father of three great little boys! I am an avid
motorcycle rider. I love the freedom I feel when I ride, and how I can clear my mind. I have been fascinated by the paranormal my whole

TeeJay Kemme Co-Director
I'm from Littleton, Colorado. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing children. I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, four
wheeling, fishing, poker, motorcycles, and (of course) the paranormal. I’ve experienced many things I consider paranormal. ...

American Association of Paranormal Investigators ~ (A.P.P.I.)

Located in Denver

AAPI Denver:

Stephen Weidner – Founder -

Sharon Raines -

Archbishop Richard Michael - Paranormal Scene Investigator -

Father Jeffrey Genest - Paranormal Scene Investigator -

Father Ron Ivins - Paranormal Scene Investigator -

John Cox - Paranormal Scene Investigator/Ufologist -

Anthony Ortega - Paranormal Scene Investigator -

Joey Filichia - Paranormal Scene Investigator/Tech Specialist- Colorado --

Michael Siefken - Paranormal Scene Investigator/Medium - Colorado -

Josh Rowe - Paranormal Scene Investigator -

David Watters - Paranormal Scene Investigator - Colorado -

AAPI Colorado Springs:

Loyd Neal - Paranormal Scene Investigator - Colorado-

Mark Fletcher - Paranormal Scene Investigator/Sr Investigator- Colorado- (E-mail coming soon)

Lisa Stanton - Paranormal Scene Investigator/Sr Investigator- Colorado -

Brandon Hill - Paranormal Scene Investigator - Colorado - (E-mail coming soon)

AAPI Fort Collins:

Phaedra Tisch-Calabaza - Paranormal Scene Investigator - Colorado -

American Association of Paranormal Investigators ~ (AAPI)
13973 East Utah Circle
Aurora, CO   80012

Amy Bayless

Located in Nederland

(303) 258-9326

Although not a "paranormal investigator;" Amy has the ability to move ghosts out of houses and on to more suitable locations.

She also does mediation work to help ghosts and their living housemates work out problems so that they can co-habit the house
peacefully together.

Arkansas Valley Ghost Hunters

Located in La Junta

Welcome to Arkansas Valley Ghost Hunters!

We have been investigating for years at different locations around the Arkansas Valley. From haunting in an old church to haunting at
people’s homes, we have always been fascinated and worked hard to prove or disprove the situation. It is our first mission to find a non-
supernatural explanation for what is going on. Many times there is a non-paranormal reason for what is going on.

We work HARD to prove that things are not ghouls and ghosts. If we find evidence it is passed through, at the least, three different
persons to confirm what we have found before we will call it evidence. If the responses from you is to the contrary, we will not list it as
evidence. If evidence is found and we feel it is authentic we return, if possible, to the location to disprove and re-investigate. We are
NOT looking for our fifteen minutes of fame. As a matter of fact that turns me off. I know marketing and it makes me furious, even if it is
by so called pioneers. I’m probably stupid for not trying to cash in, but I want answers not fame. Why do we post evidence? We want
your help. Let us know what you think. Help us investigate. We are NOT looking for our own show.

I want to know, “Why these people are still here”. It’s at odds with my religion. I have attended Christian churches all my life and the
evidence of the paranormal does not make sense. We are out here as scientists. Yes, scientists. Some say how you can declare this is
a scientific investigation. The answer; we stick to the scientific method. We are not hoping for so much that we bypass the truth. That
said we are also here to help. You may not be believed by other in the community or others in the country. We will listen and try to help.
If you don’t want people to know, we are your best bet for confidentiality. We are here to help you, find a logical explanation if possible.

Are you interested in becoming an Arkansas Valley Ghost Hunter? It’s not going to be easy, you’re going to have to work hard and be
more professional then you have ever been in your life. Yes we do have fun, but if you’re looking for chairs flying across the room, you
are more times than not going to be disappointed. I can only tell you that this is like fishing in the dark. Only you don’t know if you have
caught something until you spend hours watching the most boring TV you have ever watched in your life. If you don’t like three hour
movies this is not for you. Thanks for visiting our page. Scott Eckhart Founder Arkansas Valley Ghost Hunters

Article: 'These Ghost Hunters Are For Real'
By Dan Cunningham
Bent County Democrat
Jan. 22nd, 2009

Lamar, Colo. -   There are ghosts in southeastern Colorado, and  La Junta ghost hunters know how to look for them.
After checking out haunted places in Otero County, Arkansas Valley Ghost Hunters said Friday a haunted apartment house in Las
Animas is next on their “to do” list..........

***  To read more of this story, click here:    ***

Boulder County Paranormal Research Society

The Boulder County Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to the scientific, objective investigation into claims of alleged
paranormal phenomena. We employ rigorous investigative protocols, and submit our case reports to fellow researchers for peer review.
BCPRS does not charge for its services, and maintains strict confidence if our clients do not wish to be publicly identified. Our primary
goal is to provide assistance, reassurance, and support to those who are living with unwanted alleged paranormal activity. Our
secondary goal is to research, document, and analyze scientific data pertaining to alleged paranormal activity, thereby furthering the
field of paranormal research.

Canon City Ghost Trackers

Located in Canon City

(719) 275-6606

We are here to help!! Let us know about your experiences in our feedback. If you would like our help to investigate your house,
please go to "contact us."

We use a four screen infrared camera system, electronic magnetic field detector, temperature gauges, EVP and DVD recorder to
capture images.

We use the equipment we have to try to collect evidence so we can post it to our web site for the public to view.
We go into a place set up our equipment to try and catch something that is unexplained on tape. We usually start around
9:00pm and end when activity stops or we are exhausted.

If you would like to talk to us you can call 719-275-6606 we will return your call as quick as possible.

C&C Paranormal Investigations

Located in the Pueblo area

This is the page of C&C Paranormal Investigations. Co-founders are Jessica Caffey and Corey Clement. We are just beginning this
group. This is starting out as a hobby, we do not consider or advertise as "Professional Paranormal Investigators. We have both had
experiences in our lives and believe in the paranormal. We intend to learn more about it as we embark on more investigations.

Who I'd like to meet:  We would love to meet other investigators and believers. We welcome all that can keep an open mind and not be

Centennial Paranormal Research and Investigations

Located in Centennial/ Denver metro area

We are a professional Ghost Hunting group in the Denver metro area! We have been investigating for almost three years now. Recently
we have made some big changes to our group and we have said goodbye to a few members and added a few too! We have found
some amazing evidence of the paranormal! Our goal is to try and see what kind of proof we can document of the paranormal using
scientific methods and common sense! We never jump to any conclusion with out extensive review of what we have found. If there might
be a logical explanation then it is NOT paranormal!! We have all the regular equipment. Digital voice recorders, cameras, video
cameras w/ night vision, thermal scanners, EMF detectors. And always looking to add to that list! If you need to know what might be
haunting you, contact us here. We would never charge for any service. We would love to help!

One need not be a chamber to be haunted, One need not be a house; The brain has corridors surpassing Material place.
- Emily Dickinson

Who I'd like to meet:  Anyone interested in the Paranormal. All Ghost Hunters and everyone just interested in the Supernatural.

Christopher Moon

Haunted Times Magazine

Ghost Hunter University

(720) 344-6150

Colorado Association for Paranormal Research  ~ (C.A.S.P.R.)

Located in Littleton

The Colorado Association for Paranormal Research is a group of media professionals who use their technical skills to investigate and
research the paranormal. Although most paranormal experiences can be debunked scientifically, there is a small, but significant
percentage of cases that provide unexplained artifacts and phenomena. It is that small percentage of cases and experiences that
CASPR strives to capture, catalog, and research.

Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators ~ (C.C.P.I.)

2 websites:   and

Serving Western Colorado and Eastern Utah Since 2004

Rev. Clarissa Vazquez  - Founder / Lead Investigator -

Team Cell Phone #: (970) 260-5164

CCPI was founded in 2004.  We have experienced steady growth in the number of investigations we conduct, and expect these numbers
will continue to increase.  We are constantly looking for haunted "hot spots" in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah however, we will
conduct investigations in other locations.  If you believe you have a haunted location and you would like us to investigate please click
here. If the investigation would take place outside of Western Colorado or Eastern Utah we would be happy to make the appropriate
arrangements or refer you to one of our affiliates.

Colorado Ghost Hunters

We are a Colorado paranormal investigation team that deals specifically with ghostly phenomenon. Each member of the Colorado Ghost
Hunters are considered to be an independent researcher conducting their own investigations and experiments. Combining research and
experimental data with our own members of the Colorado Ghost Hunters it is our mission to further statistical data for the Colorado
paranormal community and abroad. As a Colorado paranormal investigation team, we can then begin to correlate our data to known
theories of post-mortem existence.


We feel that each member of the Colorado Ghost Hunters team should act as an independent researcher in order remain flexible. As a
Colorado paranormal investigation team it is required for each member of the Colorado Ghost Hunters to be actively educating
themselves either formally or auto-didactically. Education and critical thinking is the strength of our team. In order to further the
educational experience of each Colorado Ghost Hunter team member, we offer the chance to publicly post their written research
papers, in the ghost hunting articles portion of the website, that pertains to ghostly phenomena. We feel that by publishing their written
papers, Colorado Ghost Hunters offer them a stepping stone as to further their own goals. Colorado Ghost Hunters feels that this helps
each team member to be held accountable for their own education; and shows each team member how serious of a commitment the
others have taken. Colorado Ghost Hunters team members appreciate that they do not have to rely on a single person's experience to
objectively paranormal phenomena or other related material.


As a Colorado paranormal investigation team, Colorado Ghost Hunters is dedicated to researching information, conducting experiments
and conduct investigations pertaining to the possibility of a postmortem existence and related phenomena. . Our team tries to gather
and correlate data regarding already popular theories about ghostly phenomena. After gathering this data, members of the Colorado
Ghost Hunters use the Scientific Method to help experiment with these theories; or if needed to develop new hypotheses in order to
continue experimenting until a theory is established.

We think that the research and experimental data that we gather during our ghost hunting investigations and experiments also
strengthens the Colorado Ghost Hunters by helping our members develop a deeper understanding the Scientific Method. We present
our research and experimental data in our ghost hunting articles, and ghost hunting investigations sections for the public to review. This
helps the Colorado Ghost Hunters receive feedback from the community by critiquing the style and substance of the research and
experimentation. Constructive criticism from the public is openly invited and welcomed. The feedback we receive regarding our ghost
hunting investigations presents us with the opportunity to develop new strategies. It is important that the accuracy and truth of our data,
as a Colorado paranormal investigation team, increases to help establish our credibility with the public community.


The Colorado Ghost Hunters are also working on other projects outside of paranormal investigations to help keep the public interested
in what is going on with ghost hunting and assist in the creation of a strong, true paranormal community in Colorado. We plan to start a
ghost hunting podcast so people can keep up to date with the Colorado Ghost Hunters and paranormal investigation in general.
Additionally, Colorado Ghost Hunters contributes to the Colorado Paranormal Investigators Cooperative on, an 'across
group boundaries' effort to forge a bond between the various ghost hunting and paranormal groups within Colorado.

We hope you continue to visit our website to stay up to date, and if you have information or questions, please contact us through the
appropriate email address. Thank you for visiting Colorado Ghost Hunters, we hope you'll join us in visiting haunted places in Denver
and other haunted areas in Colorado.

Colorado Paranormal Investigators Cooperative - (C.R.O.P.)

Location: Denver!/group.php?v=info&ref=search&gid=148131353523

Welcome all Paranormal Investigators!

This group was formed as an effort to create collaboration between teams, groups and individuals, whether you are a ghost hunter,
investigate psychic phenomena, or are interested in it all. You can belong to any ghost hunting group/team, be an individual ghost
hunter or just starting out. All are welcome here.

The purpose of this group is to create a venue for all of those interested in the topic of paranormal investigation to share their thoughts,
evidence, information, events and investigations.

Please be sure to check the message boards regularly as there will be information posted there regarding the paranormal, maybe some
EVPs now and then.

