(In alphabetical order)


After Shadow Investigators ~ {A.S.I.}

After Shadow Investigators is a Colorado-based paranormal investigation group that combines a spiritual and scientific approach to understand
the supernatural. We investigate with an open heart, yet review our evidence with a skeptical mind.

Co-founders of ASI, Kim Pritekel and Diane Rogers Bischoff met while members of the paranormal team, SpiritPI, opting to form their own group
with the unique marriage of science and spirit, as Kim is a psychic/medium and Diane is a scientist.

Who is ASI?

Kim Pritekel:

Kim is an author and screenwriter by trade and a psychic/medium by path. Her spiritual gifts began at an early age, but the true spiritual
awakening happened when her gifts and spirituality exploded into true awareness in 2008. Since then, she has helped many through readings,
cleansings, crossing of spirits and investigations.

Diane Rogers Bischoff:  

Diane is a new stay-at-home-mom who became involved with paranormal investigation and research in late 2010 when, a chance photographic
capture led her to participate in the TV series My Ghost Story.  This then provided her the opportunity to become a member of the paranormal
investigation team, SpiritPI.  She is a geologist by education and a member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena -

To watchDiane briefly discuss her idea on the paranormal activity of the Croke-Patterson Mansion in Denver, Colorado, click http://archive.9news.
com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=226319 or use a search engine to find “ Do you believe in ghosts? The haunted mansion where spirits speak ”

Amber Cain:

Amber has had a fascination with the paranormal since she was young. As a child she would check out any books on ghosts, witchcraft and
unexplained phenomena that she could as well as stay up late and watch the scary Saturday night thrillers (such as Tales from the Crypt) with her
dad. Through her work she met Diane and has been involved with ASI since.

All Girl Paranormal Society of Colorado Springs ~ {A.G.P.S.}

Location: Colorado Springs

Call Jordan or Lorie for a consultation:  (719) 434-7575

Soon to be seen on "My Ghost Story" on A&E.

..."Dedicated to investigate, document, and provide help and intervention with paranormal and supernatural phenomena to clients in

About Us:

We believe that all Spirit contact is done for a reason.  It may be your relatives, or it may be that the Spirits are attached to the home or business.  
But for what ever reason you are seeing, hearing, or having any other paranormal contact, is because the Spirits are desperately trying to talk to
you.  They need to tell you something, or just be noticed.  But there is ALWAYS a reason.

Our goal is to provide help, comfort and give peace of mind to anyone who has any Paranormal contact.

We have many forms of equipment to gather evidence.  We do video, digital recordings, still photography.  

With every investigation we have done we have ALWAYS received some form of evidence.

We also provide "Automatic Writing" with our investigations.  One of our Investigators has the gift of contacting the Spirits through writing.  And
sometimes you will get your questions answered, or you may get the reason why these Spirits are making contact with you.

We also do "House or Business" Blessings.

Altitude Paranormal Group ~ {A.P.G.}

Location: Centennial!/pages/Altitude-Paranormal-Group/134187799975394?v=wall

(720) 237-1807

Dedicated to the search for the paranormal and unexplained in the Rocky Mountain region.

Located in Denver, we are a group of investigators with an interest in all things paranormal. Through research into ghosts, haunted places and
unexplained phenomenon, we seek to find answers to the many questions surrounding the paranormal realm. Allow us to find answers for you and
give you the peace of mind you are seeking.

Altitude Paranormal will not ask for fees and we will keep your identity and investigation confidential if requested. Your home or business will be
treated with the respect of our own. Each member of our group is a full time working professional who has taken on this endeavor as a hobby due
to the passion to find answers. Information on each member is available upon request of course.

APG is a member of NAROPI: {National Registry of Paranormal Investigators.}

Recent Investigations include:

~ The Melting Pot, Littleton
~ The Pioneer Inn, Nederland
~ The El Jebel Shrine, Denver
~ Masonic Lodge,Central City
~ The Fairplay-Valiton Hotel
~ The Spur Of The Moment Bar, Larkspur
~ The Tabor Opera House, Leadville
~ The Stage Stop, Rollinsville
~ Newspaper Print Shop,Central City

This is a snapshot of our work over the last few months, not to mention many residential investigations. We love to stay busy and we are very
flexible in our scheduling, catering to our clients schedule and needs.

American Association of Paranormal Investigators ~ {A.P.P.I.}

Location:   Denver



The American Association of Paranormal Investigators is a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to practicing of the scientific method in
documentation of paranormal phenomena.

Our assemblage combines the fundamentals of modern technological equipment, scientific methods as well as psychic ability. AAPI 's purpose is to
study the paranormal, research the field and to assist individuals who are unable to deem or understand what lies outside our existing sight.
Through this, our ultimate achievement is to build a laboratory that will assist field investigators and lab technicians with proper tools to be able to
recreate paranormal activity and have the findings recorded for scientific analysis.

AAPI respects the privacy of our clientele honoring the wishes of the client with the utmost importance and sincerity. It is our obligation to protect
those who wish not to be exposed by media or any other demonstrations of exploitation. Trust and confidence are essential in addressing the
paranormal. We are a team of researchers located in Denver Colorado that believe in professionalism . Our reports are designed to show our
scientific methods of analysis and are made public to other Paranormal Investigators around the world.

AAPI is dedicated to understanding as much of the imperceptible as possible in as short a time as we have in this lifetime. Our reports are learning
tools for others and ourselves. Please inspect them and critique them. That's how we learn. Our motto: ‘Moving forward with an open mind, we will
attempt to comprehend the unknown' .

We offer our services at no charge. Please feel free to contact us to discuss an investigation.

                                       The Team:

Stephen Weidner – Founder -
Stephen has been involved in the paranormal for many years. As a child he used his gifts in various ways and developed to gain titles of Master
Designated Spiritual Medium and Master Designated Spiritual Healer with the Aquarian Foundation. Owning his own medium-ship business for 14
years, he then retired, invented the multi religion educational board game 'Tree of Odin' and, following this, went on to achieve a Doctorates in
Metaphysical Sciences from ULC. He then became an Ordained Minister from ULC, Ambassador of ULC. After which he pursued his music career
with the goal to gain a Masters in Cello Performance from Lamont School of Music. He works as a Professional Musician and tours across the U S,
Canada and Europe. He has also done recordings as well as Musical Recercar.     He is now pursuing proof of the paranormal on the other side of
the vale using the scientific method. “After talking to spirits and proving my medium-ship for many years, it's time to provide evidence of their
existence to any skeptic. Life is an evolving road of learning. To not use your critical faculties is not using the wisdom God gave you. Life is not as
it always in the dimension it appears".  Stephen is currently involved in seminary studies and is working his way towards achieving a certification in
Demonology and Exorcisms. Along with furthering his paranormal education his goal is to build a laboratory that will assist field investigators and
lab technicians with proper tools to be able to recreate paranormal activity and have the findings recorded for scientific analysis.

Sharon Raines
Sharon has been interested in the sciences, metaphysical studies, and parapsychology since she was in high school.  She has worked as a
student of life, (the things you do to pay the bills), while pursuing a career in education, performing professionally and non-grata as a singer, as a
musician/composer/arranger in the alternative folk group Palantyr, and as a commercial/freelance artist.  Her current “life study” is a position as an
administrative assistant for an engineering/materials handling firm in Metro Denver.  Her ‘light reading’ includes quantum physics and mechanics,
astronomy and astrophysics, metaphysics, philosophy, mythology and religion, history, and classic science fiction. Though she doesn’t admit to
being a medium, she will admit to being a proven intuitive.

Lisa Weidner
Lisa's interest in the paranormal began while on a trip to the concentration camp, Dachau, she sensed something she couldn’t explain. She joined
the military and met fellow investigator, Loyd, while stationed at Fort Carson. Loyd invited her on a hunt, and now she is an Director, case
manager and AAPI investigator. She hopes to find evidence and proof of the paranormal. Eventually, she would like to travel overseas to continue

Father Ron Ivins
Father Ron has a very eclectic background. I was raised Roman Catholic, went to the seminary for 5 years, then having left the seminary, had no
spiritual life to speak of for about ten years. Then I became aware of  a protestant group which was accepting of diversity. My spiritual life began
anew and quickly found a new depth and expression. I followed this till the mid 90’s, at which point I was introduced to Wiccan and things pagan. I
also found this to my liking and developed new spiritual sensitivities. My spiritual path at this point was incorporating both Pagan and Christian
aspects as I observed they all converged into the Oneness of The Divine. This was my path, and a growth-filled one at that. In late 2008, I was
offered and humbly but excitedly accepted ordination to the Catholic priesthood, with full knowledge by all parties involved, that I had not rejected
my past affiliations. My vocation came at a most unexpected point in my life, yet I see that it has all come about for reasons known to God. I find it a
great blessing that I am able to help others in ways that I never thought might be possible. Thru Apostolic succession and the laying on of hands, I
share in bringing the Message of Love, and I hope the energy I bring to AAPI will be most useful for the investigative work which it does.

John Cox
John has had a strong interest in the paranormal for many years. His interest is primarily sparked by the emergence of UFO activity within the past
10 years. Having a film based education makes John a special candidate for AAPI’s film analysis department as well as field director. His
knowledge and experience based on extraterrestrial life forms and UFO technology makes him the ideal AAPI specialist in his field.

Josh Rowe
Josh first encountered the paranormal as a child. He has always been able to see and hear things others have not been able to. At a young age
he put himself in haunted locations to test his abilities. While in Iraq he had several encounters including feeling the presence of fallen soldiers
and enemy troops. He was able to foresee events before they would happen, which he attributes the success of his return to the states. Josh
hopes to add his psychic skills as well as his sound engineering experience to AAPI’s box of tools. He is eager to learn more about the paranormal
process to help prove there is something outside our existing understanding.

Anthony Ortega
Anthony has lived in Colorado his whole life. He was drawn to the paranormal when I was 8 years old. He saw a glowing yellow and green head on
a picture hanging in his living room. It was looking directly at his Grandmother, oblivious to him at the time.  He was scared and started screaming
for his parents, when it turned and looked right at him with its mouth open as if it were screaming too. He has always been fascinated in knowing
the unknown. He likes to help those who are terrified or curious about the paranormal. His objective is to help them find a way to be comfortable
and/or cope with it. He hopes to bring knowledge and new tactics to the AAPI team. He is very honored to be a member of accredited team.