You are welcome to:
Advertise your group
Advertise an event
Look for other members for your group
Find someone to go on an investigation with
Post information
Post an article you've written on related topics

And of course, all are welcome to attend any events/investigations that are scheduled directly through this meetup.

We are a clearing house for local paranormal related information and a cooperative organization. There is no "leader" of this group, and
we are not a specific team of ghost hunters. This is a true society for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. You are free to
represent yourself as an individual or as a member of another team.

The only requirement is that you remain somewhat active by posting on the boards, mail lists or by attending meetups. The member
base will be regularly checked for inactivity. Anyone who hasn't been active within the last 6 months will be contacted and asked if they
are still interested in being a member of the Cooperative. At that time, if there is no response or the individual no longer wishes to be a
part of the Cooperative, their membership will be deleted. Since this will be a community effort, we believe in everyone knowing each
other by name and working together and this can not be done effectively if there are hundreds of non-participatory members.

Location:  Denver, CO
70 Paranormal Investigators
Founded:  September 3, 2009

Colorado Paranormal Rescue

About Us!    We are an investigative team that documents and researches paranormal activity in Colorado. Most of our investigations
are focused on life after death, hauntings, ghosts and psychic abilities.

Why Paranormal Rescue?   Many times we encounter people who are uncomfortable with the paranormal activity in their homes. We
attempt to release entities or explain any mundane or psychic causes for what a home owner may be experiencing. Our goal is to help
home owners to feel more comfortable in their homes.

We also work with real estate agents to “clear” homes of unwanted energies that may be preventing the sale of a home.

We offer a free consultation for an initial walk-thru and interview. Modest fees are charged for investigations, releases and clearings.
Investigation $95
Spirit Release $150
House Clearing $150

Tours & Events:  Are you interested in exploring the paranormal for a night or weekend? Are your friends interested in experiencing an
evening in a haunted hotel or dinner at a haunted restaurant for an evening of paranormal fun?

Tour some of Colorado’s scariest places!   We have 3 hour “Evening at a Haunted Restaurant” packages starting at just $20/person
(4 people minimum).* Overnight “Haunted Hotel” packages starting at $100/person.**

Here’s what you’ll get:   A history of the location, interviews with employees and people who have had first hand accounts,
introduction to ghost hunting equipment & methods, walk thru investigation with our paranormal investigators using their equipment and
talking with their psychics, a copy of any evidence we find during the investigation and any our team have found in previous
investigations, and a great story to tell your friends & family!  Email us for details!
* Evening packages do not include pricing for food.
** Overnight package pricing does not include food or lodging

Join the Team!   We are looking for investigators to join our team. We are interested in people who have an open and curious mind.
Skeptic, true believer, or somewhere in between? We would like to see if you are a fit for our organization. (these are volunteer

What are we looking for?    We would like our team members to be motivated by the investigation. A lot of what we do is very
mundane: research, interviews, picture taking, reading equipment, watching footage, or compiling evidence.

We often get people who are thrill seekers, looking for a scare. If that is the case for you, then check out our Tours & Events section,
but do not apply to join our team. If you are interested in research and investigative techniques, or if you enjoy looking for answers to
the unexplained, then our group is for you.

We are open to people with many talents. Right now we are specifically interested in people with the following talents/abilities:

Carpentry/Plumbing/Home Heating/Home Repair or Building
Sound and/or Film
Science or Psychology Background
Colorado History/Geneology/Research
If you do not have one of the above talents/abilities, but would still like to join us, please feel free to apply, but let us know what your
talents are or what you would like to offer our group.

Email us to join!

Research:    Recently our group investigated the Museo de Las Americas on Santa Fe Ave in Denver.  We were called in to work with
psychic medium, Anthony Quinata, to investigate the ghost of a little girl. She had been seen by several employees and other guests of
the museum.    Click here for more!

Colorado Paranormal Research ~ (CPR)

Located in  Denver

Please watch for our new website at

Colorado Paranormal Research utilizes scientific and traditional methods to attempt to document the existence of paranormal activity.
We investigate public places, private residences and businesses, but also enjoy traveling to investigate haunted sites around the
country. We are serious investigators who believe skepticism is healthy, and that all natural explanations should be ruled out prior to
declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature. All private investigations are discreet and free of charge, and will never be
mentioned on this website or anywhere else.

Colorado Paranormal Research & Investigations, LLC  ~ (C.P.R. Investigations)

For General Information:

For Help Cases:

If you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like us to investigate, please contact us by email, or phone. All cases are kept
confidential and are handled with discretion. All services are free of charge.

*** Please do not contact CPR Investigations, LLC. if you have already, or plan to contact other paranormal teams at the same time.  
Each team approaches investigations differently in this field, and having multiple teams investigating within the same time frame can
lead to the contamination of one or more of the team's results.

About Us

Colorado Paranormal Research and Investigations, LLC. or CPR Investigations, LLC. is a paranormal investigations and research team
with a two-fold mission.  Our primary goal is to assist individuals in our community and neighboring communities, with issues pertaining
to the paranormal.  We are also dedicated to furthering research within the field of Paranormal Studies.  We are a logic and technical
based team who, while acknowledging genuine psychic ability, do not rely on psychic testimony as a basis of proving or disproving a
haunting or paranormal phenomenon.

CPR Investigations, LLC. covers all of Colorado and parts of our neighboring states and offers free services from our top quality
Investigators, Researchers, and Historians.

Colorado Paranormal Research and Investigations, LLC. or CPR Investigations for short, was founded in 2007 by two friends who not
only share a love for all things paranormal, but who also share a dedication to use logic and as much science based methods in
investigating as possible.  Inspired by the techniques of TAPS and other like-minded people of the field, CPR Investigations has
believed from the beginning that finding natural and logical explanations for paranormal activity would add credibility to that which could
not be explained.

With that thought in mind, CPR Investigations became a dedicated, professional, and diverse team of Investigators and Researchers.  
Our team is comprised of a variety of professionals who each contribute their skills and expertise to uphold our team's goal to help
people affected by unexplained activity.

At CPR Investigations, we enjoy digging into a good historic or famous haunt, testing equipment in the field, and researching new
methodology on all aspects of the unknown "world".   But what we live for, and get the most back from, is helping our community to
understand what may, or in many cases, may not be happening in their own home (or location).  Because while a historic, or famous
haunt is interesting and fun to explore--it is the sense of fulfillment and well being that comes with helping a family, or person in need,
that really allows us to thrive as a paranormal investigations team.

CPR Investigations members come to you with years of experience in dealing with the paranormal, so you can rest assured that we are
professionals and will conduct every investigation as such. All cases are confidential and CPR Investigations will not publish, or release
any information without written consent.  All services are free of charge.

If you feel you are in need of help with paranormal activity in your home or business, please feel free to contact us!

NEW!    Colorado Researchers of Paranormal Science ~  (C.O.R.P.S.)

Facebook page:!/pages/Colorado-Researchers-of-Paranormal-

The Colorado Researchers of Paranormal Science (CORPS) is a Colorado-based paranormal investigation organization. As paranormal
investigators, we are committed to authenticating evidence and documenting the existence of any paranormal activity via audio, video,
and other electronic means of equipment. By using current high-tech technology we are able to conduct extensive scientific
investigations and interpret the evidence collected and present evidence to the client in the hopes of creating a better understanding of
the current activity and possible options to be taken. The Colorado Researchers of Paranormal Science does not attempt to "prove" a
haunting. We are here to conduct an investigation where we look at all aspects of reported activity, client observations, and gathered
evidence to come up with the most reasonable explanation. We are here to help you understand what you are experiencing. The
Colorado Researchers of Paranormal Science is available outside of Colorado as well.

If you believe your home or business is haunted, please contact us and one of our investigators will arrange a meeting with you. This is
free of charge, and 100% private. We will never give out any of your personal information, and you will receive copies of all evidence

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association  ~  (C.S.P.A.)

Established 2005

Affiliate of ICPIR  ~  (                  

ABOUT C.S.P.A. -   Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA) conducts investigations and research into claims of paranormal
phenomena primarily through the use of scientific methods supplemented by intuitive means. Our research tools and methods include --
but may not be limited to -- the use of photography, audio/video recordings, environmental monitors and intuitive researchers.

Following an investigation, we analyze the results of the data collected using various computer programs as well as one-on-one
personal analysis and corroboration/input from additional experts in the field. Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA) is a
volunteer-only, non-profit group.

Visit us:




Experiencing paranormal activity? Contact us. Serious inquiries only. We NEVER charge a fee for our services. We investigate homes
and businesses. We do require our clients to sign a waiver of liability and participation contract form prior to any investigation we
conduct. If you live in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas and would like to get more information about scheduling an
investigation, please e-mail Bev at

Contact Paranormal Colorado Springs!

You may contact Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA) in these ways:

Bev & Paul T. Sninchak:    719-271.2613   --- or---   719-232-1068   
Please be sure leave a message so we may return your call!

For general inquiries::

For media or membership inquiries, e-mail Bev Sninchak at: -OR-

For tech-related inquiries, e-mail Paul Sninchak:

We strive to respond as soon as we can with e-mail inquiries. If, for some reason, you have not received a response within 24-48
hours, please send follow-up e-mail or contact us by telephone. Thanks.

Colorado State Paranormal Investigations

Located in Longmont

We have two years experience investigating privately as of February 2009. We believe a family or private citizen should never have to
pay for help dealing and living with this sort of phenomena. Therefore we are a non-profit organization and private residences are our
top priority. We also practice confidentiality if the client so wishes. We are dedicated to conducting strictly scientific investigations. We
feel that finding rational explanations to events taking place are just as rewarding to the parties involved, as evidence of the
supernatural, though we definitely give our clients the benifit of the doubt that something strange is occurring. We are not looking for
fame, we are looking for evidence and we are looking to help people. For more information about us or to contact us please leave a
message with your name and information. We try to check this page daily. Also check our blogs for member information, previous
investigation results and investigation practices.

Get to know us - Josh:
My name is Josh. My interest in the paranormal and supernatural started at a very young age. As a small child I lived in a “haunted
house”. Experiencing many paranormal events throughout my childhood and adult life has sparked a want and need to understand and
explain this misunderstood realm. For the past nine years I have worked as a water well / pump technician. Having a job that deals with
electricity, plumbing, mechanics and problem solving has given me the skills to approach investigations in a professional manner. My
strategy for investigating is to stay skeptical. Many paranormal experiences can be explained through rational, scientific reasoning. Only
when no other explanation can explain an experience, will I be willing to call it paranormal or supernatural activity. My interest in
paranormal investigation first started as a personal need to better understand the phenomena myself and others have experienced, but
now has developed into a desire to help others who may be uncomfortable in their own homes and surroundings. Helping a person or
family who has been disturbed by unexplained experiences is my number one goal. Many different factors can play a role in how you or
your loved ones feel. While some people may actually be having paranormal experiences, including sightings, feelings of being watched
or not alone and personal contact with spirits, Many times there are more rational explanations. For example, high EMF exposure can
lead to feelings of being watched. Carbon monoxide from improperly vented or faulty appliances can cause hallucinations and other
serious health problems. Even bad plumbing can be the cause for that “bump in the night”. This is why we always do a thorough
scientific investigation. We base our findings on facts, not feelings. Many times we can debunk a haunting. Even if we find you are
experiencing paranormal phenomena, we have ways to help you and your family deal with it, in a compassionate and professional

Get to know us - Tim:
My name is Tim. I have an interest in all things paranormal and supernatural. Oddly enough my interest didn’t start with “ghost”, but
actually U.F.O.s. One of my earliest memories was experiencing a close U.F.O. encounter with my mother. This is when my obsession
began. Ever since then I’ve experienced many strange things throughout my life. I felt a need to understand these things that were
happening to me. In the sixth grade, when I was finally allowed to choose my own subject to do a report on, I chose poltergeist. I would
find myself waiting for new paranormal books to show up at the library and bookstore because I had read every one they had in stock.
Thank God for the internet coming into being. When it comes to investigating, I find myself to be very scientific and rational. If it can be
explained by anything else, it can not be evidence of supernatural activity. You will never find me calling dust in the air orbs. I feel it’s
better to be a skeptic in this field than a full on believer. I also feel that an investigator needs to be strong willed and confident. In my
opinion, this field has been glorified to be fun and harmless and most of the time this is true. There is also though, a potential for danger
and only a strong, confident, professional individual can be prepared for such an occurrence. Having said that, I completely feel that
seeing is believing. Is Bigfoot real? I suppose it’s possible, but I’ve never seen one, so I can’t say yes. I have experienced the “spirit” or
“ghost” phenomena, so yes there is something to it. If my knowledge of this phenomena can help just one person over come their fears,
live more comfortably, or rid themselves of negativity, then my obsession has all been worth while.