Michael Siefken
Michael Siefken is a Colorado native.  He is also a pagan.  He has always been drawn to the paranormal and associated fields.  While in high
school he had an encounter with a couple of UFO’s and a possible contact with an extraterrestrial entity.  During his teenage years he realized his
gifts.  In the 1990s he had the experience of living in a haunted house for a while and that only fueled his interest.  He has always been on the look
out for new information on haunted places in Denver.   He finds investigating the paranormal to be an exciting field where He can fully utilize his
gifts.  He has never thought of himself as a medium.  He just knows what he can do and what he can feel.  He wants to experience all that
investigating the paranormal has to offer.  He can add his presence and abilities to the continued search for the defining evidence of the

Amy Bayless ~ {Medium}

Location:  Loveland/Berthoud area

(720) 939-1515

Amy is a Medium; and can contact loved ones who have passed.
Although not a "paranormal investigator;" she has the ability to move ghosts out of houses and on to more suitable locations.
She also does mediation work to help ghosts and their living housemates work out problems so that they can co-habit the house peacefully

Anomalous Phenomenon Research Bureau  ~ {A.P.R.B.}

Location: Norwood, CO

(Investigating  primarily Western Colorado and Eastern Utah)

Year founded: 2010

ph: (970)  361-1645

alt: (970) 208-7829 - Candy / (970) 260-3165 - Ted / (970) 712 -0147 - Bob

603 1/2 West Indian Creek Drive
Grand Junction, Colorado 81506

APRB is dedicated to the research and investigation of all forms of paranormal phenomena. We concentrate on Western Colorado and Eastern

APRB’s mission is to serve as a focal point of anomalous, or paranormal, research in Colorado and Utah, through the collection, analysis, and
sharing of data regarding anomalous events, while serving the people of our area through education and possible suppression of bothersome or
harmful anomalous entities.

Company Overview:
Research and investigation of all paranormal phenomena, including ghosts and hauntings, UFOs, crytpozoology, and any other phenomena.

Welcome to Anomalous Phenomena Research Bureau. We are a group of professionals that seek to understand phenomena through research
and investigation. We serve Western Colorado, and Eastern Utah, but if time and funding allows, are not averse to investigating in other areas.
Though the team itself is new to the paranormal community, the team members are seasoned investigators. Not only does each of...See More

General Information:
APRB prides itself in the team’s openness to investigate many different types of anomalous phenomena. The excitement of searching for the
unknown and the drive to document the search motivates us all. Even members who may doubt the existence of the subject of our investigation
still find the thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration of potentially uncovering new evidence great motivators. For this reason, the team is willing to
investigate any reasonable phenomena.

Our Team:

BOB GUTOWSKI:  APRB Founding Member, 2012 Photography Chair, Investigator, and Tech Specialist.

CANDY MEEHAN:  APRB Founding Member, 2012 Treasurer and Web Servant, Investigator, and Case Manager.

DEBBIE ANDERSON: APRB Founding Member, 2012 Secretary, Public Relations Chair, and Investigator.

EMMILY MONTOYA:  Investigator and Case Specialist.

JIM STEPHENS:  APRB Founding Member, Investigator and Case Specialist.

SARAH WILSON:  Investigator and Case Specialist.

TALLE MEEHAN:  APRB Founding Member, 2012 Chair, Investigator and Tech Manager.

TED MONTOYA:  APRB Founding Member, 2012 Vice-Chair and Ongoing Education Coordinator, and Investigator.

APEX Paranormal Investigations

(Formerly: S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations)

Location: Gunnison

Year Founded: 2008

Formally S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations. We seek out the Paranormal. We are currently investigating Colorado, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, New
Mexico, Wyoming and other surrounding states but are not limited to them. We are always looking for suggestions for places, and even looking to
expand our group with dedicated investigators.

About: Coming face to face with history.

We are a Colorado based group of paranormal investigators working to find answers in the paranormal field. Our goal as a group is to
prove/disprove a claim based on the information gathered during the investigation.  A mix of believers and skeptics we offer objective and
professional investigations anywhere we're needed.

During our investigations we use a variety of hi-tech equipment to try to capture the paranormal. Although there are no guarantees of catching
paranormal activity, we will gladly provide copies of anything caught during investigations to the client.

All of our services are free of charge.

To respond to claims of paranormal activity. Prove/disprove those claims while documenting evidence in the process.

Company Overview:
Paranormal Investigation Team. As always, all of our services are free of charge!

Formally S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations. We seek out the Paranormal. We are currently investigating Colorado, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, New
Mexico, Wyoming and other surrounding states but are not limited to them. We are always looking for suggestions for places, and even looking to
expand our group with dedicated investigators.

The Team:

Founder/ Lead investigator: Joe Bailey

Originally a Michigan native, Joe moved to Colorado in the Summer of 2000. He has always been fascinated by the paranormal and trying to
capture hard proof that ghosts exists. Starting this investigative team is his first step towards doing so.  Joe hopes to shed light on a topic that
mostly consists of stories and rumors.  Joe's main goal is to investigate these stories and rumors and come up with scientific evidence to prove or
disprove the claims.

Investigator/Social Networker:  Jessica Bailey

Jessica, originally from Colorado Springs, now resides in Gunnison, Colorado.  She has experienced paranormal activity in her own house and her
experiences perked her curiosity.  Jessica has performed a few investigations of her own but is excited to do so in a scientific manner with the
proper equipment.  Jessica is hoping to better understand why and how paranormal activity exists.

Investigator:  Thomas Matheny

Thomas, originally from San Diego, now resides in Oklahoma.  Thomas is a non-believer but has had a hard time explaining things he has
experienced since joining the team.  He has an open mind and embraces the opportunity to experience the paranormal, yet debunk it at the same
time if possible.

Investigator:  Brandon McIntosh

Brandon was born and raised in Kansas City, MO.  He moved to Oklahoma 5 years ago.  Brandon did not believe in the paranormal until joining
Joe on a few investigations.  The results of those investigations, plus the personal experiences he encountered, has made Brandon interested in
increasing his knowledge and exploring the paranormal field.  

Co-Founder/Investigator/Research : Lee Anthony

Originally from a small town in Montana, Lee had his first paranormal experience at a young age.  Although convinced of the existence of the
paranormal, Lee uses logic and science to try and find a rational explanation whenever possible.  Lee is drawn to this field through the connection
to the past and the history of the site.

Investigator:  Brandon Stehle

Born right here in Denver. Brandon was first introduced to the field of the paranormal by meeting up with Joe and Lee. He had his first experience
at the Stanley Hotel and was a bit skeptical. He is fascinated with the whole field but rarely accepts what he hears or sees.  Brandon always tries to
find a reasonable answer for something that occurs.

Investigator:  Brandy Anthony

Brandy was born in southern California and moved to Oregon at age 11.  She moved to Colorado in 2009.  Prior to moving to Colorado, Brandy
was experiencing paranormal activity in her house.   Her curiosity has led her to join our team.  She uses a logical approach in her investigative
technique and is looking to find answers to questions of her own and those of our clients.

Investigator:  Tanner May

Born in Longmont, Tanner has always had an underlying curiosity about the paranormal.  He has yet to experience paranormal activity but is
eager to use his analytical skills and knowledge of technical equipment to assist in our investigations.  His knowledge of cults and history makes
him a valuable addition to our team.  Tanner is currently enrolled at Colorado State University and is spreading awareness of the paranormal field
through groups and contacts on campus.  

Beyond the Shadows Paranormal

Location: Florence


Florence, Canon City and Surrounding area Ghost Investigators. We reach out to Southern Colorado for Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Research
and Spirit contact.


We are a team of paranormal investigators with 25+ years of combined experience. Tom Monaco and Tonya Hammel formed this team to help
those in the community with paranormal issues. We are here to help!

We do investigations, cleansings, paranormal education and much more. Please visit our About page for more information.

We are based in Fremont County, Colorado and cover surrounding areas.

Give us a call!

We have a carefully chosen team with unique abilities and investigations styles. We are all problem solvers naturally and when we put our heads
together we feel that there is nearly nothing that we can't handle.

Tom - Team Leader

Tom is a long standing resident of Canon City. Tom is gifted with unique abilities for working with spirits. He is a very active icon the Greenwood
Cemetery Committee since 2002 and has spent uncountable hours volunteering in favor of all things Greenwood. Tom is the informal historian for
the area and is a vast wealth of knowledge. His Civil War Re-enactments are something to look forward to for many residents in Fremont County.
He loves to spend his spare time with his wife and friends and is always up for a new adventure.

His experience with the paranormal varies and he has been interested in the study for the past 10 years. Tom and Tonya founded the team in
October 2014 to continue in their mission of helping others in the community.

Tonya - Team Leader

Tonya has been working with the paranormal for six years and has aided the community with spirits in the past. Her unique ability to sense spirits is
a valuable asset to the team. She enjoys preparing for investigation and has many resources available to the team. She loves new challenges and
creatively solves problems that she is confronted with.

She was born and raised in Fremont County and is familiar with many residents.

Her favorite hobbies are Facebooking, Writing and working with clients. She is currently working on two novels and enjoys spending her time with
her children and her husband Joe (below). Tonya hopes to learn more about Reiki and Spiritual healing in the future.

Tom and Tonya founded the team in October 2014 to continue in their mission of helping others in the community.

Joe - Lead Investigator

Joe has lived in Fremont County all of his life. He is well known throughout the community for his outstanding ability to work on appliances and has
been with Frank's Appliance for 20 years. He loves his job and searching out answers in the paranormal world.  Joe has been in the paranormal
field for the past 6 years. He loves to spend time with his wife Tonya (above) and his children.

Joe spends most of his spare time in his Jeep 4wheeling. He is very faithful to his motorcycles and is an avid rider of street bikes and dirt bikes. He
began riding motorcycles when he was 5 and hasn't stopped since. He joined the team to continue searching for answers in the paranormal field.
Joe serves us as a Lead Investigator and uses his mechanical ability to multitask in the field.


Susan has lived in Fremont County for 25 years and has 3 years of paranormal experience. All of her life she has had encounters with the
paranormal and this fed her passion to seek out answers.

She has a unique ability to contact and communicate with spirits and has helped people find resolution with loved ones. She enjoys working with
the spirits and helping out in the community.

She enjoys spending time with her husband (Rhett, below) and her children. She loves visiting places like the Stanley Hotel on the weekends and
cemeteries. She always says take me anywhere haunted, and I'm good.


Candi lives in Canon City and has been in the banking industry for over 20 years.  She has always been fascinated with the paranormal and
shared this interest with her son later in life. Their shared interest connected them to a previous team that she served on for two years.
Candi enjoys taking long hikes in the mountains and trails in Colorado. Her other talents included baking and spending as much time as possible
with her family.

Candi is a Lead Investigator of the team and is always willing to learn new avenues in exploring the paranormal realm.

Becca - Lead Investigator

Becca has always had an interest in the paranormal. She lived several active houses growing up and has always been familiar with creaks in the
night. She was born and raised in Fremont County and was with a previous paranormal team for 5 years. Becca is fantastic at talking to spirits and
getting response via EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her son and riding horses.  One of her
passions are refinishing old furniture and giving it new life.

Becca is a Lead Investigator for the team and her ability to capture evidence is crucial to solving many of the questions that clients may bring up.