March 25, 2009 ----  TVs Ghost Hunters: Pros & Cons

I, like most of you, am a fan of the television show “Ghost Hunters”. It is a phenomenon that is sweeping the country, if not the world and
it’s well deserved. Having said that I do believe there are some fall backs to the television show, but I would like to start off with the
positive aspects of the show.

I, like most of you, have had interest, obsession really, with all things paranormal my whole life. Many of hours I have spent with my nose
buried in books on the subject, but when it came to television shows on the subject, I often found them disappointing. They were either
just chronicles of ghost stories or groups of individuals who seemed to have the ability to find a haunting in any space they occupied.
There was never any real substance to them and they seemed to be strictly ratings driven. That all changed in October of 2004 when
Ghost Hunters premiered on the Sci Fi Channel. Finally a genuine program that portrays paranormal investigation in an honest manner.
In my opinion, it all starts with TAPS founders Jason and Grant. Right off the bat, you feel like you can trust these guys. They seem like
your everyday friends that you meet up with at the pub to knock back a few. Unlike other shows, these two are not prone to flights of

They are no nonsense, strictly scientific, seasoned investigators. You get the sense that it’s far less about ratings and all about
furthering the field though scientific evidence. The first time I saw one of their investigations that turned up nothing, I knew I was going to
like this show. That alone gives them mountains of credibility, especially when they do find something. Jason and Grant have shown the
world that not all paranormal investigators are these crazy, exocentric weirdos that find ghost around every corner. For this reason,
Ghost Hunters has made skeptics into believers, or at least opened their minds to the possibility. Suddenly there seems to be less
criticism for those that have had to deal with the paranormal in their lives.  

Now let’s get to the adverse affects of Ghost Hunters. First though, I would like to say that in no way do I blame Jason, Grant or any
other member of TAPS for any of adverse affects. They are simply doing their job to best of their ability and can not be held responsible
for the actions of other people. We have met many people that want to be a member of our team. The only experience or knowledge
many of these people have with the paranormal is having watched Ghost Hunters for a few years. They can tell you about the
equipment and the different kinds of hauntings, but that’s about it. They think that they are experts on the field when have never done
any outside research into the matter. I usually tell these people that they need to send themselves to paranormal school at their local
library before they decide to start investigating.

Even the most experienced investigators will tell you that they themselves are not experts. The field is constantly advancing and new
discoveries are being made. Watching a television show for three or four certainly does not make anyone an expert! People also have
this idea that investigating is this thrill ride that has you on the edge of your seat for hours straight then it’s over and you go home. To
the people that that have to live and/or work with this phenomenon, it is anything but an exciting amusement park thrill ride. It can be
quite terrifying and stressful to deal with on a day to day basis. Now Ghost Hunters does do a great job at relaying this message but I
believe it can not be stressed enough, that first and foremost we are here to help these people in anyway we can. As far as
investigations go, what you see on Ghost Hunters is only an edited fraction of what really takes place. No one would watch a show of the
fourteen hours plus that it takes to do a full investigation.

I’m telling you from experience that the majority of investigations are nothing more than sitting in the dark for many hours waiting for
something to occur. Not to mention the research you do on the property, interviews with the clients and reviewing all the evidence. It is
quite an endeavor and a commitment, many times with nothing to show for it. Serious investigators are willing to do all of this just to get
that one chance to capture a great piece of evidence that will help further the field, but a lot of times it is like watching paint dry.

My greatest concern with this field is something that Ghost Hunters has mentioned very little about, although I can not blame them
because it is something that is, as of yet, not able to be explained scientifically and may be perceived as being in direct conflict with
science. There are dangers associated with this field. We have seen getting scratched, shoved and other physical attacks directed at
the clients and investigators on Ghost Hunters. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Any outside research into this field will quickly reveal
that there can be a darker side to these hauntings. Investigators are also at risk for mental and spiritual attacks. These negative forces
seem to be inhuman and potentially can be much more powerful and menacing. These forces tend to disguise themselves as harmless
human hauntings. There are many cases of the unaware investigators being “attached” to by these forces. Now I’m not telling anyone
that they must be of a certain faith in order to resist these entities, I just personally believe that an investigator must have faith and
strength in something, at the very least themselves. These things prey upon the weak and the frightened and if you are not TRULY
prepared for the worst, you may be putting yourself at risk. Then the haunting that you went to investigate, just might end up following
you home and believe me, you don’t want that. I like to compare it to cockroaches. They are easy to get and sometimes nearly
impossible to get rid of. If you are new to this field and are serious about it I recommend learning more about how to protect yourself and
being careful who you chose to take along with you on your investigations.
The more you know the better off you will be.  

Written by: Tim

Previous Investigations:

4/5/2008 – Hotel Colorado –Glenwood Springs,Colorado

This was a very old and beautiful hotel with a long history. It was built in 1893 and first to have electricity in the area. It had many visitors
like President William Taft, Al Capone, Doc Holliday, the unsinkable Molly Brown, and President Theodore Roosevelt. The latter two
both have suits dedicated to them. It definitely gives you that creepy feeling. We stayed in room 551 that had some strange reports of
activity. You can read more here. We did EMF sweeps of the whole hotel and did
not find any hits that we could not explain. In fact the whole night we didn't think we found anything at all. The strangest thing that
happened was my girlfriend getting extremely sick that night, even though we had both eaten exactly the same food the day before. We
also did a forty minute EVP session during which I caught twelve EVPs. The majority of them were strange sounds we didn't hear and I
can't explain. A few of them were a clear mans voice. One definitely says to get out and one says something about us moving around!!

9/13/08– Loukonen Family Farm House – Near Lyons,Colorado

This is a house that has been in my family for nearly eighty years. It was built by my great grandfather in the early twentith century. My
grandfather grew up in this house. There are three known deaths that have occurred in the house. Also, the body of a missing jogger
was found beside a pond about one hundred yards behind the house. The have been various reports of paranormal activity throughout
the years from many different sources. Reports include strange sounds, objects moving, footsteps, voices and even apparitions. We did
a preliminary EMF sweep of the house in the day to find any fields we should know about.

At that time we experienced a moving cold spot. We felt it as we entered the enclosed porch and were able to follow it back into the
house, where we then lost track of it. The investigation that night wasn't nearly as exciting. We felt and heard nothing out of the
ordinary. We did two EVP sessions with no avail, but at one point we decided to investigate another building on the property. I left a
digital voice recorder running in the house while we where away for nearly forty minutes. The recording is littered with unexplainable
sounds! So many I didn't bother to write down when they had occurred. Literally the whole time we where gone there were noises. There
were footsteps, loud banging noises and voices. We only had a three person crew, so I think that when we where in the house, what
ever was there simply moved to another story.

Follow these links below for interviews with seasoned investigators:
John Zaffis

Father Andrew Calder

Chip Coffee

Dave Schrader

                                                                Electromagnetic Fields ~ ("EMF's")

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. The Earth puts off an electromagnetic field naturally, which varies from .1 to .6 mG. We use what
is called an EMF detector or gaussmeter to find these fields. We will start by doing an initial EMF sweep of the property. We will be
looking for any high EMFs that can be explained. We will then know not to be alarmed by these areas as we investigate and we can also
see if an area with high EMFs corresponds with areas of reported activity. The theory is that when an entity or spirit is close buy it can
cause changes in the electromagnetic field. It can cause “spikes” of high EMFs where there were none before and there shouldn’t be
any. This usually will happen before or during time of increased activity.

Having said that, there are also many common causes for abnormally high EMFs in a house, like unprotected and uninsulated electrical
wiring and breaker boxes, electrical appliances and outside sources such as power lines and broadcast towers. Studies are now
showing that long term exposure to high electromagnetic fields can cause adverse affects on the human body both physically and
mentality. The EPA safety standard for EMF exposure is rated at no more than 1 mG. According to the EPA, anything that emits an EMF
higher than that is considered potentially unsafe. Some of the symptoms of long term exposure can be very similar to a paranormal

Symptoms like Feelings of being watched or feelings of dread, depression, nausea, insomnia and hallucinations, all of which can be
caused by long term exposure. It is also believed possible to have a hypersensitivity to EMFs, although it has not yet been proven. If
you are experiencing a haunting that tends to be more feeling than physical events, there may be a chance that you are being exposed
to high EMFs. There are certain precautions you can take to limit the amount of EMFs you’re being exposed to. Everyday our bodies
are being bombarded by these fields.

I think many people would be surprised at how much everyday appliances emit. From your computer and TV to your microwave to the
one that really got me, your alarm clock. (Mine puts off fields of 120 mG!!) If you sleep within 3 feet of an electric clock, you might as well
sleep under the power lines. It is recommended that electric clocks and other electrical devices be at least 6 feet from your bed. Hair
dryers can produce a staggeringly high EMF, sometimes as high as 400 mG..

It is recommended by many professional EMF consultants that hair dryers not be used on children who are still in their developmental
stage. We all know the dangers of working too long in front of a computer, but research shows that the EMF emitted by the monitor can
also affect our health. Many of us make a living at our computers, so it's best to test your monitor for EMF levels and try to keep the
monitor as far away from you as comfortably possible. Sit at least 6 feet away from the television set and rearrange your home or office
setting so you are never too close to an appliance. Try to arrange your appliances, TVs and computers against outside walls so the
electromagnetic field they produce doesn't bleed into an adjoining room and unplug appliances not in use.

Electric heating blankets give off an electromagnetic field even when they are not on. Sleeping under an electric heating blanket places
your body in very close proximity to the EMF being emitted by the device and can result in a wide range of potential health problems.
Some studies indicate that the electromagnetic field produced by an electric heating blanket may influence the potential for miscarriages
and childhood leukemia. Studies have shown that people in the electricity line of work are more likely to get cancers like leukemia.
Whether or not you believe you have a haunting, it is a good idea to protect yourselves from electromagnetic fields. If you use an EMF
detector and determine that your home's wiring is the root cause for the high EMF, you should hire a qualified licensed electrician to
investigate and repair the cause.

Denver Paranormal Research Society  ~ (Kathy - Founder/Owner)

I have always had the desire to understand the world of the unknown. There are so many unexplained phenomena around us everyday.
I was raised in New Mexico, and when you live in that part of the country, you are exposed to the mystical beliefs and folklore of the
Native American people and the rich cultural beliefs and folklore of the New Mexican people. This state is also well known for its UFO
sightings and of course, the Roswell event. With that combination I have been drawn into the search for more answers.

In this field, there are no experts but there are educational tools such as books, radio programs, magazines written or given by those
who have been in this field a long time. I like to attend lectures and seminars that are given by those individuals who study paranormal
phenomena. This broadens my perspective on the paranormal. With this knowledge, I can go into each investigation with an analytic,
impartial and understanding approach. So, I founded the Denver Paranormal Research Society to further study the paranormal and
help people with their paranormal experiences. ~  Boe - Owner/Lead Investigator

About myself: Since I was a child, I wanted to help people experiencing the paranormal to have the comfort, knowledge and confidence
to deal with their paranormal problem and to have control of their own homes when facing the paranormal. My journey is to get past my
own demons and face my fears looking for ways to break open the paranormal and scientific piece of the phenomena.