Rhett has lived in Penrose, Colorado nearly all of his life and his interest in the paranormal sprung from his wife, Susan (above). Rhett was a
heavy equipment operator for 15 years before trading in his tractor boots for a welding hood. Anything to do with aviation has his interest in his
spare time and he enjoys learning about the aviation field.

His mechanical ability is a value to the team for set-up and trouble shooting. He is fairly new as an investigator and is eager to learn. He loves to
spend time with his family.

Rhett is our newest to the field team member and we all welcome him to the team.
We are excited to teach him all things paranormal.

Boulder County Paranormal Research Society ~ {B.C.P.R.S.}

Location:  Boulder area

Year Founded: 2006 -  <<<---  (Closed group) - Must request to join

Boulder County Paranormal is a team of dedicated investigators and open-minded sceptics that provides a professional investigative service for
individuals and businesses that report paranormal or supernatural activity. We respect the privacy and personal beliefs of the individual; while
striving to uncover the cause of alleged paranormal activity and to assist those who are fearful of unexplained phenomena or just curious about
the entities they have experienced.

The Boulder County Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to the scientific, objective investigation into claims of alleged paranormal
phenomena. We employ rigorous investigative protocols, and submit our case reports to fellow researchers for peer review. BCPRS does not
charge for its services, and maintains strict confidence if our clients do not wish to be publicly identified. Our primary goal is to provide assistance,
reassurance, and support to those who are living with unwanted alleged paranormal activity. Our secondary goal is to research, document, and
analyze scientific data pertaining to alleged paranormal activity, thereby furthering the field of paranormal research.

The Team:

Richard E. - Team Leader, Co-Founder:
Richard gained an interest in paranormal research in 1995 in the U.K. after attending an overnight investigation at the infamous St. Botolph's
("Skidbrooke") church, in the marshes near Saltfleet. He witnessed an impressive array of phenomena that are difficult to explain to this day.
Richard spent the next five years poking around the haunted hamlets of Great Britain as a member of Andrew Wright's Leicester-based team. He
co-founded BCPRS with his wife, Laura, after relocating to the United States. He brings over fifteen years of investigative experience to the team.

Richard earns a living in the I.T. community, working as a network engineer in the field of disaster recovery and backup services. He also works as
a street paramedic for a local ambulance company, an EMS instructor at a community college, volunteers as a firefighter, and serves on the
county Haz-Mat team.  In his spare time, Richard enjoys gaming (desktop, boardgaming, or video), reading, astronomy, and being manipulated by
five shrewd cats and two dogs.    

Laura E. - Investigator, Co-Founder:
Laura is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Radio-TV-Film with a Degree in Communications. She worked in print media in Austin, TX
and held a summer job as a P.A. in Hollywood, CA with the now defunct Movietime Channel. She currently works at a long-term care pharmacy and
volunteers at the local Humane Society. She had her first "paranormal" experience as a child in her Grandmother's living room in upstate New York
and has always been fascinated with the field of study.      

Joey S. - Deputy Team Leader, Webmaster:
Joey started his paranormal investigative work in the late 1980s in New York. He took a 19 year break to focus on his technology career and family
before returning to the paranormal scene. Joey maintains his own collection of various instruments which measure EMF, real-time EVP, radiation,
RF, and temperature along with full-spectrum video and helper devices. He enjoys providing a measure of relief to clients by finding plausible
explanations to suspected paranormal events. He also likes to tinker and experiment with the latest in ghost hunting gear.      

Miranda M. - Investigator:
Miranda joined Boulder County Paranormal in 2007. Miranda has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University and
approaches paranormal research from a scientific and skeptical perspective.    

Jeff M. - Investigator:
Jeff joined Boulder County Paranormal in 2009. Jeff is new to paranormal research and has yet to experience any unusual activity but enjoys the
scientific aspect of the search. Jeff works as a Network Engineer and spends his free time hiking, golfing and seeing to the needs of his 4 dogs.    

Kira W. - Investigator:
Kira has always been interested in the paranormal. Her curiosity intensified after her parents became ghost tour guides and began sending her
stories and photos from supposedly haunted sites in St. Augustine, Florida. Her first paranormal experience occurred at the Tolomato Cemetery
there, and she's willing to brave anything except spiders for the chance at another.

When she's not ghost-hunting, Kira is the Operations Manager for Boulder Digital Arts, doing the 5,456,378 things it takes to run the
organization on a daily basis. She spends her spare time playing tabletop role-playing games and working feverishly on her webcomic, Castle
Whatsitsname, which should be released sometime in 2011. Kira has an art degree from Carleton College, which might explain a lot of things.    
Seth W. - Investigator Seth began his interest in paranormal research while studying Theatre at the University of Rhode Island. He could never
explain the shadows moving backstage or the footsteps in Prop Storage, but did not have the means or know how to properly investigate the
occurrences at the time.

Now working as a massage therapist in Boulder, Seth is thrilled to bring an open yet scientific mindset to paranormal investigations. In his spare
time, Seth enjoys bicycling, cooking for friends, table-top story-telling games, and volunteering at the local Humane Society.    

Kathleen P. - Investigator:
Kathleen joined BCPRS in 2008 after relocating from Houston, TX where she completed a 32.5 year career with SWBT/SBC/AT&T working outside
technical then indoor technical as a switchman (now called communication tech for political connectedness ). Now she works full time as a
Community Center Representative for the apartments in which she lives. Since experiencing paranormal events with her family in her early
twenties, she developed an interest in the paranormal. She reads, birds, & greatly enjoy walks with her dog Jetta. She also loves the energy her
cat Jayk adds to her home. And she loves being in Colorado!   

Lucilla G. - Investigator:
Lucilla is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in HealthCare Administration through Metro State College of Denver. She works full-time as a
supervisor for a group surgery practice in Denver. She became interested in the paranormal after her mother died in 1994. Lucilla's daughter had
some unusual experiences in the home where her Grandmother died. This has prompted Lucilla to further her knowledge and research into the
paranormal. Her goal is to help alleviate fears others may be experiencing due to possible paranormal activity. Her passion is to help others,
whether that be in her regular career or during paranormal investigations.  

Jenna R. - Investigator:
Jenna has a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University. In 2003, she became certified as a clinical, counseling
Hypnotherapist and immediately opened a private practice in Boulder under the supervision of Dr. Betty Cannon.

Jenna has been interested in understanding the paranormal since she was a child. Her work as a Case Manager at the Mental Health Center and
her volunteer work at Hospice intensified her desire to learn more about the difference between the experiences of those who are grieving or have
had NDE’s, symptoms of mental illness, spiritual emergence and emergencies, and the claims of people who are certain that they have had
experiences that they feel are best described as paranormal.    

Gene S. - Investigator:  
Gene developed an interest in the paranormal following an incident on the trails in Moab, UT. Subsequent amateur investigations ‘haunting’ local
cemeteries and reported paranormal locations led to another experience that he is still at odds to explain today.

A born investigator at heart and a reporter by trade, Gene has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism/Media Studies from Rutgers University, a
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and is a recent graduate of the Private Investigator Academy of the Rockies.

Gene approaches paranormal research with equal parts skepticism and curiosity, his formula for an interesting foray into the unknown.

Off the clock, Gene spends his time in a variety of pursuits, mostly involving whirring gears, electro-mechanical oddities, wind powered craft and
unusual vehicles.  You! - Investigator Boulder County Paranormal is always interested in hiring talented volunteers for investigative positions.


We use three general types of "devices" on our investigations: human, common, and specialty.


An often overlooked piece of gear is our very own senses. We use our own eyes, ears, and nose along with our sense of touch.  In fact this is so
important to us that we ban participation from investigators who are on any type of medicine that may affect or influence their senses (e.g. cold
tablets, heavy pain medication, etc.).


On all investigations we use:

* two-way radios to communicate over large areas
* pen and paper for sketching areas and also visual findings
still photo cameras for documenting the area before and during an investigation
video cameras to capture apparitions as well as movement of control items


Gauss Master Basic EMF Meter:  Relatively cheap and easy to use, this piece of equipment checks baseline EMF readings when we investigate a
location. It operates in the 0 to 10 mG range.

Natural Electromagnetic Meter:  This unit, currently the most expensive EMF meter in the BCP gear locker, measures DC electromagnetic fields
only. DC fields only occur in nature, so anomalous readings detected with it are not coming from artificial sources. It can be tricky to use, because
it's easy to misinterpret the earth's natural electromagnetic field as a false positive reading. The natural EMF meter is extremely sensitive and has
to be operated with great care.

Geiger Counter:  Although it might be considered overkill, we at Boulder County Paranormal believe in gathering as much objective scientific data
as possible when investigating a case. This device allows us to monitor levels of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-ray particles at an allegedly location.

Dual Infrared Non-contact thermometer/Air Probe thermometer:  This is the first IR non-contact thermometer that we have found that can also
measure air temperature as well. We can look for cold spots and areas of temperature with the same thermometer.

The DAS RT-EVP:  A Real Time Interactive Digital Voice Recorder and Integrated Spirit Box Combination Device for the Paranormal market.
Operates as a Standard EVP Voice Recorder  ( Real Time OFF )
Operates as a Standard EVP Voice Recorder with Simultaneous Real Time Audio File Extraction  (Playback is 1sec to 60sec)
Operates in FM Frequency Sweep Mode with Multi Step Speed Adjustment
Operates in FM Frequency Sweep & EVP Combination (Hybrid Mode) with Simultaneous Playback
Inteli-queue Real Time Data Analysis, permits Audio and Sweep Frequency sounds to be  Repeated without Interfering with your Recording

Mel-KII Hybrid:  
All in One Paranormal Instrument: EMF - Ambient Temp. - Red Flashlight - Red Backlight Display
Detects EMF (Mel & KII) & Cold Spots Simultaneously
Selectable units of °F/°C
EMF "Burst" Mode Feature for Rapid EMF Detection
Super Bright "Red Nightview" Backlight Display with On/Off Button
Glow in The Dark Push Buttons
Fast Response Thermocouple Temperature  Sensor
Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values
KII with Push On/ Push Off Switch & Sound.
Easy to read Multi-Segment Mini T1 All Red LED Display
Five level milliGauss ranges

Laser Grids:  Produces a laser grid to help identify physical movement in shadows

TriField EMF Meter:  More advanced than the GaussMaster, the Trifield meter monitors AC magnetic fields, AC electrical fields, and also radio
waves & microwaves. It costs ten times more than the GaussMaster, but is well worth it due to the versatile range of data gathering.

Remote Infra-Red Thermometer:  This tool, accurate out to 500 meters, detects temperature variances (the classic "cold spots") in corridors and
rooms. The device operates using a cone of IR energy.

K-II EMF meter with on/off switch:  You do not have to hold down the tab with this model. There is a micro-switch installed below the tab so you can
click it on and click it again to turn off. Other modified KII meters have the plastic case cut into to install the switch and that can cause the case to
be less structurally sound.