Paranormal Experience: I have been studying the paranormal for 11 years and I have been in the field for seven years. I am currently
learning and enhancing my gift as a medium.

Other Valuable Team Players:

The team also consists of a knowledgeable, qualified research and technical team.
The research team is an integral part of the Denver Paranormal Research Society. This position is extremely challenging and a vital
aspect to the objective of this group. The objective is performing high quality and informative investigations for our clients. The research
team gathers the history or other data on the area or land that may provide some insight to a place that is reporting paranormal activity.
They spend endless hours in libraries and town museums gathering historical data from sources that could include archives, court
records, diaries, news files, and photographs, as well as collecting data sources from books, pamphlets, and periodicals.  The technical
team insures that Denver Paranormal Research Society stays on top of the latest technology to assist us in paranormal investigations.
They do this by experimenting with existing equipment and researching new tools and devices. They also play a valuable role in
assisting the investigative team on investigations.!/group.php?v=info&ref=search&gid=284103710655

First founded at the end of 2006, the Denver Paranormal Research Society (DPRS) is a Colorado-based team of researchers in the
paranormal field using science-based methodologies, tools and common sense. We strive to validate a phenomenon by the collecting of
scientific data and physical evidence, thereby providing an explanation of the nature and origin of the event. Our top priority is our
client's concerns and reassurance with our methods. We work with the highest ethical standards, integrity and with the utmost privacy.
The DPRS operates mainly in Colorado, investigating cases in the Denver area and throughout the state. The DPRS does not charge
for services.

Faith Ranoli
c/o Historical Insights  ~
(Denver historic home inspections/ and histories)

For a mystical home historian/ inspection

(If someone feels a particular "presence" in their historic Denver home)

....."Our mystic home inspections utilize a very experienced psychic who specializes in realty to uncover the stories that remain


Denver- Historic Home Inspections~ Historical Insights!

.......Old homes are loved not in spite of their years, but because of them. Character and mystery emanates from the walls,
whispering a thousand small stories of lives, loves, hopes, and struggles. Curiosity in such spaces is natural. We wonder about
the people, what they did, and how their experiences reflected and changed the larger world. In this way, tales of everyday
workers meld seamlessly with news of prominent leaders, each story inscribed within the walls.

Historical Insights uncovers the value in the past, both mystical and measureable. Whether you market a home for sale, gain tax
credits, or support a historically sensitive renovation -- you can save money by resurrecting your home's history. And when it is
treasured a housewarming gift, anniversary present, or simply a gift to self, it celebrates both the home and its owners.

Dave Burrell- Chief Historical Officer and historic home inspector- Historical Insights
323 Lincoln Street
Denver CO 80203


NEW!   Front Range Analytical Paranormal Society ~ (F.R.A.P.S.)

Located in Parker

Facebook page:

Brand new paranormal society researching in the Front Range of Colorado.

Brian Bullock - President

The Front Range Analytical Paranormal Society AKA FRAPS, is a group dedicated to the search for paranormal activity in the Front
Range of Colorado.  Cities and regions that we service are Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.  We also travel to other places
within the Rocky Mountains.  Our goal is to prove or disprove any paranormal existence or problems you may have.  We use scientific
methods to research and come to conclusions during our investigations.  If you are having paranormal activity please contact us and we
will discuss your issues.  If we decide an investigation is necessary will not charge you a dime.  We will investigate, review our evidence
and present you with any evidence we may have discovered.  

Looking for new members. Anyone from very serious to those just wanting to have a bit of fun.

We are very much in need of investigators, researchers and technicians. You can be one or all three of those. We also, need new
places to investigate, so if you have any ideas or leads let me know. I really would like to get this ball rolling and start investigating, so if
you are serious about joining shoot me an email. I am thinking of having a meet and greet also. If you would be into a meet and greet
post it on the Facebook group and will get it going. Thanks joining this group on Facebook, if you have any friends that might be
interested pass the info for the group along. If we can get a good group together, I will start up a nice stand-alone website. I hope to
hear from you soon.

Front Range Paranormal Society

Location: Colorado Springs

We are a non profit research and investigation team.

I have been researching and investigating spirit paranormal phenomena after my first experience in 1967 and I have some very
experienced investigators on the team.

We use technology to prove or debunk paranormal phenomena. Our main Audio system is a 24 track digital studio recording system
with studio quality microphones. We also use handheld recorders with a small amplifier to boost the volume to our headphones. We also
utilize professional quality Video DVR’s with professional quality cameras.

Rick “Doc” Randall
The Front Range Paranormal Society
(719) 291-2509

Full Moon Explorations

Located in the Denver metro area

(303) 975-9056

FULL MOON EXPLORATIONS (established 2001)** is a paranormal investigations team based in Colorado, in the Denver Metro area.

Our mission is twofold: Give members the opportunity to experience, document, research and safely investigate ghosts, hauntings and
other paranormal phenomena for themselves, AND to have a good time while doing it.

This web site is for our members to post their findings  and be in contact with other individuals who share the same interest in the

Membership is available for individuals and groups.
See the Member Benefits Page for more information on how to join.

WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN CHARGING SITES FOR INVESTIGATIONS and base much of our policies and such by referencing the Ghost
Club, the oldest ghost hunting group in existence.

If you would like to have your evidence or stories posted on our site, please E-mail them to us. We will then review them for clarity, etc.
and if approved, post your findings on our site, giving you full credit for your evidence. However, preferenced space is given to group

Our site also contains information on additional services provided by members of the team, team-hosted special events, links to other
paranormal sites and our favorite web sites.

Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your stay!

Full Moon Explorations provides a number of services, including paranormal classes; if you are interested in any of these services
please contact us via E-mail or contact  Michelle at 303-975-9056.

NEW!    Haunted Dimensions

Location: Manitou Springs

Our Concept:

We are historic, paranormal, and technological experts dedicated to discovering a location's historic past and it's paranormal events by
the use of Quantum Theory & technology to prove once and for all ghosts exist AND where they are located. History never dies.

Our Mission:

To create a deeper understanding and respect for history, beyond a history book, by using the lastest Quantum Theory and
technological advances in the name of Science.We understand history might be walking right beside us, just in another dimension, with
important information and we are listening.

                                                                               Meet The Team!!

Tammila K. Wright

Mrs. Wright has a lab rat intensity for this group. She is dedicated and passionate about Quantum Physics as it applies to the
paranormal and a deep respect for history. She is an essential buffer between the Historic Team members and the Techs because she
has the experience in history documentation, organizing and participating in paranormal investigations, and knowledge of the high tech
gear that applies to this field. Tammila is best known for her role in establishing the historic & paranormal division for The Briarhurst
Manor in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Tammila and her huband of 21 years, Erick, make  the best known married paranormal team in

Erick T. Wright

Mr. Wright is passionate about history and documenting the paranormal. He sees absolutely no reason why "history" shouldn't still be
walking around. Yes, his intensity suggest he might have spent a little too much time in a library. But this has been the result of trying to
solving the identity of the very ghosts that have come across his path. Erick has been a paranormal investigator for the past 26 years
and best known for his "earth shattering" discoveries to our local history scene in relation to the founding father of Manitou Springs, Dr.
William A. Bell. He is also given credit with creating the historic & paranormal division of The Briarhurst Manor with his wife, Tammila.
Erick's knowledge of electronics, electricity, and radio frequencies has been crucial in the formulation of our technology.

Billy Ward

Mr. Ward is committed to accurate documentations of history, especially when it extends to the paranormal. He is best known for
establishing the historic & paranormal division for the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. We are very excited to have such a skeptic
turned believer with our team with such a love and dedication to history.

Scott Smith

Mr. Smith has the most experience in Paranormal Research with 27 years to his credit. From the days of holding huge tape recorders
and Polaroid Cameras to digital audio equipment, digital video recorders, EMF meters, and K2 meters. His 4-½ years in the Navy and a
trucking profession took him to extensive sites to investigate all over the world. Scott  has amazing aptitude for keep us all focused even
in the wee hours of the morning. His debunking skills, acquired over the years, is exactly what the Team could only dream about, until

Manitou Springs
ph: 719-233-4773
alt: 719-209-9199

NEW!   Haunting Investigations Team  ~ (H.I.T)

Located in Northern Colorado

H.I.T. was established in 2008 by a small group of people in northern Colorado.  Centered in Fort Collins, the team's goal is to help
people with claims of ghosts, a haunted house, or other paranormal activity.


We provide a free service to the public to investigate, document, and address any suspected or undesired paranormal activity in a
residence, business, or outdoor area.  We use a scientific and skeptical approach, since the majority of paranormal claims have very
normal explanations.  Unexplainable phenomena will (hopefully) be documented and dealt with on a case-by-case manner.

               HOW WE DO IT

We use various recording devices and meters to find suspicious areas, debunk paranormal claims, or document legitimate paranormal
activity.  The devices include thermometers, Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) detectors, digital voice recorders, digital cameras, and
webcams... combined with our own experiences.!/hauntinginvestigations?v=wall&ref=search

(970) 290-7553.= Colorado #


NEW!   Idaho Springs Ghost Hunters ~  (I.S.G.H.)

Located in Idaho Springs

(303) 569-2525    --- or ---   303-567-9707

About Us:

We were founded October 28, 2009.  We have been interested in the paranormal for 10 years and have been working on getting
started for the pasts 4 years. Our team is a very close family. Our team consists of 5 people right know; but we are always looking for
more members. The more the better- we always say. WE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CHARGE ~~ OUR SERVICE IS  
ALWAY FREE OF CHARGE.  We do a 2 to 3 hour traveling distance of Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Some of are team members are more sensitive than others; but we strive to make sure that all questions are answered and that our
clients feel as comfortable after we leave as they can be.  We meet all clients with respect and we listen to all they have to say and what
there need are. When entering a location our team brings nothing but our equipment and our selfs we respect all religious beliefs and
honer all of them.  And we are currently looking for more team members so pleas feel free to contact us if interested.  We do first try to
find logical reasons for the activity but most of the time it is more than that. If we find logical reasons we will tell the client and offer ways
they can fix it if possible.

Hear are the list of our members as of now and their positions on the team:

Lead investigators:
Mike Kaminski
Teresa Kaminski

Bedell Metz
TIm Ott
David Erickson
Daniel Renaud
Shawn Mathena .
Josh Farris

Lead Research mgr's
Michelle Beylik
Deborah Lucio

We are a brand new Paranormal investigation team which is led by two lead investigators: Mike and Teresa Kaminski.

Our Team is here to help people with any of their paranormal problems. We have been interested in this for some time and in our
experience we want to bring understanding and help to all.  We love to watch Ghost hunters on TV,  And like TAPS we want to find the
evidence and review the facts.  We take all of our clients serious no matter what.  We believe that the paranormal is very real.  We do
not under any circumstances charge any one who need assistants we do it to help families and clients.

At ISGH we investigate the paranormal using multiple scientific equipment.  We investigate all claims of paranormal and give all clients
accurate and true facts of what we did or did not find.  We use tools such as cameras and audio and digital recorders.  

EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena; which is what is not heard by the human ear.

We are a non-profit; and all of our team is volunteer only.  We do not investigate into UFO's or alien sightings.

Warning: We are not associated with TAPS. We are our own group with our own ways of investigating.

Thank you,
Mike and Teresa and the entire ISGH team.

If you need any assistance; please feel free to call us to set up an appointment:  (303) 569-2525 or 303-567-9707.

How To Schedule an investigation With Us:

1. contact by, or by Phone at 303-569-2525 or at 303-567-9707

2. One of our team members will answer the phone or are lead investigator will return email

3. And then we will set up a preliminary interview where we will have you fill out a questioner then we will review you question are and let
you know that day if we can investigate you location

4. After that we will set up a time to come out and do the investigation at witch point we will have you fill out a release form and tell you
our guidelines

5. Then if you agree we will then set up the date and time to investigate.

Your name and address will always stay confidential ~ and remember ~ ISGH never charges for a investigation.

In The Shadows Paranormal Project

Located in Brighton

Jari Mikkola
Brighton, CO

In the Shadows - Paranormal Project In the Shadows is a serious research project regarding purported paranormal activity that has
chapters throughout the United States and Europe. Our main objective is to research, document, and present our findings to those most
interested in discovering the truth.

The Colorado chapter is now starting up, and no experience is necessary...just a desire to learn. However, everyone must be a team
player and not everyone will be selected for the project team.

Jari (Yari) Mikkola will be training the team, and is a 30 year experienced paranormal researcher who began researching long before it
was considered 'kewl!'

Jari has been all over the world in his search for evidence to support the truth as a skeptic believer. He will train the team on everything
from the introduction of a case, to the discovery of information (researching), formulating a conclusion, & presenting the evidence, or
lack thereof.

Everyone is invited to come to the introduction and ask questions. For those that believe, no explanation is necessary. For those that
don't believe, no explanation is sufficient! Evidence is the only truth.!/pages/In-

Location: Brighton, CO
Founded: Aug 26, 2007
Member Fee: none
Members: 20
Meetups: 2 so far  

"I believe this group is going to hit the ground everyone is ready to get serious about what we do and are anxious to learn
… —Jari A Mikkola

                                                                              Mission Statement

The goal of 'In the Shadows - Paranormal Project' is to research, investigate, and document paranormal activity in an unbiased, logical,
and scientific manner. In the Shadows is dedicated to the discovery of truth, and to helping those who experience severe, disturbing, or
frightening activity.

We are a group of investigators, located in the greater Denver Metro area, who specialize in researching purported paranormal
phenomenon in the inter-mountain west. Our investigators have many years of combined experience researching paranormal
phenomena. It is our goal to dedicate our time and effort to further the study, while helping our clients develop a better understanding of
what they are experiencing within their homes or businesses. It is not our intention to "prove," debunk, or exorcise" a haunting, but to
professionally collect and study all of the evidence collected before making any determination as to the authenticity of the phenomenon
being experienced by our clients, and to try to find a cause In the Shadows? Paranormal Project utilizes up-to-date scientific methods in
order to come to the most logical conclusion of the phenomena being reported. And will provide a fully documented report to the client
of our findings in strict confidentiality. (All of the In the Shadows investigations are 100% free of charge and handled discreetly, even
though donations will be happily accepted.)

Mesa County Association of Paranormal Scientific Studies ~ (M.A.P.S.S. Paranormal)

(Grand Junction Paranormal)

Located in Western Colorado ~ Grand Junction

We are based in Western Colorado and have over 35 years combined investigative experience. All investigations are pro bono.

The Mesa County Association of Paranormal Scientific Studies, or MAPSS, is one of the most reputable scientific paranormal
organizations in the nation, with the mission of studying the paranormal through the confines of the scientific method and other fact-
seeking methodologies.

Members include investigators whom have studied and investigated the paranormal for decades, including people from all walks of life,
from all parts of the community!

Mountain Paranormal Investigations ~ (M.P.I.)

Facebook page:

Twitter:  mpiparanormal   ~ ~ { }

We are a local non-profit group from Denver, Colorado and are interested in the studies of the paranormal.  We are a group of
professionals that have had paranormal experiences we could not explain. We are not ghost busters, demon hunters or thrill seekers.
We are a group serious about searching for answers to questions about the paranormal. After discussing their own personal
experiences of the paranormal, founders Khris Cliff and Randy Ogata have organized MPI - Mountain Paranormal Investigations. Khris,
Randy, and their team set up studies in local businesses and homes using special recording equipment, to discover whether what the
people have been witnessing is normal or paranormal. Please feel free to check out our page and give us your opinions on evidence
that we caught during past investigations.

NEW!   Mountain Peak Paranormal Investigations  ~  (M.P.P.I.)

Located in the lovely, historic mountain town of Victor =  General questions = Investigation request

About M.P.P.I.

Mountain Peak Paranormal Investigations was formed by Ralph Copley and Mark Sturgill in the summer of 2007.  Both of the founders
share a life long interest in the world of the Paranormal, and have experienced personal events in the past.  Our membership is open to
anyone with an interest in the paranormal that has open mind and willing to contribute to a team effort during the course of an  

M.P.P.I. is not a "Ghost Busters" group, nor do we claim to be experts in the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to
investigating the world of the paranormal.  We also do not claim any power to remove the paranormal from the location that is being

Our quest is to seek out allegedly haunted locations, authenticate evidence of the paranormal, research ghost stories, and conduct field
investigations into possible paranormal activity, while assisting people in understanding and coping with a haunting with respect to their
own personal beliefs.  We strongly support the understanding and preservation of historical artifacts, structures and cemeteries.

We are methodical, skeptical, and always strive towards professionalism, applying both scientific principle and supernatural research
using a combination of high-tech, psychosocial and spiritual approaches.  

Ralph L Copley  
Co-Founder MPPI

Mountain Valley Paranormal Society ~ (M.V.P.S.)

Welcome to Mountain Valley Paranormal Society!

We are Colorado's Arkansas Valley premiere paranormal research and technology center.

We are a " Paranormal Investigations " organization dedicated to the research and documentation of unexplained occurrences and
phenomena that may take place at a given location and try and find possible and plausible explanations as to why these events occur.

Mountain Valley Paranormal Society is dedicated to providing scientific explanations for claims of the paranormal in order to alleviate the
fear and misunderstanding of unknown events.

Utilizing both advanced scientific equipment and state of the art software, Mountain Valley Paranormal Society analyzes evidence of the
unexplained to solve a claim of paranormal activity via science and technology.

Our continual mission is to provide answers and scientific data for the scientific and public communities. Given enough data to support
our hypothesis and theories on paranormal phenomena , Mountain Valley Paranormal Society hopes to gain the ability to accurately be
able to show the differences between natural and unknown phenomena.

This unknown phenomena we hope will one day be categorized by the scientific community.
If you believe you are experiencing a paranormal event in your household, workplace, or other location, you may contact us for a free
case investigation. You do not have to live in the Colorado State area. We provide assistance across many bordering states as well.

We can provide a quick response for advice... or you can request a FREE on-site case investigation for an in-depth analysis.

We are a not-for-profit group, and we never charge for our investigations. Our investigations are 100 % FREE to anyone whom request,
and receives our service's.

Our "All Volunteer" team members are well trained and will systematically investigate and research and  then attempt to " without a
doubt" either prove or disprove any reports of paranormal activity.

All information regarding your investigation is keep confidential, names and locations will not be disclosed without written consent of

Our organization practices extremely professional and reliable services and are dedicated to serving the community.

All information regarding your investigation is keep  private and confidential, names and locations will not be disclosed without written
consent of participants. We are dedicate to upholding a professional level of courtesy.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to request an investigation.


The entire Mountain Valley Paranormal Society Team

New Grounds Paranormal and Sightings

{Formerly known as the 'Southern Colorado Paranormal Research Society'}

Hotline Number:  719-989-0234

New Grounds Paranormal is a group of dedicated Paranormal Researchers who seek to find information of Paranormal events and
Improve knowledge and awareness about the supernatural we Do Not Charge for our services, our viewpoint is that it is impossible to
demand money when there is so much to the paranormal that we nor anyone can prove, we do accept donations but are never asked
for, we are just happy to help.  

We seek to conduct Investigations in a variety of locations, we try to maintain a minimum of  two Investigations a month this allows us to
be more organized and proficient as time rolls on.  We welcome private home and business owners to contact us we Guarantee
complete Anonymity and Confidentiality if requested we will also use every means possible at our disposal to provide an answer for
you.  We are able to handle most any case however In certain cases that may be above our heads  we will view ourselves as first
responders able to preserve the scene or location and document any applicable details, we will then contact a more specialized team or
investigator with your permission  that would be more adequately able to conduct a full investigation.

Nightwatchers of Central Colorado

Who we are..…

Nightwatchers of Central Colorado is comprised of experienced paranormal investigators located in and around Central Colorado.
The founders of our group are Callea who currently lives in Estes Park, works as a blueprint analyst during the day and gives ghost
tours at the famously haunted Stanley Hotel at night; and Debbie, who lives in Highlands Ranch and is a web and graphic designer by
day. Here's a photo of us recently taken in front of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Callea is on the left, Debbie is on the

Northeastern Colorado Paranormal Investigations & Research ~ (N.C.P.I.R.)

Please call us at: (641) 715-3900 Ext. 85017#


"...A ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will reveal itself."
~ Charles Dickens

Northeastern Colorado Paranormal Investigation & Research (NCPIR) was founded by two friends that wanted to use their knowledge of
the paranormal fields to assist others.

We will strive to help those that believe they are experiencing paranormal phenomena.  


Northeastern Colorado Paranormal Investigation & Research is only a call or click away!!  

NCPIR is currently looking for investigators!  If you would like to become a part of our team click

NCPIR is always open to new investigation 'hot spots'.  Click
here to give us a tip on a location with paranormal activity.

Our Mission & Services:
Northeastern Colorado Paranormal Investigations & Research (NCPIR) is dedicated to investigate, document and provide help &
intervention with paranormal & supernatural phenomena to clients in need.

1)  Preliminary interview and research.
2)  Investigation of the location.
3)  Follow up providing results of the investigation.       

NCPIR never charges for the services provided.  NCPIR does except donations which assist in paying for equipment, website
management and other costs associated with NCPIR.  All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for you donation.

NEW!   Northern Colorado Area Paranormal  ~  (N.C.A. Paranormal)

Countess Julia:

Welcome!    We are a new group in Fort Collins/ Loveland/ Greeley area.

We are a Colorado-based Paranormal Investigational Study Group. Welcome to all who need help and to those who study the
Paranormal. From Casper in your home to Bigfoot in your yard. If you are studying UFO's Ghosts or Demonology you are welcome. You
MUST have an open mind at all times and if you are too scientific, you will probably not like this site. As we do help people who need it
and create events where we can all enjoy what we study the most which is Paranormal. This site is not for young children and events
may be family oriented at times. A Haunting is NOT an event. It is a situation where we can all help each other grow. So please enjoy
this site and join in on some Group Activities open to everyone.

We have Paranormal Meet-ups all along the Front Range of Colorado to explore all aspects of the Paranormal.
Post messages about whatever you enjoy studying such as Ghosts, UFO's, Metaphysical, Demonology and many others!
We want you to have a place to meet others and enjoy yourselves.

There are no "Pay or Leave" groupies here. We ask for a dollar donation at every meeting and we don't charge unless our group is
being charged.

Come and enjoy this open Paranormal group who knows the true definition of "Paranormal" goes way beyond just "hunting" for ghosts.
Orbs are welcome here along with critics alike.

We have fun educational classes and past members who are now well known in the Paranormal World and receive most of our
information from them. A majority of our members are Proud TAPS and MUFON members also writers for Haunted Times Magazine!

If you do not have fun and enjoy all things paranormal you will get burned out eventually. That is why our group has been here for so
long. We are respectful of the Scientific, Skeptic, and Psychic communities. We have a love, passion, and respect for all spirits of this
world and the possibility of others.

We are all about exploring and understanding the unknown areas of Parapsychology. As a group we meet and discuss areas of the
Paranormal that may be scary and frightening to some degree. So we do not allow children to attend investigations and certain

Please note that we are an open minded group and open to others ideas and ways of thinking. If you are not open minded then this may
not be the group for you. So please ENJOY the company of open minded like individuals who share the same interests as yourself and
make friends with many others who love and enjoy the paranormal.

Northern Colorado Paranormal Investigations

Located 12 miles north of Denver and 15 miles east of Boulder. We are in the Arvada and Westminster area.


The Northern Colorado Paranormal Society ~ {T.N.C.P.S.}

Located in Loveland ~ and also in metro Denver

Facebook page:!/pages/Highlands-Ranch-CO/The-

We now serve the Denver Metro Area along with the Northern Area, please email us at   - - - - - - - - - - -  
- - - - - - - - -  or call us at our new direct line at (720) 334-7470 regarding information about our services.