PT101 Thermometer:   PT101 Thermometer Probe thermometer This handheld thermometer is a commercial grade thermometer that gives you air
temperature changes in a second or less. It's perfect for checking cold spots in exact locations.

Entity Sensor Pro:  We like to experiment with new equipment and this mobile phone application is just one example. It displays and records EMF
using your phone's built-in magnetic field sensor. It can record the readings and let you download and graph the results. The Pro version also
records EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) audio that can be downloaded to your computer for analysis. The program's sensitive detector can
also be used to find any sources of strong magnetic fields around your home or office.

High Definition Full Spectrum Video Camera:  This camera takes HD video and stills deep within the IR and UV spectrums of light. There has been
recent evidence that suggests a correlation between paranormal activity and images captured in the UV spectrum.

New!   Cheyenne Mountain Paranormal Investigators ~ {C.M.P.I.}

Location: Colorado Springs

Year Founded: 2014

We are new to the scene as a new team but we are all session investigators come from all around the area. Some of us have even investigated
several states and over seas, there is no place we won't go. We love the thrill of the chase.

We are a paranormal group based out of the Colorado Springs area. We strive to explore and understand the paranormal world through scientific

We are a group of seasoned paranormal investigators who strive to understand the paranormal world. We use scientific methods to determine if a
location is haunted or something else. Debunking is our middle name! We do not charge for our services.

How can we help?

We can handle most paranormal activity but with scientific method. We have a wide range of techniques we use from EVP work to video recording.
If you have any questions please email us. We will do our best to help you. We also do anything from private residence to local businesses.


We are a paranomal team that is trying to find the truth through scientific method. We understand and want to help in any way we can. There is a
process before we investigate; First, you need to email us the who, what, where, when, and why. Then, we setup a interview with our case
manager by phone. At the interview, we set up the investigation time and date, and ask questions to get more familiar with you and the place. We
will work around your availability to the best that we can. The rest will be explained at the intervew. We do not charge  for any of our services. We
also can not guarantee anything from saying your house is haunted or getting rid of any spirits. We will say we will be there for you as long as you
do not try to fool us. At any time we will pull the team if we feel it is unsafe for us to be there or if there is any illegal activity going on. We also will
not investigate any place we do not have permission to or the proper signed forms.

Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators ~ {C.C.P.I.}

Location:  Rifle

Year Founded: 2004

PO Box 1423, Rifle, Colorado 81650

(970) 424-1334

(970) 260-5164

Serving Western Colorado and Eastern Utah Since 2004

Rev. Clarissa Vazquez  - Founder / Lead Investigator -

CCPI was founded in 2004.  We have experienced steady growth in the number of investigations we conduct, and expect these numbers will
continue to increase.  We are constantly looking for haunted "hot spots" in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah however, we will conduct
investigations in other locations.  If you believe you have a haunted location and you would like us to investigate please click here. If the
investigation would take place outside of Western Colorado or Eastern Utah we would be happy to make the appropriate arrangements or refer
you to one of our affiliates.

The Team:

Clarissa:  Founder / Lead Investigator
Clarissa was born in Grand Junction, CO and has lived in various places throughout the US to include UT & TX. Her first notable find was a
photograph of a possible apparition taken in September of 2004. While testing a brand new Polaroid camera, she snapped a photo of a friend.
When the film developed, standing next to her friend was a misty, human-like form.  It was taken the same night as her first EVP recording and was
the second instrumental find that gave birth to CCPI. When not taking care of CCPI business, Clarissa is also the Co-Founder and Administrative
Director for the East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators (ECCPI) and the Assistant Director of Research in Demonology for the Bureau of
Paranormal Investigations.

She has been featured in several books regarding ghosts and the paranormal to include: Picture Yourself Capturing ghosts on Film by
Christopher Balzano, Ghosts of Colorado by Dennis Baker, and Ghosts from Coast to Coast by Kalyomi. Her own book, Ghosts of the Heart is
expected to hit the shelves in late 2010!

Although certified as an EMT-First Responder, our fiery red-headed "fearless leader" is also an Ordained Minister and is currently attending
Colorado Mountain College working on her degree in History.

Jim - Case Manager / Lead Investigator ~ (Member Since December 2007)
Jim was born and raised in Grand Junction, CO and now resides in Palisade. His first brush with the paranormal came when he was about
seven, when he and his brother witnessed a black mass appear in his bedroom. The mass banged on the piano and went under his bed before
floating up and out of the room. Jim is currently a Psychiatric Technician at a lock-down facility for the mentally ill. We are very excited to have Jim
as a member of CCPI!

Candy - Assistant Case Manager ~ (Member Since February, 2010)
Candy was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Shortly after, her Mother moved her back to her family's homestead in Loma, Colorado, where she lived with
her family until she was 16, before moving back to Phoenix. Since then, she has lived in New Hampshire, Maine, Kansas and Oklahoma, and finally
returned to Grand Junction. She is married to her soulmate, Assistant Technical Manager Talle, and is the mother of three amazing children. She
has had numerous experiences that could be paranormal. Prior to joining CCPI, Candy would visit numerous cemeteries across the country, and
do grave stone rubbings. She finds the history and craftsmanship of each individual marker is especially intriguing. Candy is truly passionate
about the opportunity to learn, experience, research and investigate, and we are pleased to have her as a member of the CCPI family!

Colorado Paranormal Rescue

                                             About Us!

We are an investigative team that documents and researches paranormal activity in Colorado. Most of our investigations are focused on life after
death, hauntings, ghosts and psychic abilities.

                                             Who We Are:

Matt Uney                                                                                                                                           
Matt is our resident skeptic and fearless leader.  He keeps us honest, asking a lot of questions and coming up with a lot of debunking.  His
extensive knowledge of psychic phenomena and background in paranormal research keep the team on track and aid in educating our clients in
what's possible.  His professional experience in sales and client management facilitate effective interviewing, information gathering, and building
rapport and effective communication with our clients.  He is the legitimate face of our evil empire.

Ben Bryan: - BS Electrical Engineering, MS Mineral Economics:                                                                
Ben is our Equipment Specialist.  With a background in Electrical Engineering and Applied Math, he provides the Technical-Know-How of the
equipment we use to help prove the paranormal.  His scientific background helps balance our findings when conducting investigations and aids in
analysis of findings.

Meghan Taft:                                                                                                                                   
Meghan is one of our Psychics.  As a clairsentient she has the ability to walk into an area and pick up on emotions from ghosts or residual
historical imprints.  She can also communicate with ghosts, but not with those that have already crossed over.  She has a bit of self-skepticism and
wants to go into situations "blind" to make sure that no prior knowledge of a place taints her reading.  She is only happy with her psychic account
of a place if it also matches the history and previous experiences of the owners.  She also brings her lifelong study of psychic phenomena and
theory to investigations.

Carrie Dean, BS Archeology with a Minor in Theology:                                                                           
Carrie is another one of our Psychics.  She is also clairsentient or also known as empathic.  When she walks into a room, she can also pick up on
the potential history of an area or sense and communicate with ghosts that may be present.

Gina Nigro, DD, CHT:                                                                                                                          
Gina is a Denver native and a graduate of Columbine High School in Littleton, CO.  After serving in the United States Marine Corps where she was
awarded the Navy Achievement Medal,  Southwest Asia Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal and National Defense service Medal (among
others), she returned to Denver.  Her empathic abilities assist with the investigation as well as her ability to help ghosts cross over.

To learn more about Gina, please visit her site @

Raena Bryan:                                                                                                                                      
Raena is one of our talented Sensetive/Investigators.  She uses her ability with Tarot Cards during our pre-investigation phase to help corroborate
our findings during the actual investigation.  During the investigation she is versatile with all of our equipment specializing on voice recorder for all
audio proof and EVP's.  Raena also has a background in Environmental Engineering and aids in bringing the scientific method to the technical
side of investigations.

Adrianne Younkerman:                                                                                                                      
Adrianne is also one of our talented Sensetive/Investigators. Since she was a child, she has experienced the paranormal and has a wide range of
understaning psychic abilities and investigative techniques.  As another equipment specialist, she is currently mastering our Geomagnetometer.

Audrey Berger and Kristina Malouff:                                                                                                
Audrey and Kristina are major assets when it comes to investigative research.  They have been involved with paranormal investigation for several
years and have toured across the county investigating haunted houses, hotels and even ships.  Based out of Durango, they haven't been able to
go on many investigations with the team, but their research and input has been invaluable.

Why Paranormal Rescue?

Many times we encounter people who are uncomfortable with the paranormal activity in their homes. We attempt to release entities or explain any
mundane or psychic causes for what a home owner may be experiencing. Our goal is to help home owners to feel more comfortable in their homes.

We also work with real estate agents to “clear” homes of unwanted energies that may be preventing the sale of a home.

We offer a free consultation for an initial walk-thru and interview. Modest fees are charged for investigations, releases and clearings.
Investigation $95
Spirit Release $150
House Clearing $150

Tours & Events:

Are you interested in exploring the paranormal for a night or weekend? Are your friends interested in experiencing an
evening in a haunted hotel or dinner at a haunted restaurant for an evening of paranormal fun?

Tour some of Colorado’s scariest places!   We have 3 hour “Evening at a Haunted Restaurant” packages starting at just $20/person
(4 people minimum).* Overnight “Haunted Hotel” packages starting at $100/person.**

Here’s what you’ll get:   

A history of the location, interviews with employees and people who have had first hand accounts,
introduction to ghost hunting equipment & methods, walk thru investigation with our paranormal investigators using their equipment and
talking with their psychics, a copy of any evidence we find during the investigation and any our team have found in previous investigations,
and a great story to tell your friends & family!  Email us for details!
* Evening packages do not include pricing for food.
** Overnight package pricing does not include food or lodging.

Join the Team!   

We are looking for investigators to join our team. We are interested in people who have an open and curious mind.
Skeptic, true believer, or somewhere in between? We would like to see if you are a fit for our organization. (these are volunteer positions)

What are we looking for?    

We would like our team members to be motivated by the investigation. A lot of what we do is very mundane:
research, interviews, picture taking, reading equipment, watching footage, or compiling evidence.

We often get people who are thrill seekers, looking for a scare. If that is the case for you, then check out our Tours & Events section, but
do not apply to join our team. If you are interested in research and investigative techniques, or if you enjoy looking for answers to the
unexplained, then our group is for you.

We are open to people with many talents. Right now we are specifically interested in people with the following talents/abilities:

~ Carpentry/Plumbing/Home Heating/Home Repair or Building
~ Sound and/or Film
~ Science or Psychology Background
~ Colorado History/Geneology/Research

If you do not have one of the above talents/abilities, but would still like to join us, please feel free to apply, but let us know what your talents
are or what you would like to offer our group.

Email us to join!


Recently our group investigated the Museo de Las Americas on Santa Fe Ave in Denver.  We were called in to work with psychic medium, Anthony
Quinata, to investigate the ghost of a little girl. She had been seen by several employees and other guests of the museum.
Click here for more!

Colorado Para-Tech ~ {C.P.T.}

Location: Colorado Springs


Welcome to Colorado Para-Tech: Colorado Springs Paranormal Investigators   ~ and ~   Paranormal Research Equipment Builders!

Thank You for stopping by!


Colorado Paranormal Technology...

Colorado Para-Tech, or C.P.T., is two entities.

First, we are Colorado Para-Tech Investigations, a registered Colorado organization comprised of seasoned paranormal investigators whose
mission is to provide factual and realistic answers based on hard evidence to businesses, families, and individuals in Colorado who need help with
paranormal problems absolutely free of charge. We are fully insured and use modern equipment,  common sense methods, and adhere to a strict
code of ethics to evaluate, investigate, and document possible hauntings and other paranormal activity. We specialize in research cases and have
the equipment, knowledge, training, and experience to properly manage and document all aspects of paranormal research. We try to approach
each investigation skeptically and look for normal and reasonable explanations for paranormal claims. We simply have a desire to find out more
about what the nature of paranormal events really are. We are people just like you who volunteer our time and resources to try to help others in

We also believe that cooperation, not competition will better benefit paranormal research. We strive to work with other paranormal teams and
researchers to expand our collective knowledge and further the science of paranormal research. With so many people getting into this field for the
wrong reasons these days, those of us who are genuinely here to learn, teach, help those in need, and further the science, should band together
to serve the greater good. We will always try to work with anyone who needs or wants our help.

We never investigate a location without permission. Please always get permission before you investigate and don't trespass on public or private

Second, we are Colorado Paranormal Technology, dba Colorado Para-Tech, a paranormal investigation equipment manufacturing division that
was born from the creation of the Ghost Light. We make paranormal research devices, including IR and UV illuminators for Infrared and Full
Spectrum cameras, EM pumps, and E-Field detectors, as well as other prototype devices. The support of the paranormal community has
encouraged C.P.T. to continue to help advance paranormal research through the development and enhancement of existing and new
technologies. We also conduct ongoing field investigations and lab experiments to help gain insights into paranormal research equipment needs,
as well as, explore all aspects of paranormal phenomena. We will continue to  develop and produce the best possible tools that we can for
paranormal research and make them affordable for everyone.

This site showcases our investigations, research, findings, and product development. We will also feature information and media from our
experiments and studies, and helpful how-to information and product reviews that we find useful for the paranormal community. We are here to

The Ghost Light Story...

The original Ghost Light was designed by Rich Horn in 2008, for filming in total darkness with night vision cameras. We tried all of the existing
commercial IR illuminators and found them lacking in one way or another. They would only last an hour or so, and were either too weak, poorly
made, awkward to use, too expensive, or all of the above. So Rich started developing and building the Ghost Lights to provide cost-effective, long
lasting, long range, powerful IR illuminators for today's demanding paranormal research. The response from fellow investigators was
overwhelmingly supportive and soon  paranormal teams world-wide were requesting Ghost Lights. So it was then decided to make these lights
available to the entire paranormal research community in 2009 through Ebay and again the response has been outstanding. So much so, that we
are inspired to continue to improve and develop new models to meet the needs of the expanding paranormal fields.

We continue to develop several different IR illuminators to meet every imaginable need and have developed several new UV and IR/UV combo
lights for use with full spectrum cameras and are currently developing the 3rd generation of Ghost Lights. Each Ghost Light is hand made one at a
time for the strictest quality control. We will continue to make the best illuminators and other equipment available at affordable prices and serve the
paranormal community to best of our ability.

To see our video evidence and ghost lights in action, as well as tutorials and other interesting videos, please visit our Youtube channel at http:

The C.P.T. Team:

Rich Horn - Investigator - Tech & Video Specialist

Sara Crandall - Case Mgr - Investigator - Audio Specialist

Eric Janssen - Investigator - Tech & Audio Specialist  

Brittany Horn - Investigator - Video Specialist

Nicole Zotti - Investigator - Denver Liaison

Colorado Realm Paranormal Investigations ~ {C.R.P.I.}

Al Schmidt: Solo Investigator

Founded Feb. 28th, 2011 by Al Schmidt


I am a Freelance Paranormal Investigator based on the front range of Colorado. I intend to investigate throughout Colorado and the region,
anywhere that valid activity may warrant. I would welcome invitations to investigate with other teams whenever possible. I have investigated during
local events, Ghost towns and Cemeteries in Colorado and Utah, and Bobby Mackey's and Waverly Hills Paranormal Investigators of Wichita.


I am here not only to investigate and authenticate, but to share knowledge, evidence, and ideas throughout the Paranormal Community. I would
especially like to bring together Colorado Paranormal Organizations, so that the wealth of local activity and sites can be highlighted and cataloged
in a manner in which we can all benefit from the information. Paranormal investigating is a growing craft, it's knowledge should be shared within the
community, so that it becomes a legitimized endeavor outside of the Paranormal Community.

                                       General Information:  

I investigate all Paranormal Activity, UFO's, Unexplained Phenomenon, and Crypto-Zoology.


By combining personal experience, logic and specialized equipment, we want to first and foremost, debunk. We would like to prove, beyond the
shadow of a doubt, that what is being experienced, is real. It is not true based upon what we believe, but based on evidence and facts.

Colorado Shadow Investigations  - {C.S.I.}

Location: Highlands Ranch


Founded by Luana Kurz

Dedicated to the search for paranormal evidence and unexplained phenomena. CSI is located in Colorado and will travel to locations upon request.

Our group of paranormal investigators are interested in all things unexplained. We specialize in ghost investigations. We can help bring our clients
the peace of mind to know if activity exists at their location. In addition, we may be able to provide our clients a more in-depth understanding of
what type of spirits may be surrounding them. We have a gifted psychic medium in our group! You can find more information about our medium at
her website:

We provide home investigations as well as investigate commercial accounts. For any private residence we will ensure your investigation is handled
in a timely, professional manner, and will respect your request to keep your location and results confidential, if requested. C.S.I. will never charge
their clients to investigate!

Our Team:

Luana Kurz, Founder of Colorado Shadow Investigations (C.S.I.) and Lead Investigator, grew up in Littleton Colorado and currently resides in
Highlands Ranch. Her first ghostly encounter was experienced during her High School years and left her with many questions. Luana brings to C.S.
I. her extensive experience in paranormal research, her methodical approach to investigating, and her ability to be objective. Luana is an
applications instructor when she is not chasing ghosts!

Kathie Christine, Psychic Medium, began her spiritual journey at a very young age. Kathie studied Parapsychology and has been providing
psychic readings for over 30 years. Kathie believes her gift is the ability to help heal others by offering information to them from their spirit guides.
Her ability to see and communicate with spirits during investigations is invaluable to C.S.I!

Jeff Schreffler, Investigator for C.S.I., grew up in Colorado and still resides in the Denver Metro area. Paranormal experiences from his childhood
brought him to C.S.I. in pursuit of obtaining answers. Jeff especially enjoys the research prior to investigating and uncovering the mysteries of our
paranormal interactions during investigations. When not chasing ghosts with C.S.I. he loves the outdoors and taking trips to the mountains.

Stacee Domer, CSI Investigator.  Stacee is fascinated with the paranormal and intrigued with the story that every ghost or spirit has. Stacee brings
her compassion and desire to help ghosts on our investigations. When not chasing ghosts Stacee enjoys the outdoors, live music and laughing as
much as possible!

Chris Mondragon, CSI Investigator and Technical Specialist. Chris currently resides in Aurora, Colorado and has had a fascination with the
paranormal since childhood. Chris spent several years investigating both independently and with local paranormal research groups as a way to
simply fuel his fascination with the other side. Chris brings a strong ‘techie’ set of skills to the group with a professional background in I.T, and vast
experience working with audio in both a forensic and engineering capacity. When Chris isn’t out chasing ghosts he enjoys songwriting, music
production, dining out, and driving events.

Carrie Ruiz, CSI Investigator. Carrie has always had an interest in the paranormal stemming from her childhood experiences with shadow people.
These experiences led her to believe we share our world with the souls who used to inhabit the very places we reside in today. Carrie believes that
we co-exist with spirits everywhere all of the time. Sometimes they show themselves to us if we are open to the experience. Everyone has the
ability to see these spirits if they truly want to see them. In her downtime, she loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.

Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters ~ {C.S.G.H.}

Location: Colorado Springs

Address:  1260 Peterson Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 ·
Phone:  (B) 719-646-0653    (C) 719-661-3764

      <<< Searching for evidence beyond the grave >>>

Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters is a Team of Professional Researchers and Investigators searching to document and prove that Ghosts do exist.
Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters approaches things from a professional scientific aspect. We look to debunk information then use the electronics
of the field to record evidence of paranormal activity. The team then examines the evidence and determines it's origins. We offer full support for
people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena and offer our services 100% Free to our clients. CSGH's works diligently to inform and
educate the general public about what we do and why it matters to us.

If you need help or just want to join our investigation team. Please email us at: or call 719-646-0653. We will
promptly set up your interview right away with a qualified investigator. We expect everyone should be answered within 24hrs- 48hrs.
Your business is important to us and we are only here to serve you.

Please give us as much detail as you can like what is happening, when it seems to happen the most. Include your phone number so we can call to
make the appointment. Day and evening interviews available.

Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters' investigations have few limitations…...we conduct investigations for businesses, private residences, B&B’s, inns,
hotels, historical locations, and etc.....

We also do a through interview for our joining members.

Services are 100% FREE

Thank you for your interest, & we will get back to you ASAP!

                                           Team Members:

Dorothy Tunnicliff - CSGH Founder, Investigation Leader & Historian

“I am proud to be Chris' wife. We have been married for 13 years. I have 13 years Electronics background and 20+ years experience in
Management. I love to follow the history of people and places and do genealogy research. I am a true believer in the power of the spirit but I want
to show by a scientific approach that they do exist. I am responsible for organizing all functions, the creation of our training manual, as well as
many other group activities. I also keep our records and historical background checks. I do research and am responsible for all levels of training. I
am dedicated, loyal, and trustworthy. I want CSGH to become a strong voice in the Paranormal field. I insist that all of our members have a good
standing in the community and that each and everyone work with total integrity.”

“At this time we are hoping to become a TAPS’ family member but we have not received a response yet. Cross your fingers! Jason and Grant…we
are waiting patiently for a call.”

Chris Cherry - Lead Investigator / Video Tech

“I am a true skeptic, but never doubt the real evidence. I have 8 years of experience working in the field of electronics to include installation and
maintenance of electronic surveillance systems. I have been a police officer since 1998 and believe that, to prove anything, reliable evidence is
the best way to secure proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I am primarily responsible for set up and operation of the video systems in use by
CSGH. I believe I am a trustworthy asset who works with integrity, helping to grow CSGH into one of the more respected groups in our community.”

“The truth has no agenda.”