We are always open to helping individuals needing our assistance FREE OF CHARGE here at TNCPS. We all have family's with in our
group and understand the importance and safety at stake, and cases  involving individuals feeling uneasy in their homes, especially
with children in the home, always come first here at TNCPS. Please send us a email at and we will get back to you
very quickly.     

Loveland area

720) 382-4560

Metro area:

Northern Colorado:

Jason Hammer- Founder:

Michelle Garlow - Administrator:

James Roberts - Lead Investigator/ North Area:

Kendra Johnson - Lead Investigator/ Metro Area:

Kari Bergen - Metro Case Manager:

Rob Bailey and Jessica Cruz - Metro Research and Tech Manager:

Stan Miner - North Investigator:

Wyatt Talley - Webmaster and EVP Specialist:

Karl Pfeiffer - North Investigator:

Stan Peasley- Metro Investigator in Training:

Still to be Posted:
Scott Anderson - Metro Investigator in Training
Joyce Trujillo - North Investigator
Michael Trujillo - North Investigator
Cara McCormack - Metro Investigator in Training

                                                                           Our Mission Statement:

It is human nature to fear that which we do not understand...our goal is to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the
paranormal, therefore putting to ease those instinctive fears that we as humans hang on to. What We Believe: The Northern Colorado
Paranormal Society consists of a small group of dedicated paranormal enthusiasts with the common interest of educating ourselves, as
well as others, in the world of unexplained phenomena.  Our intention is to explore the activity and phenomena that cannot be easily
defined by scientific reasoning.  Our investigations are with the intent to dismiss or prove that which is not easily explainable. We consist
of a mixture of believers as well as skeptics, which leads us to our results and
comprehensive goal.  Our goal is ultimately to aid the living as well as those who have passed but not yet left this world.  We aim
to assist those who request our help( homeowners, proprietors, etc.) and those who are in need of being released from their
earthly connections.  We wish to bring comfort to those who may co-exist with spirits who have not yet moved on.

Positions at The Northern Colorado Paranormal Society:

Researcher: This is not just a Internet research position we are talking about this is a key position to our Investigations.  Researcher
must research areas investigated before and within a very timely manner and will be expected to utilize libraries, historical societies,
area records, universities, etc.  

Investigator/Trainee: Must study and understand the responsibilities of investigations, must appear and act like professionals. Must
have a minimum of equipment or ability to obtain equipment for investigations (Camera, Flashlight, Voice Recorder, EMF Detector opt:
Thermocouple and a 2 Way radio)

Lead Investigator: Looking for an applicant with at least one year of paranormal investigation experience, or other professional
investigative experience. Must work well with others and help others earn the paranormal field if needed to.  Must also be skilled at
personal management and planning investigations.  Must have their own equipment .

If you interested in one of these positions please E-Mail Michelle at:  -  and she will get you started. Please leave her
your name your phone number(s) and the city you live in and why you think you would be a great asset to our team and we will get back
to you in a promptly manner.

**These are non-paying positions as we are non profit group because of the fact we do not charge for our services here at

Hope to see you on our team!

ParaFPI - Frontrange Paranormal Investigations

(Totally new ownership, organization, management, & investigator teams!)

Located in Arvada

ParaFPI is a scientific based paranormal research group. We approach all investigations with a clear, logical, and open mind. By open
we mean that we are searching for the true cause of reported activity, whether that be a normal real world cause or something possibly
paranormal. Unlike some other groups, ParaFPI does utilize sensitives to help locate possible paranormal activity. Although we
completely trust the sensitives in our group, we do not consider their gifts as evidence in any way. Their gifts are used as tools to aid in
our search for hard scientific evidence to prove or disprove paranormal activity. ParaFPI prides ourselves on our ability to relate to our
clients in a personal and professional way. Our main pursuit has always been to help those who think they are having problems that are
possibly rooted in the paranormal. ParaFPI will never charge for any service we offer, period.

Founders Wade Wilson and Brannon Osbourne!/profile.php?

Please send all mail correspondence to:

ParaFPI - Frontrange Paranormal Investigations
7366 W. 75th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80003

Paranormal Dimensions

Located in Denver

You have entered "The Paranormal Dimensions", where the mysterious reigns supreme. Prepare yourself to experience the unknown,
to hear things that go bump in the night and see strange shadows in the corner of your eye!

Here at The Paranormal Dimensions, we endeavor to bring you the most up-to-date information on such topics as paranormal
investigation, angels, and other aspects of the paranormal and the spiritual.

We also feature photos and experiences from our many visitors, as well as, our own investigation photos and experiences.
We do hope you'll stay awhile and browse our extensive site! We also hope you'll visit again.

We're always adding new features for your enjoyment and you just might learn a thing or two while you're here!

The Paranormal Investigations Unit of Colorado

We are The Paranormal Investigations Unit of Colorado, we approach all viable facets of the paranormal from a scientific and
philosophical point of view. Created in 2007, we hope to establish a greater understanding of all things unknown.

"A paranormal investigator needs to be one part Carl Sagan, and one part Doc Holliday." - Pete

Paranormal Phenomena Investigators of Colorado ~ (P.P.I.C.)

Located in Denver



Facebook page:

My Space page:


(303) 901-9636   ----or---   (720) 987-9684   ---or---   (720) 949-2082

Hello and Welcome!

We are a professional group founded in 2005 with a wide array of abilities and are ready to help you with any paranormal encounters
you may be experiencing. We investigate homes and businesses at no charge. Please feel free to contact us!

We are located in Denver, CO. and currently travel throughout the state visiting and investigating known haunted sites. We do
residential and business investigations as well. We do not charge for these investigations, our sole purpose of these investigations is to
seek the truth surrounding paranormal phenomena and find answers to afterlife.

PPIC is currently seeking dedicated members. We would like to find someone who has experience preferably with demonology but we
also realize people in that field are hard to come by. Being a demonologist isn't a requirement, but being committed to the group is, as
we take our research serious. We aren't just ghost hunters, we seek answers to truly define what is paranormal/supernatural and what
may not be. Our means are scientific in nature entailing data and protocol on every investigation.

The only thing that we do ask is that you reside in the Denver area or if in surrounding areas that you are willing and able to travel to

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email us at telling us about your experience
dealing with paranormal investigations/activity, a little bit about yourself, why you think you'd be a great asset to our team, and last but
not least what you expect to gain from being a member of PPIC. You should expect a return email or call if you leave a number within 48
hours from one of our Directors.

Thank you for your interest & Good Luck!!!

Paranormal Research Institute for Disclosed Evidence ~ (P.R.I.D.E.)

We are a group of people who want to learn about Paranormal Investigations, or Ghost Hunts. If you've ever seen Ghost Hunters on TV,
and thought, "I'd like to try that!" this group is for you. You don't need to dedicate your life to paranormal investigation, but the more
time you devote, the more oppotunaties will come around.

Come join us for a Meetup, where we will talk about and learn the techniques of Paranormal Investigation.

Are you interested in ghost hunting? Have you tried contacting a local paranormal group, and got no response back?

Our aim is to teach people how to take part in paranormal investigations. We follow a skeptical approach, using equipment and personal
experiences to investigate sites for paranormal activity. Not everything that goes bump in the night, is a ghost. It's up to the investigator
to find and identify mundane causes for things that have been labeled supernatural.

After exhaustive investigation and research, if an explanation can't be found, it may be paranormal. These are the events we search for.
They are exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes frightening.

Learn what to look for, what equipment is used, and how to use it.
Find out how to find a location, and secure permission to investigate it.
Learn how to research a site to get facts that separate the truth from lore.
Take part in field trips (ghost hunts), to put the skills you've learned to the test.
Learn how to analyze audio and video to find evidence of the paranormal.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to take part in a ghost hunt, why not try it and find out?


Located in Pueblo

The three of us met while working together in Pueblo, CO. Our mutual interests led to great discussions as well as a collaborative effort
to figure out more about what is really going on with these paranormal activities we ourselves have witnessed, and that we all have read
and heard about from others. We began doing investigations together in 2007.


Josh has had a few interesting things happen to him throughout his life, including a telepathic experience with a shadow person, working
at a haunted movie theater, and waking to see astral spiders floating away from him at night, just to name a few. He resides in Colorado
Springs with his two children. Josh is the co-founder of our organization. He enjoys a good talk about the presence and cover up of
UFO's, the current political scheme and the manipulation of the people by the NWO, and a good poker game.

Josh's page:

Joseph is a co founder as well and also has a strong interest in the paranormal, and when at a location, will touch a tree or two and get
a sensitivity to the surrounding area. He is not sure when or where he was able to acquire this skill, but has had considerable
"sensitivity" since childhood. He often tells a story of being able to communicate with his grandfather as a kid, and can be photographed
with a green orb hovering his head, Joseph in a car which he believes is in fact his grandfather.. Joseph has had interesting
experiences, like dreaming about a house he has never seen before, and then driving by it at a future date. He will talk endlessly about
the upcoming events in the future involving the integrated theories of the Mayan calendar, the NASA projected solar flares in 2012,
Revelations and the Bilderbergs.

Joseph's page:

Jason started going on ghost hunts after much effort by Josh and Joseph to get him to go. Jason is not new to the paranormal, however,
as he has had many strange things happen in his life. For instance, he often has doors creep open when there is nobody else around.
Then there is the time a spirit pushed him out of the way of a car that would have hit him. He is very intellectual, yet shy. Jason
wondering about something. The organizations welcomes his knowledge of history and skill at memory retention. He enjoys researching
the paranormal, keeping up to date on the latest movies, and discussions about the political agendas he foresees happening
throughout the world.

Jason's page:

The Peculiar People investigation group is now offering tours and group investigations. We will begin the tour season as the weather
warms up. Mostly We are conducting investigations and research, but you are welcome to join us. We are planning to go on trips to
places like the UFO watchtower, the sand dunes, cattle mutilation hot spots where we hope to interview some ranchers, possibly some
haunted houses and the Dulce base in New Mexico. All trips will involve overnight camping. If you are interested, email us for details and
to make a reservation. There is still plenty of time because we do not intend to go on any trips until around June.

The Peculiar People toured Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs on the 1st of November. We visited the first two tunnels, but at
around 12pm when we were walking to the 3rd tunnel, we were asked to leave by the police. They were up there because a lot of kids
go up to the road to drink and drive and the road can get dangerous if not regulated by the police. We plan on revisiting the third tunnel
on a weekday, and if you were among the paying tourists with us that night, you may go on the second tour free of charge. Check back
in a few days to see the rescheduled tour.

Also we are planning an overnight tour up north to a haunted house but still have to secure reservations with the owners before we can
schedule it.

We are planning a ghost investigation to Riverdale Road. For details about the area, take a look at the
Riverdale Road page.


{Psychic Kids Support Group}

970-58PeeKS  ---- or ----  970-587-3357

We offer both the clearing of haunted/ active locations and a service for families of psychic kids and teens.

I have spent my whole life communicating with the non-living and have a special calling to help them get to where they belong.  
I feel its our obligation to not only help the living, but to also help the dead!  This heals both sides of the veil and allows us all to live a
more peaceful existence.  We offer what we call "Energetic Interventions."  Its a service we offer to help everyone live together
peacefully.  We also recognize that not always is the energy in need of moving out, I can facilitate communication to
help families live with situations after the investigators conclude their work.  

I share below a bit about us and what we are offering to help families.

My daughter is now 16 months old, a Crystal some might call her, she is incredibly telepathic and has been "speaking" to us for 6 years
now.  Many kids like her are showing up in our world now.  We were called to start this group to begin setting in motion community and
resources for the psychic kids and their families as they begin to understand, embrace, and sometimes struggle with the occurrences
happening to them.  