Anthony Cardenas - Assistant / Lead Investigator

"If you set out to prove a haunting, anything will seem like evidence. If you set out to disprove it, you will end up with only those things you can't
explain away."    ~ Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, Co-Founders of T.A.P.S.~

“I feel the best way to investigate is to come into the investigation with a healthy sense of skepticism. I agree with T.A.P.S. that about 80% of cases
can be debunked, leaving roughly 20% left with no "normal" explanation. I also feel the use of psychics/mediums is not sufficient. Most of them are
fraudulent, and they simply are not reliable when conducting an investigation. A client should never be given a final report based on a psychic's
claims. No establishment can truly be labeled "haunted" unless it has the evidence to support it.”

“I have always had an interest in ghosts and the paranormal, being brought up on stories of seemingly haunted houses my grandparents, great
aunts and uncles, among others lived in. As a result, ghost hunting has been a passion of mine for years. I started doing basic investigations when
I was 12, and by 15 was obtaining permission to investigate numerous locations around the Pikes Peak region, before joining CSGH not long after
turning 18. I am very blessed to have surrounded myself with such amazing people. I have been able to incorporate my skeptical nature into the
group with great success and share in these ideals with other members. From the first investigation, I felt as if I had been welcomed into a family,
and that feeling has only grown as time has gone on. Soon after joining the team, I became Dot's Assistant and a Lead Investigator, and began
working in securing clients and doing everything I can to help establish CSGH as a leading paranormal investigative group in not only the state but
the country as well. The possibilities are endless for our team, and I look forward to continuing to grow together in our research of the paranormal.”

Tracey Erickson - Secretary / Investigator In-Training

“I am completely intrigued and enchanted by the paranormal. I believe firmly in sound evidence and have a complete disdain for investigators who
react dramatically to the paranormal. My experiences with the paranormal throughout my life has left me with an un-seizing desire to find and
document solid evidence and to quench my curiosities with the history of those that lived before us. TAPS Ghost Hunters are hands down the
researchers that I respect the most in this field and perhaps that is why I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters'
family. CSGH follows TAPS mentality in everyway. I feel so privileged to be a part of such a professional team with a truly wonderful set of serious
and dedicated people. One of my most exciting moments of my life will take place this May 2011, when I will have the great opportunity to
investigate the Stanley Hotel with members of the TAPS team. My ultimate dream is for CSGH to become a part of TAPS extended family and for
our team to be considered in assisting TAPS in their search for the paranormal.”

Ben Welch - Senior Investigator / Web Tech

"I began researching the paranormal small-time about two years ago with my friend. Armed with only a camera, flashlight and digital recorder, we
ventured into alleged haunted cemeteries and places of urban legend in an attempt to document the paranormal. After capturing EVPs and
strange pictures, I decided to expand my quest and join a professional paranormal investigations group. I have been with the Colorado Springs
Ghost Hunters for almost a year and a half now, and have accompanied the group on roughly a dozen investigations, from private homes and
businesses to the Stanley Hotel. I split my time between Colorado Springs and Greeley, where I am a senior at the University of Northern Colorado.
Living in two locations has given me the opportunity to visit haunted locations in all corners of the state. My goal within paranormal investigations is
to obtain a higher yield of quality evidence and be able to discuss the paranormal in an accepting environment."

Cody D'Andrea - Investigator In Training

“My name is Cody D’Andrea and I am a father to a beautiful little girl. I own my own advertising company called, Colorado Admats. I love the
outdoors. My favorite thing to do is to go fishing. I have spent over 2 years as a fire fighter in the Air Force and 3 years prior as a volunteer fire

“My first experience with the paranormal was seeing my grandfather come down the stairs of my grandmother’s house. My grandfather had passed
away 4 years before I was born.”

“I hope to understand more about paranormal activity through others that have had experiences themselves.”

Justin Hart - Investigator In Training

Natalie Noll - In Training

"I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Colorado in 2000. It is here that I began my career in hotel management and started my family.
I have always been curious about the paranormal and now my curiousity has led me to join CSGH. I am looking for definitive proof and answers to
question I've had about the paranormal for years. I also am interested in learning about the history of locations and how it ties into the
paranormal activity. When I am not taking care of my family, I also enjoy reading classic novels and running."

Janette Aragon - In Training

Kevin Dunham - In Training

From time to time we have room for new members. Please apply on our service page:

Denver Ghosted Paranormal

Location: Denver

(303) 870-3993

If you have questionable shadows or unexplainable movements or noises, send us a message (on Facebook.) You can also call us from 6pm-8pm
7 days a week if needed.

Denver Paranormal Research Society ~ {D.P.R.S.}

Location:  Denver

Year Founded: 2007

Kathy: Founder
720-237-4122 ~ Call or Text
If you call before 6 pm, leave a message and I'll call you back ~ (I have a day job.)

Kathy - Founder/Owner -
I have always had the desire to understand the world of the unknown. There are so many unexplained phenomena around us everyday. I was
raised in New Mexico, and when you live in that part of the country, you are exposed to the mystical beliefs and folklore of the Native American
people and the rich cultural beliefs and folklore of the New Mexican people. This state is also well known for its UFO sightings and of course, the
Roswell event. With that combination I have been drawn into the search for more answers.

In this field, there are no experts but there are educational tools such as books, radio programs, magazines written or given by those who have
been in this field a long time. I like to attend lectures and seminars that are given by those individuals who study paranormal phenomena. This
broadens my perspective on the paranormal. With this knowledge, I can go into each investigation with an analytic, impartial and understanding
approach. So, I founded the Denver Paranormal Research Society to further study the paranormal and help people with their paranormal

Boe - Owner/Lead Investigator -
About myself: Since I was a child, I wanted to help people experiencing the paranormal to have the comfort, knowledge and confidence to deal with
their paranormal problem and to have control of their own homes when facing the paranormal. My journey is to get past my own demons and face
my fears looking for ways to break open the paranormal and scientific piece of the phenomena.  Paranormal Experience: I have been studying the
paranormal for 11 years and I have been in the field for seven years. I am currently learning and enhancing my gift as a medium.

Other Valuable Team Players:

The team also consists of a knowledgeable, qualified research and technical team. The research team is an integral part of the Denver
Paranormal Research Society. This position is extremely challenging and a vital aspect to the objective of this group. The objective is performing
high quality and informative investigations for our clients. The research team gathers the history or other data on the area or land that may
provide some insight to a place that is reporting paranormal activity. They spend endless hours in libraries and town museums gathering historical
data from sources that could include archives, court records, diaries, news files, and photographs, as well as collecting data sources from books,
pamphlets, and periodicals.  The technical team insures that Denver Paranormal Research Society stays on top of the latest technology to assist
us in paranormal investigations. They do this by experimenting with existing equipment and researching new tools and devices. They also play a
valuable role in assisting the investigative team on investigations.

First founded at the end of 2006, the Denver Paranormal Research Society (D.P.R.S.) is a Colorado-based team of researchers in the paranormal
field using science-based methodologies, tools and common sense. We strive to validate a phenomenon by the collecting of scientific data and
physical evidence, thereby providing an explanation of the nature and origin of the event. Our top priority is our client's concerns and reassurance
with our methods. We work with the highest ethical standards, integrity and with the utmost privacy. The D.P.R.S. operates mainly in Colorado,
investigating cases in the Denver area and throughout the state. The D.P.R.S. does NOT charge for services.

Eastern Colorado Shadow Trackers

Location: Strasburg ~ (East of Denver)

Year Founded: 2010

Founders: Colton and Matt

Paranormal research and investigation team based in Colorado. Highest respect is given and only currency taken is by a generous donation.

We are willing to travel anywhere in the state.

Fort Collins Paranormal Research Group ~ {F.C.P.R.G.}

Location:  Fort Collins

Local Paranormal research and investigation group based in Fort Collins Colorado.

Contact us:

Jeremiah Agnew - cell/ and FCPRG: 970.402.1519


Jeremiah and Jacob Agnew as well as long time friend Tyler Cunningham have always had an interest in the things that go bump in the night! Now
they are running their own Paranormal research and Investigation Group, message or email us and schedule an appointment or state your case
through a message on this page. We hope to hear about your paranormal encounters soon!

Front Range Paranormal Society

Location: Colorado Springs

We are a non profit research and investigation team.

I have been researching and investigating spirit paranormal phenomena after my first experience in 1967 and I have some very
experienced investigators on the team.

We use technology to prove or debunk paranormal phenomena. Our main Audio system is a 24 track digital studio recording system with studio
quality microphones. We also use handheld recorders with a small amplifier to boost the volume to our headphones. We also utilize professional
quality Video DVR’s with professional quality cameras.

Rick “Doc” Randall
The Front Range Paranormal Society
(719) 291-2509

Ghost Girl Diaries

Location: Denver

(303) 895-1261

Krystal Leandra and Blake Biggs

Ghost Girl Diaries is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We never charge for our services.

Accomplished paranormal investigator Krystal Leandra leads her close-knit team into the unknown, determined to break down the communication
barriers between the spirit realm and our own. Krystal and Blake scrutinize every piece of evidence collected and perpetuate only the most raw
and authentic affirmations that we share this world with beings of the past. These are the Ghost Girl Diaries.

To say that Krystal Leandra wears many hats is a drastic understatement. After she led her team to victory as the season finale winners of the hit
paranormal television series Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel in 2011 with Ghost Adventures lead investigator Zak Bagans, Krystal
wasted no time starting her own production company- K.L. Productions.
She has been applying the knowledge that she gained working hand in hand producing paranormal evidence and to deliver supernatural
experiences in the most raw and authentic way possible. Krystal's latest project is a paranormal series called Ghost Girl Diaries for which she
serves not only as lead investigator and executive producer, but also as lead editor and captain of all things post-production. Krystal has worked
in the paranormal industry for nearly ten years now, and knows that anything is believable and nothing is impossible.

Six years as a medic in the army left Blake Biggs with one question: What happens after death? He joined up with Krystal to find the answers he
needs by tracking down hard evidence and proof of the paranormal. Mr. Biggs now plays a vital role in the production of Ghost Girl Diaries as the
co-executive producer, lead camera tech, equipment manager, and also as an investigator.

Don't miss a moment of this paranormal adventure- LIKE THIS PAGE to stay current on Ghost Girl Diaries happenings and popular news in the
paranormal community.

Ghost Hunters of Colorado

Location:  Fort Collins

Year founded: 2009!/ghosthuntersco

                                                                     Ghost Hunters of Colorado.......Searching for the Truth!

You may leave a message at our 24- Hour Helpline at: (970) 672-HELP (4357)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 876
Fort Collins, CO 80522

We are currently in the process of becoming a 501 (c) (3) corporation.

We are dedicated to finding the truth, what ever that may be. We are here to provide a professional service to the public free of charge. We are
not in this field for the glory; we are here to provide comfort and care to those that ask for some answers. We will be held to the highest standard,
to promote the field of paranormal investigation and help to establish a scientific protocol to which the evidence will be proven true. We are
professional and experienced paranormal investigators with a mission. Our mission is to find the truth.