My husband and I have started the Psychic Kids Support Group, or PeeKS Group, to reach out to these amazingly gifted kids, teens &
their families.  We offer support groups, workshops, intuitive healing sessions, and "energetic interventions" locally and over the phone.  
We hope to remind families they are not alone, are not weird, and in fact are quite fortunate!  We strive to normalize being psychic and
help the families in accepting and understanding what is occurring with the New Children and their own son or daughter.

PeeKS Group ::: Psychic Kids & Teens Support Group

Removing the fear.  Embracing the Gift.
Healing the world one Extraordinary Child at a time.

Intuitive Consultations & Coaching, Teleseminars & Workshops, Call-in Support Groups

Pure Paranormal

Located in Colorado Springs

Paranormal and the Unexplained Research and Exploration (PURE) is a group based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are a
dedicated group of professional investigators committed to finding truth behind the many mysteries that lie out there. Using state of the
art equipment we gather evidence through our investigations to determine whether a haunting is occurring or not. Even though we rely
heavily on the base and fact of science, we also use other methods through what is commonly referred to as "sensitives." Though we
are extremely careful and fastidious on these sensitives, they do not depict the group nor our methods.

We work closely with not only the city of Colorado Springs, but Manitou Springs and Central City, as well. We are privy to many places
that other groups are not and we are thankful to both cities for such. As an active group we conduct investigations regularly on a
professional level. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Recently, we were the only paranormal group in all of Colorado chosen to film with the TV show "Haunts" to represent the professional
paranormal investigation field of Colorado. We will have two episodes being aired this season. We are grateful to the crew of "Haunts"
and we would like to say thank you for choosing us out of all of the rest.

Please make sure that when you are contacting PURE that you e-mail the appropriate person. We have genuine desire to help, teach
and learn, and we look forward to being apart of that with you.

For case requests please make sure that you visit our case requests page before E-mailing.
Case Requests

Membership requests always are welcome. But before E-mailing us please make sure that you visit our join PURE page.

If you have photos or EVPs you would like for PURE to analyze, please send files to our analyzer at

There is also a forum, a chatline, and an online group.

RavenSpell Clan

The RavenSpell Clan is a coven of witches that specialize in dealing with paranormal phenomenon. The high priest and priestess has
over 12 years experience and all of the other members have varying degrees of experience. We excel in many services ranging from
psychic energy readings, necromancy, house and personal cleansings and blessings, exorcisms, customized rituals and spells, life
readings, and extensive research. Please call if you want permanent solutions and we will work with you on the price.

Aurora WeiAvalon Ravenstar

Faerie Moone Metaphysical
(719) 591-2419
1518 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

R.I.P ~ Research and Investigation of the Paranormal

Located in Colorado Springs

THE COLORADO SPRINGS FOUNDING BRANCH:  The reason we call this the Founding Branch is because we plan to expand in the
future to many different locations. Right now we do have a second branch under construction in Houston, Texas and more soon to
follow. Eventually we plan to expand to several locations across the Mid-West.

We are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators, researchers and hobbyists who seek the truth behind reported paranormal
events and what some consider to be Ghosts, Spirits or a Hauntings. We are out to separate the myth from the real thing and document
what we do find to be truly "Paranormal" for all to see. We believe in an open atmosphere where we are willing and happy to work with
other groups or clubs to further the search into this field.

Paranormal research is considered by some to be a real science. We have heard it explained best through the survival hypothesis. It is
basically the theory that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. Our soul or spirit is the base energy that
makes it possible for us to live. So when a person dies, the energy must go somewhere. It is our belief that it can manifest in the form of
what some call ghosts. Where we feel it is our job is to seek proof to help support this theory. In the process we try to help anyone who
wishes it through verification, research and investigations. Our investigations are ALWAYS FREE. We will help cleanse where requested
by performing, what some call a spirit rescue. Each case is handled differently. If we find that we need the assistance of outside help to
cleanse a home or business, we have a list of people who specialize in this that we can call on. These decisions are left to the client.

We also respect the privacy of our clients and will not post any photos, audio or video from their investigation for other groups and
individuals to view without their consent. We do always ask to post them so that others might learn from what we find or to compare with
their own findings. The object is to gain knowledge through constant experimentation. We use the latest equipment and technology in
the field as well as constantly train on the best procedures to use when gathering evidence. By no means are we the best at everything
we do. We are always learning new ways to gather evidence or coming across new technology to put into practice. Other groups may
find new ways that prove to be better than what we do which is great and we are thankful for. The bottom line is to hone our skills
through constant practice, experimentation and observation.

You’ll notice we left religion out of the conversation above. This is because not everyone believes the same thing. Some of our
members are Christian, some Catholic, Protestant, Wiccan, Spiritualists and agnostic. With this mixed of a group, we find it best to focus
on the science and allow the individual investigator to follow their own beliefs in regard to religion. We do have standards and basic
guidelines when it comes to their personal protection at a location, but we only suggest these. It is ultimately up to the individual
investigator for their spiritual protection.

Our group is growing and expanding all the time. We seek those who want to be both the weekend warrior as well as those who want to
be serious investigators. Anyone can join our group because we have two basic types of members. The first is those who just want to be
a part of this and go on outings or take training through us. People who like to help organize events and fun things for the group to do
within the community. Then there is the more serious person who is willing to take all the training and become a serious investigator who
we call on when we have a client in need. A lot of our people do both, but we are happy to have anyone on the team. We usually hold
our meetings every third Friday evening of each month at different locations. You are more than welcome to join us.

If you belong to another group, that’s fine too. We accept anyone willing to abide by our basic rules while working with R.I.P. So join us
today and let’s seek the truth together.

Chad Bilstein, Co-Founder of R.I.P Team trainer
(719) 210-5182

Chad Bilstein -Co- Founder - Research and Investigation of the Paranormal LLC. Chad has been involved in one way or the other with
the paranormal from as far back as 1980. He has belonged to several groups as well as done solo studies into the paranormal for much
of that time. We founded R.I.P in July of 2007 and bring with us the skills and knowledge that has helped make this group a success

Cheryl Bilstein, Co-Founder of R.I.P.
(281) 608-1175

Dorothy Tunnicliff  --- ---  is our General Manager. She is responsible for helping organize functions, assist in the
creation of our training as well as many other group activities. She is a great person to work with, but is also known as the enforcer for
the group. She keeps our records of attendance and dues payments. She helps a lot with research and is responsible for training and
assisting with our Sensitive's. She is dedicated to helping R.I.P. become a strong voice in the Paranormal field.

Chris Cherry ----  -----  is our Security Manager. He comes to us with over eleven years of law enforcement
experience. His role is well defined in the training manual and includes security at R.I.P. functions and events, personal security at
investigations and the training of any assistant security personell. He works directly with Dot or the Founder and has their full athority
and support. He is a welcome and trustworthy man that will help grow R.I.P. into one of the more respected groups in our community.

(719) 210-5182

Other Active members:








Other members coming soon........

The Truth is Out There.....


To validate the human paranormal experience with irrefutable, scientifically sound evidence, captured and freely shared. To help us
understand more about what is out there and help those in need, living or dead. Copywrite © 2007-2009 ® ™ This website is Copyright
protected 2007- 2009 ©


We are a dedicated group of paranormal investigators, researchers and hobbyists who seek the truth behind reported paranormal
events and what some consider to be Ghosts, Spirits or Hauntings. We are out to separate the myth from the real thing and document
what we do find to be truly "Paranormal" for all to see. We believe in an open atmosphere where we are willing and happy to work with
other groups or clubs to further the search into this field.

Paranormal research is considered by some to be a real science. We have heard it explained best through the survival hypothesis. It is
basically the theory that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. Our soul or spirit is the base energy that
makes it possible for us to live. So when a person dies, the energy must go somewhere. It is our belief that it can manifest in the form of
what some call ghosts. Where we feel it is our job is to seek proof to help support this theory. In the process we try to help anyone who
wishes it through verification, research and investigations. Our investigations are ALWAYS FREE. We will help cleanse where requested
by performing, what some call a spirit rescue. Each case is handled differently. If we find that we need the assistance of outside help to
cleanse a home or business, we have a list of people who specialize in this that we can call on. These decisions are left to the client.

We also respect the privacy of our clients and will not post any photos, audio or video from their investigation for other groups and
individuals to view without their consent. We do always ask to post them so that others might learn from what we find or to compare with
their own findings. The object is to gain knowledge through constant experimentation. We use the latest equipment and technology in
the field as well as constantly train on the best procedures to use when gathering evidence. By no means are we the best at everything
we do. We are always learning new ways to gather evidence or coming across new technology to put into practice. Other groups may
find new ways that prove to be better than what we do which is great and we are thankful for. The bottom line is to hone our skills
through constant practice, experimentation and observation.

You’ll notice we left religion out of the conversation above. This is because not everyone believes the same thing. Some of our
members are Christian, some Catholic, Protestant, Wiccan, Spiritualists and agnostic. With this mixed of a group, we find it best to focus
on the science and allow the individual investigator to follow their own beliefs in regard to religion. We do have standards and basic
guidelines when it comes to their personal protection at a location, but we only suggest these. It is ultimately up to the individual
investigator for their spiritual protection.

Our group is growing and expanding all the time. We seek those who want to be both the weekend warrior as well as those who want to
be serious investigators. Anyone can join our group because we have two basic types of members. The first is those who just want to be
a part of this and go on outings or take training through us. People who like to help organize events and fun things for the group to do
within the community. Then there is the more serious person who is willing to take all the training and become a serious investigator who
we call on when we have a client in need. A lot of our people do both, but we are happy to have anyone on the team. We usually hold
our meetings every third Friday evening of each month at different locations. You are more than welcome to join us.

If you belong to another group, that’s fine too. We accept anyone willing to abide by our basic rules while working with R.I.P. So join us
today and let’s seek the truth together. Cool Graphic image courtesy of Eric Murphy and the Miramont Castle.


Rocky Mountain Paranormal

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society was formed in 1999, to study and help people with paranormal phenomena in
the Rocky Mountain region.

Our mission is to document and study any and all paranormal events.

We believe that paranormal studies should be approached in a scientific approach.

Our investigations consist of research into the background of the location as well as interviews with the people involved.  Then
we further the investigation with a "field" investigation of the place of the paranormal event.

If an investigation suggests that there is a need to help the people with the paranormal problem, we work with several people that offer
assistance in either dealing with the problem or removing it.

(720) 201-1234

NEW!   Scientific Paradigm


Welcome to Scientific Paradigm,

Scientific Paradigm was founded in April of 2009 as a result of Clayton and Kimberly Williams' shared, life-long research and study of
the paranormal.  After it became apparent that the house they shared when they got married seven years ago had "issues", it further
sparked their interest to branch their years of study into direct investigation. Our membership brings a diverse and overlapping set of
skills and interests into our investigations. We are motivated to help people who are confronting unusual circumstances which may be
paranormal in nature, as well as our desire to expand our knowledge and understanding.

We are a paranormal research organization based out of Aurora, Colorado. As our name implies, we are a strictly scientific organization.
Our primary objective is to help people who may be encountering paranormal activity, "hauntings" or other unusual phenomena. We first
seek to establish or refute the presence of paranormal phenomena in a given location. If established, we attempt to document these
phenomena in the most complete methods at our disposal. We then endeavor to replicate our results, wherever possible, in order to
determine causality and to broaden our and our clients understanding of what may be occurring at their location. Much of our scientific
paradigm is embodied in the following quote:

The doubter is a true man of science; he doubts only himself and his interpretations, but he believes in science. ~ Claude Bernard 1813-

To learn more about our methodologies, beliefs and approach, follow the link to our Ethos. To find out more about what locations we
have investigated, and what potentially paranormal evidence we have captured there, please follow the link to our Investigation page. In
order to learn more about us, please follow the link to our Team page. To read more about our current array of research tools and how
we employ them in the course of our investigations, follow the link to our Equipment. Also, on occasion members of our organization will
write articles of general or specific paranormal interest. Please follow the link to our Articles page to read these.