Haunted Dimensions

Location: Manitou Springs

(719) 233-4773

                                           Our Concept:

We are historic, paranormal, and technological experts dedicated to discovering a location's historic past and it's paranormal events by the use of
Quantum Theory & technology to prove once and for all ghosts exist AND where they are located. History never dies.

                                            Our Mission:

To create a deeper understanding and respect for history, beyond a history book, by using the lastest Quantum Theory and technological
advances in the name of Science. We understand history might be walking right beside us, just in another dimension, with important information
and we are listening.

                                           Meet The Team!!

Tammila K. Wright:
Mrs. Wright has a lab rat intensity for this group. She is dedicated and passionate about Quantum Physics as it applies to the paranormal and a
deep respect for history. She is an essential buffer between the Historic Team members and the Techs because she has the experience in history
documentation, organizing and participating in paranormal investigations, and knowledge of the high tech gear that applies to this field. Tammila is
best known for her role in establishing the historic & paranormal division for The Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Tammila and her
huband of 21 years, Erick, make  the best known married paranormal team in America!

Erick Wright:
Mr. Wright is passionate about history and documenting the paranormal. He sees absolutely no reason why "history" shouldn't still be walking
around. Yes, his intensity suggest he might have spent a little too much time in a library. But this has been the result of trying to solving the identity
of the very ghosts that have come across his path. Erick has been a paranormal investigator for the past 26 years and best known for his "earth
shattering" discoveries to our local history scene in relation to the founding father of Manitou Springs, Dr. William A. Bell. He is also given credit
with creating the historic & paranormal division of The Briarhurst Manor with his wife, Tammila. Erick's knowledge of electronics, electricity, and
radio frequencies has been crucial in the formulation of our technology.

Billy Ward:
Mr. Ward is committed to accurate documentations of history, especially when it extends to the paranormal. He is best known for establishing the
historic & paranormal division for the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. We are very excited to have such a skeptic turned believer with our
team with such a love and dedication to history.

Scott Smith:
Mr. Smith has the most experience in Paranormal Research with 27 years to his credit. From the days of holding huge tape recorders and Polaroid
Cameras to digital audio equipment, digital video recorders, EMF meters, and K2 meters. His 4-½ years in the Navy and a trucking profession took
him to extensive sites to investigate all over the world. Scott  has amazing aptitude for keep us all focused even in the wee hours of the morning.
His debunking skills, acquired over the years, is exactly what the Team could only dream about, until now.....

Hotchkiss Paranormal Investigators ~ {H.P.I.}

Location: Hotchkiss

Year Founded:  2012

(970) 778 - 6592

Hotchkiss Paranormal Investigators was founded in June 2012 by Hector Zeferino and co-founded by Ethan Coe.

We have been on 28 investigations, some well known ones such as Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co., Outlaws and Lawmen Jail in Cripple Creek,
Co., Bross  Hotel in Paonia, Co., Butches Café in Delta, Co., The City of Silverton, Co., and City of Ouray, Co. to mention a few.

                                                                        The Hunt Is On To Find Out The Truth...

The team:

Hector Zeferino:  HPI Founder and Lead Investigator

Ethan Coe: HPI Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Christian: Lead Investigator and Historian

Josh: Investigator

Seth Davis:  Lead Investigator and Tech Guy

Patsy Davis: Investigator

Lexey: Investigator

Chris: Investigator and Web Designer

Idaho Springs Ghost Hunters/Co.P.S Colorado Paranormal Society

Location:  Idaho Springs

Year founded: 2009



Ghost hunting and investigations of all paranormal. Call us 303-435-2226 we never charge for our services ever

                                                               .....Offering a light in the dark since 2009

Here is our entire adult team our Jr team does goes with us as well.  We are all very dedicated individuals with are own ability's that we bring to the
table, all of us have had some sort of run in with the paranormal at some point in our lives. Mike, Teresa K, And Deborah are the ones that started
this group back in 2009.  We have had a rough few years,  But it has been fun and we wouldn't change a thing. We are hoping that the next few
years will bring us more interesting evidence and experiences.

We were founded October 28, 2009.  We have been interested in the paranormal for 10 years and have been working on getting started for the
pasts 4 years. Our team is a very close family. Our team consists of 5 people right know; but we are always looking for more members. The more
3 hour traveling distance of Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Some of are team members are more sensitive than others; but we strive to make sure that all questions are answered and that our clients feel as
comfortable after we leave as they can be.  We meet all clients with respect and we listen to all they have to say and what there need are. When
entering a location our team brings nothing but our equipment and our selfs we respect all religious beliefs and honer all of them.  And we are
currently looking for more team members so pleas feel free to contact us if interested.  We do first try to find logical reasons for the activity but
most of the time it is more than that. If we find logical reasons we will tell the client and offer ways they can fix it if possible.

Hear are the list of our members as of now and their positions on the team:

Founder & Lead investigators:
Mike Kaminski
Teresa Kaminski
Deborah Kaminski

Lead Investigator - Alicia Myers

Teresa Marlow - Investigator

Treasure - Georgi F.

Tech - Shawn Mathena

Jordan Devlin - Tech in-training

Hope Reynolds - Events and investigator

Nikki Adams - Secretary

Daniel Livegood - Investigator - in-training

Saundra Ott - Tech Manager

Steven Lipe - Tech

Idaho Springs Ghost Hunters is a non profit organization (501c3) and is a group of dedicated family members and friends who are here to serve
anyone in the surrounding communities who maybe experiencing paranormal activity. We are a nonprofit group and there is NEVER a fee for our

We listen to all concerns our clients have before, during and after an investigation. This is NOT a onetime deal. We will remain in contact with our
clients to insure that they receive the best and most professional service that we can provide.

Through the use of scientific methods, we hope to capture, analyze, and present viable evidence of the activity our client may be experiencing. We
will at that time provide further assistance with ways to help understand what is happening with their experiences and possibly ways to reclaim their

By going out and doing these investigations, we hope to be able to document both our clients and investigators experiences and use these to help
further the area of paranormal research.

Help is available 24 Hours a day if needed.

This is how to contact us for questions, or to schedule an investigation:

You can contact us by filling out our contact sheet or calling our Case Manager, Athena Innis at 720-300-8938 or our founder at 720-205-9839 .  

If you are wanting to schedule an investigation we would be more than willing to help you out. All of our services are of completely no cost to you.

We will set up a date and time to meet with you, to listen to your concerns and to have you fill out a questionnaire, which will better aid us in
assessing your situation.

The next step will  be scheduling a date and time for your walk through with our lead tech so that you can identify any places within your home or
business that you are especially concerned about.  

Our investigation generally take place from dusk to dawn, but other arrangements can always to made. It is always whatever you, the client, feel
most comfortable with.

Emergency Investigations or Investigations having to do with children will always take precedence.  Please DO NOT hesitate to inform us if either
of these situations apply to you!

Jeffco Paranormal Investigations

Location: Jefferson County, CO

Year Founded: 2013

Founded by a group of individuals with a life long passion for the paranormal striving to find clear concise evidence of the paranormal in and
around the state of Colorado. We heavily rely on historical evidence of locations and try to debunk urban legends about locations. We
are interested in fact based evidence such as photographs, voice recordings, video footage, and other forms of evidence. All four founders are
very dedicated to finding evidence.

Light in the Dark Paranormal

Light in the Dark Paranormal is an investigatory group specializing in allegedly haunted residences and commercial buildings for sale, and ghost
towns and old mining sites in the Rocky Mountains of the West.  

Co-founder Paul Hill is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado.

About us:

Light in the Dark Paranormal is a paranormal investigatory group specializing in allegedly haunted residences and commercial buildings, with a
special focus on such places that are or recently were for sale. Our group also investigates ghost towns and old mining sites in the
Rocky Mountains of the West. Co-founder Paul Hill is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado, but your place does not have to be for sale for us
to come out and take a look!

Our team is made up mostly of individuals who are “sensitives.” A sensitive can be defined as someone who subconsciously uses his or her
brain to receive and process signals that most people don’t perceive or don’t remember through their normal senses. In other words, the sensitive
will notice what many others do not. The “what” can be vibrations, visual images, sound, fear, hormonal rush, telepathic communication, or any of
a host of other things that paranormal events can generate. The ability to perceive these things is also referred to as intuition, clairvoyance, or
ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). The ability to communicate with paranormal entities is very important for us.

Our modus operandi is simple: we first interview the owner and any other eyewitnesses with stories to tell. Next, we travel to the event site and
establish baseline readings and feelings by touring the entire property, not just the known “hotspots.” We pay attention to our innermost
feelings and intuitions as well as the readings on our measuring devices. Then we try and debunk any anomalous information. If it appears to be
paranormal, we try and establish communication using any known historical facts (names, dates, events, etc.) we would have researched before
we arrived.

When we are done anywhere from 4 to 8 hours later, we return to our office to analyze what we found out. A written report is then sent or
personally presented to the owner of the property. We will say if we think the property did not present enough evidence to be called paranormal.
But if we have the data, we have no problem with saying that a site is haunted.


Paul Hill is the co-founder of LIDP, and when he's not chasing ghosts, he is practicing real estate as a licensed broker in Colorado. With over 30
years of business experience and a degree in experimental psychology and minor in the sociology of science, he has both a knowledge of
the scientific method and a no-nonsense approach to investigations. But while a healthy skeptic until shown otherwise, Paul is also a "sensitive"
who knows the value of of intuition and extra-sensory perception (ESP) in this pursuit. Most importantly, he won't tell you what you want to hear
unless its true.

Adrian Hill, co-founder/lead investigator and Paul's wife of many wonderful years whose educational background is in art and a veteran of
the health insurance industry. She is also a sensitive, and has no problem with telling her husband "no" when he's wrong! Adrian became a
"believer" in paranormal phenomena after personal experiences in many different situations. She is also a survivor of a serious illness, which has
given her a different perspective on life and death.

Louise Bosche, co-founder/lead investigator is a civil engineering technician for a major city in Colorado, and benefits from her knowledge of
buildings and their design while investigating. She too is a sensitive, with many years experience having “the other side contact her” and
specializes in speaking to unknown entities in a way they can't resist. The EVP's she solicits are truly astounding!

Terry Milsom, co-founder and Tech Manager while he's not busy running a truck rental franchise, is fond of researching and buying tools of all
kinds to assist us. But he also has a talent for snapping great photos of ghosts with any one of the many cameras he brings to our investigations.
Though a hardware aficionado, Terry is developing his "softer" side hanging around all us sensitives!

Our services include:

• paranormal investigation of homes and businesses
• investigation of residential properties for sale as part of a buyer's inspection
• market analysis and evaluation of stigmatized homes for sale
• investigation of both homes and businesses for sellers who suspect a haunting
• analysis and evaluation of paranormal evidence gathered by members of the public

To find out more about any of the above services,
Contact Us!