Finally, if you have potentially paranormal issues at your location and would like more information on what services we offer, please
follow the link to our Contact page. We provide investigative and research services primarily in the front range of Colorado. However, we
will travel further and into neighboring states if you are in need. Please remember that we never charge our clients anything, EVER, for
our services. I would also recommend that you read more about our Ethos; what we are about and how we will approach your situation
are critical matters that you should strongly consider before choosing us to investigate your location. In addition, if you have any
questions or concerns or inquiries, please contact us as well.

Scientific Paradigm happily answers all inquiries. If you are experiencing paranormal activity at your location, or have heard stories or
rumors about your location that you would like to have investigated, please contact us. We are always willing to offer our help and
usually respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Our investigations are always free of charge. Links to our founders’ e-mail addresses can
be found below. For mailed correspondence please write to:

Scientific Paradigm
3140 South Peoria Street
Suite K-224
Aurora, CO 80014
(720) 239-2675

Requests for copies of evidence for investigations are provided to our clients at no charge. For others, we will provide what we can via e-
mail at no charge. In circumstances where a DVD would need to be mailed, we charge for the cost of the media and postage only.

Please contact us for more information:

Clayton Williams    -- Co-Founder:
Kimberly Williams  -- Co-Founder:

Clayton has studied the paranormal and its place in history since a very young age. He currently works in Public Records research and
FOIA, which provides him an excellent basis to perform at the cutting edge of historical and background research of locations. He has
over 10 years of background in computer science and public records research. He is well versed, through independent study, in
anthropology, physics, geology and astronomy.

Kimberly has had an interest in the paranormal since childhood. She has worked in the fields of counseling and customer service,
enabling her to draw upon her experience in those fields to bring an understanding of the psychological and spiritual components of
paranormal investigation. She also has extensive experience in animal behavior and biology and a critical eye for photography. She is
currently completing her Bachelor's Degree in Biology for subsequent entry into Veterinary School.

Other team members:

Matthew Froese - Site and Investigation Coordinator:
Matthew joined our team in May of 2009. He is a very valuable member of the team as he brings with him his background of Native
American studies and language. His years of work in customer service make him ideally well-suited as our Site Coordinator.
Skot Christensen (DJ NNY) - Sound, Video and Web Tech:
Skot joined Scientific Paradigm in July of 2009. As a professional DJ, he brings substantial expertise and years of experience to our
evidence review process.  He has also proven instrumental in the design and implementation of our web presence.
Janessa Scarbrough - Investigator
Meg Sadler - Investigator, Graphic Design

Science has "explained" nothing; the more we know the more fantastic the world becomes and the profounder the surrounding
darkness. ~ Aldous Huxley 1894-1963

~ Scientific Paradigm

It is not the job of science to "explain" anything. We view science as a process in development of theories. It is each of our
responsibilities to provide the explanations; science is only there to provide sound data upon which to base our explanations and
conclusions. Our team employs the tenets of scientific inquiry to provide the most complete set of evidence and research to our clients.
We provide this so that our clients may reach their own conclusions as to whether paranormal activity is occurring. In addition, we
happily provide our entire body of evidence (where matters of confidentiality allow) for peer review. We are not perfect and we welcome
criticism, input and commentary on our research. We adhere to our principles because it not only provides our clients with the best
possible product, but because we are committed to continue to refine our skills and maintain our integrity.


Our beliefs are the first filter that information we perceive passes through. Whether we are cognizant of it or not, our beliefs strongly
impact how and what we perceive in the world. Approaching an environment with predefined conclusions, will indelibly color every
perception we have about it. Expecting to enter a "haunted" warehouse, some investigators will interpret many natural events as
paranormal. The reverse is also true of those who may describe themselves as "skeptics". They may dismiss legitimately paranormal
phenomena as having nearly impossible natural circumstances to explain them. Although perfection is not possible, we understand and
take into account this principle. We attempt to separate ourselves (as much as humanly possible) of preconceptions based on
perspective and appearance. We also invite review of our research, methods and evidence by other people from all viewpoints to
provide their evaluations. For this reason, Scientific Paradigm itself will almost never offer a conclusion that a location is or isn't
"haunted" or paranormally active. Our team members may form opinions and are free to share them based on their own rationale.


Scientific Paradigm adheres to strict principles of confidentiality. We ask our clients to invest us with a great deal of trust and
confidence. We return this trust by explicitly following their wishes to withhold or redact any or all information obtained in the course of
our research. While we prefer to allow peer review of our investigations, the trust of our clients is our greatest asset. We perform
paranormal investigations primarily to help our clients with circumstances which may make them uncomfortable, unsure or downright
terrified. Our secondary purpose is to advance our own understanding of these phenomena and provide this understanding to the
public at large. Our clients are fully entitled to use any information obtained in any way they see fit. Many of our clients are in business
for themselves and paranormal activity (or a lack of it) may help or harm their interests. We leave it to our clients' discretion to make this


Scientific Paradigm strives to complete our investigations in the most thorough way possible. We do not subscribe to a single-
investigation mentality. Most paranormal phenomena are experienced inconsistently at best and it is our view that a single investigation,
while potentially informative, may not yield enough data to provide reasonable basis for conclusions. Only by performing a series of
investigations and experiments over time can any links of causality be determined. For this reason we prefer to investigate a single
location as many times as possible. However, the scope and duration of our investigations is determined solely by our clients. We are
entirely transparent with the content and methods of our investigations. We invite input, questions, comments and, occasionally, active
participation by our clients in the course of our investigations.

~Free of Charge

Scientific Paradigm is entirely self-funded. We undertake our research and investigations at entirely our own expense. We will never ask
our clients to pay a bill for expenses, time, or copies of our evidence. This provides us, as an organization, with the freedom to provide
unbiased information to our clients.

~To Our Prospective Clients

We at Scientific Paradigm are honored that you would consider us to perform an investigation of your location. We are confident that
our customer service and science based approach will more than meet your expectations. Please contact us if you would like more
information or to schedule an appointment.

Clayton & Kimberly Williams
Scientific Paradigm

Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers ~ (S.C.P.R.)

Pueblo area

Official member of GAC   - (Ghost Adventures Crew)
(719) 547-4643

Established in 2006, Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers  investigates property that has a history of unexplained activity.
Headquartered in Pueblo, Colorado, our investigations are based on the “Facts, not Feelings” approach. Our goal is to capture
definitive proof of unexplainable activity by utilizing a variety of high-tech equipment.

We're Skeptics first. We let the evidence speak for itself. We analyze the evidence for anything that cannot be explained away to natural
building noises such heating & air conditioning equipment, normal settlement of the structure, and activities that regularly occur outside
of the building. The results returned by the evidence are presented to the client  to draw their own conclusions.

We are discreet and confidential, unless you tell us otherwise. The results are kept confidential within the SCPR organization. It will be
up to the client to decide whether they want the results made public.    

Got Ghosts?  Need Answers?  SCPR is here for you!  Our services are professional, thorough, and free!

Southern Colorado Paranormal Society

We at the Southern Colorado Paranormal Society foster an open and honest forum; please feel free to contact us for on-site
investigation, questions, or comments.  If we cannot answer your questions we'll refer you to someone who can.

Please direct e-mails to:     -  Serious inquiries only please

The Southern Colorado Paranormal Society was established because of vast personal experiences, witness by our staff, that could not
be explained.  We felt it vital to reach those with similar experiences and investigate to further our understanding of these events.

For on-site investigation, to contact us or share your experiences please see our Contact Us link.

Southern Colorado Paranormal Society Mission:
To research and investigate paranormal activity in southern Colorado and surrounding areas.
Gain and share understanding of the unexplained, using scientific and logical methods.
Provide on-site investigations.
Compile evidence into the unknown to share with everyone.

**Check out our Hauntings link for updated pictures and stories from investigations and visitor input.**

Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association

Covers SW U.S.(Colorado. New Mexico, Nevada, California, Arizona and Texas).

"The Southwest Ghost Hunter's Association is predominately a research organization. Our mission is not necessarily to prove
that ghosts exist, but to investigate all possible explanations of areas that are associated with being haunted. We are open
minded to all theories and methods, although we use scientific method. Our organization is composed of both skeptics and


Spirit PI  (Paranormal Investigations)

Based out of Littleton

"Your guide to the other side"

If you would like to learn more about whom or what is causing your haunting then please contact us today!!

Spirit PI is a dedicated and experienced paranormal investigation and research team. Our mission is to capture and document ghostly
phenomena, share information, resources, and techniques with the community at large, and contribute to the advancement of
paranormal research in the field of ghost study.

We also provide public ghost hunting tours, events, and FREE Paranormal Investigations for qualifying individuals and businesses. Our
website includes evidence, articles, case studies, evaluations, tools, and informed opinions about ghosts, paranormal activity, and the
art of ghost hunting.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and learn something new about ghosts and the paranormal!!

Meet the team:


SPIRIT Paranormal Investigations appreciates all your questions and comments.

For problems with the website please send us an email at:

Did you know that we provide basic ghost hunting classes and exciting informational presentations to the general public? These events
are designed to increase ones knowledge about the phenomena of ghosts and the various tools, techniques, and practices used by
modern ghost hunters today. Please click here or on the "Special Events" button on the left side of this page for more information.

We also arrange FREE private paranormal investigations for many haunted locations.  E-mail us at:  ---
---  or on the red "GOT GHOSTS?" button on the left side of our webpage for more information.

If you are interested in our services, or want to express a comment, question, or concern, please send us an emai at:

You may also contact our main office at (303) 347-1746

If you would like us to follow up with you directly, please provide your full name, a phone number, and an email address.

You can also send mail to our main office at:
Spirit Paranormal Investigations
8156-E S. Wadsworth Blvd.
Suite 201
Littleton, Colorado 80128

"Thank you for helping us make SPIRIT Paranormal Investigations a great online resource for the ghost hunting community."

- The SpiritPI Team

(Society for the Preservation of the Ostracization or Obliteration of Kindred Spirits)

Dori Spence and Gail & Eric Jones - based in Longmont

Certified Paranormal Investigators

Qualified to investigate a business, home, or other area to determine if there is paranormal activity.

Contact info:
Spirit Connections Gift Shop
307 Coffman Street, Longmont, CO  80501

The Night Team (TNT) Paranormal Project

Colorado Springs

We are The Night Team. A group of well trained and experienced paranormal investigators based out of Colorado Springs, CO. Our
mission is to help others experiencing paranormal activity. To educate, and cousel those in need, and to obtain evidence of paranormal
activity by scientific means.

We approach each investigation with a skeptical eye. We look for non paranormal explanations of the activity being experienced. By
conducting an investigation in this manner, we can weed out what very well could be true paranormal evidence.
The Night Team does not utilize empaths, sensitives, psychics, or mediums in our investigations. Nothing against those who have these
abilities, but we are formed around the idea of scientific data.

The Night Team is a part of a community of paranormal investigators in Southern Colorado. We work closely with many investigators,
and paranormal groups in the area. After all, our missions are similar, our goals are common. Strength in unity...
We are a not-for-profit organization, and will NEVER charge for our services. We are here to use our many years of experience to help,
educate, and counsel. Our profit is a job well done.

Westminster Paranormal

720-621-4639, Please leave contact information and a brief description of what is happening.

We are a small group that is very interested in the paranormal. We do our investigations on our own free time and do not charge for our
service. After we investigate we will schedule another appointment to sit down with you and go over any evidence that we found if any.
Donations will be accepted if offered to help us buy equipment.

If you think you have paranormal activity in your home or business please click on our "Think you have Ghosts" tag to contact us and
schedule an appointment.

We will constantly update our site as new information becomes available.

Xobic Cemetery Photography & Paranormal Studies

Graphics, Paranormal Experiences, Investigations and Photos are all © and property of X.C.P., via the creative copyright laws.
Featured in the book: "Haunted Cemeteries: True Tales from Beyond the Grave," by: Edrick Thay - (pages 158 & 159 with photo credits
for pages 153 & 157).

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