Lockdown Paranormal

Location: Denver

(303) 842-5037

We are a non-profit paranormal group that investigates possible haunting and crypto-zoology cases. We are located in Denver, Colorado and
investigate locally, and we are looking forward to investigating abroad in the future. We have a diverse field of investigators.  Some of our
investigators have over ten years of experience while others are just starting in the field.

What makes us unique is that all of our investigators are currently or previously in law enforcement.  

We pride ourselves on being professional and keeping your privacy secret if you so choose.  We utilize a scientific approach when conducting our
investigations and we seek the truth in every case.

Please contact us to schedule an interview or if you have any questions.

Our mission: To serve and protect those who are oppressed by the paranormal, all for the quest of the truth.

Lone Wolf Paranormal Investigators

Location: Fairplay

(719) 838-0158

21980 U.S. Hwy 285
# 47
P.O. Box 282
Fairplay, CO

Loveland Paranormal Society ~ {L.P.S}

Location: Loveland

Founder: Jim Beard

We offer absolutely free and 100% confidential consultations and investigations.

My name is Jim Beard, I have been investigating the paranormal for 14 years. When I first became aware of the paranormal I was doing security at
night alone in some rather large empty buildings. I started hearing foot steps, giggles, and doors opening and closing, when I knew I was alone in
the buildings. I then decided to do some research into the paranormal. I became aware of the EVP phenomenon by listening to Debby Constantino
being interviewed by Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. So with my curiosity I purchased my first piece of equipment which was a mini tape recorder. I
also had my cell phone flip camera and would investigate some of the places where I worked the grave yard shift. I later became a part of a local
TAPS team other wise known as the Ghost Hunters on the SyFy Channel. I was later asked by Bill Chappell to be a part of a local documentary
called The Ghost of Loveland. I was asked to do some research on some local places and see about possibly filming the investigations for the
Travel Channel. How ever the project was cancelled for personal reasons for Bill Chappell. I later decided to start my own group The Loveland
Paranormal Society. I have investigated several historic locations throughout down town Loveland. A nick name sort of started following me as I
became known as “The Ghost Guy”. I hosted a GTN Web Series called Paranormals Raw Truth for an investigation at the Loveland Feed and
Grain. Plus several other groups from across the state would come up to investigate the location. That episode won an Emmy for Paranormals
Raw Truth. I have investigated several locations throughout Colorado in the Denver metro area such as the Peabody Mansion, John Hand
Theater, and the Denver’s Fire Fighters Museum. I have also investigated the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park countless times along with the Elk Horn
Lodge. I have attended many TAPS events at the Stanley Hotel. I work with groups from across the state and network with groups from across the
country and around the world, including Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, and France.

Metro State University Ghost Hunters Association ~ {M.S.G.H.A.}

Location: Denver (at Metro State University)

Year Founded: 2012

Dan Strawn :

The purpose of the Metro State Ghost Hunting Association is to collect evidence of ghost, spirit, or poltergeist activity. This will be achieved
through research, interviews, and conducting local investigations.

From the MSU Denver Crypto Science Alumni Society (Dec. 2012 via Facebook to MSGHA:)

Its good to see that there is still an active student organization, dedicated to paranormal studies. We would love to see the return of the Crypto
Science Society as well. In the mean time, I invite you all to check out our page. We would also be happy to collaborate on events, training and

MSU Denver Crypto Science Alumni Society

Location: Denver

A Chapter of the MSU Denver Alumni Association devoted to the study of strange phenomena.

The mission of the MSU Denver Crypto Science Alumni Society, is to lend legitimacy and credibility to the study of strange phenomena.

The Crypto Science Alumni Society is a group devoted to the study of strange phenomena. We collaborate with Students, Alumni and friends
of the Metropolitan State University of Denver as well as other schools and communities throughout the United States and abroad. Through
first-hand research, workshops and educational events the CSAS bridges gaps between old ways of thinking and creating new paradigms in
scientific exploration.

Mile High Paranormal Investigators

Location: Castle Rock

Year founded: 2008

Mile High Paranormal is based in the Denver metro area. We are an amateur ghost- hunting group out to prove or debunk claims of paranormal

NEED HELP?? Our services are free of charge.

Mile High Paranormal was formed in 2008 to research and study claims of paranormal phenomena. We perform our investigations similar to that of
SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters. During our investigation we will try to re-create some of the claims of paranormal activity, if it can be re-created -
we tend to look at it more at a scientific perspective, which would mean it generally isn't something paranormal if it can be re-created.

We are a new group that investigates the paranormal. We have always been interested in what we can't see. MhHiPI started back in 2008 with
Rose Lenker and her daughter, Jennifer Stewart. Robert, who works with Rose, later joined the team when he had his own personal experience at
a Hotel he was staying at. Mile High Paranormal Investigators is out to investigate claims concerning the paranormal.

While doing our investigations, we try to prove or disprove any personal experience either for or against paranormal activity. After you have
contacted us to do an investigation, we will be happy to set up a time for the investigation that is good for the both of us. After our investigation
and reviewing our data, we will be glad to share with you any findings along with any information that we might have. We do not charge for this
service YES IT'S FREE!!!!! Our goal is to help you in any way we can, and we will do our best to make you feel at ease.

It has taken us a while to get started; but we are here now!

We have investigated the Broadview Hotel in Wichita, KS, and the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co.


To prove or disprove hauntings/paranormal activity.


- K2 K-II / EMF Meter
- Digital Voice Recorders
- Sony DCR-HC26 MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom


Rose Lenker -  Founder / Lead Investigator

Jennifer Stewart - Co-Founder / Lead Investigator / Webmaster

Lindsey Dickinson - Investigator

Karie Sibert - Investigator

Mountain Paranormal Investigations ~ {M.P.I.}

Location:  Denver

We are a local non-profit group from Denver, Colorado and are interested in the studies of the paranormal.  We are a group of professionals that
have had paranormal experiences we could not explain. We are not ghost busters, demon hunters or thrill seekers. We are a group serious about
searching for answers to questions about the paranormal. After discussing their own personal experiences of the paranormal, founders Khris Cliff
and Randy Ogata have organized MPI - Mountain Paranormal Investigations. Khris, Randy, and their team set up studies in local businesses and
homes using special recording equipment, to discover whether what the people have been witnessing is normal or paranormal. Please feel free to
check out our page and give us your opinions on evidence that we caught during past investigations.

Mountain Valley Paranormal Society ~ {M.V.P.S.}

Location:  In the Arkansas Valley region of Colorado ~ (ie:. Salida, Howard, Cotopaxi, etc....)

Welcome to Mountain Valley Paranormal Society!

We are Colorado's Arkansas Valley premiere paranormal research and technology center.

We are a " Paranormal Investigations " organization dedicated to the research and documentation of unexplained occurrences and phenomena
that may take place at a given location and try and find possible and plausible explanations as to why these events occur.

Mountain Valley Paranormal Society is dedicated to providing scientific explanations for claims of the paranormal in order to alleviate the fear and
misunderstanding of unknown events.

Utilizing both advanced scientific equipment and state of the art software, Mountain Valley Paranormal Society analyzes evidence of the
unexplained to solve a claim of paranormal activity via science and technology.

Our continual mission is to provide answers and scientific data for the scientific and public communities. Given enough data to support our
hypothesis and theories on paranormal phenomena , Mountain Valley Paranormal Society hopes to gain the ability to accurately be able to show
the differences between natural and unknown phenomena.

This unknown phenomena we hope will one day be categorized by the scientific community.
If you believe you are experiencing a paranormal event in your household, workplace, or other location, you may contact us for a free case
investigation. You do not have to live in the Colorado State area. We provide assistance across many bordering states as well.

We can provide a quick response for advice... or you can request a FREE on-site case investigation for an in-depth analysis.

We are a not-for-profit group, and we never charge for our investigations. Our investigations are 100 % FREE to anyone whom request, and
receives our service's.

Our "All Volunteer" team members are well trained and will systematically investigate and research and  then attempt to " without a doubt" either
prove or disprove any reports of paranormal activity.

All information regarding your investigation is keep confidential, names and locations will not be disclosed without written consent of participants.

Our organization practices extremely professional and reliable services and are dedicated to serving the community.

All information regarding your investigation is keep  private and confidential, names and locations will not be disclosed without written consent of
participants. We are dedicate to upholding a professional level of courtesy.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to request an investigation.


Dennis Batchelor - Founder.
(First paranormal experience at 8. Started actual Ghost Hunting at age 16, and still going strong nearly 37 years later.)

Nick Batchelor - Investigator

Jason Batchelor -  Equipment Tech / Investigator

Wendie Natitus  - Case Manager / Investigator

Lexy Race - Investigator

Tracey Garcia - Investigator

Jeremy Garcia - Investigator

Jeff Rosenbrock - Investigator

Kim Rosenbrock - Investigator

Tracey Erickson - Investigator

 Tools and Equipment:

2 - Camcorders

2 - 30gig Mini DVR

All are set up with night Vision and can film in -0- LUX ...Total Darkness

Camcorders set up with  infer-red and zoom microphone

Canon 220 SL 35mm

2- Telephoto lens with IR light attached

EVP Recorders: Analog and Digital

EMF Detectors

10 Channel Walkie Talkies


Asst. Night Vision Lights

700'ft RF w/ Audio Cable

Asst. Wires & Adapters

4 Channel DVR  System

4- 0 LUX  Camera w/ Audio

20" Flat Screen Monitor

Asst Chargers and Tons of Various Sized Batteries
3 - CD-DVD Burners, VCR to Digital Converter, 750 Gig External Hard Drive
And a Host of  Asst. Programs for Converting Audio and Video

Additional Tapes  Micro Tape, Standard Cassette Tapes, Camcorder Tapes... *** We Only Use NEW Tapes in All Our Device's And NEVER Record
Over Used Tapes.  

This should give you a fair idea of some of the high tech equipment  MVPs investigators will use to bring back solid, un-disputable evidence of any
Paranormal activity or presents.

ParaFPI - Frontrange Paranormal Investigations

Location:  Arvada

Under totally new ownership, organization, management, & investigator teams!

* A
TAPS Family Member

ParaFPI is a scientific based paranormal research group. We approach all investigations with a clear, logical, and open mind. By open we mean
that we are searching for the true cause of reported activity, whether that be a normal real world cause or something possibly paranormal. Unlike
some other groups, ParaFPI does utilize sensitives to help locate possible paranormal activity. Although we completely trust the sensitives in
our group, we do not consider their gifts as evidence in any way. Their gifts are used as tools to aid in our search for hard scientific evidence to
prove or disprove paranormal activity. ParaFPI prides ourselves on our ability to relate to our clients in a personal and professional way. Our main
pursuit has always been to help those who think they are having problems that are possibly rooted in the paranormal. ParaFPI will never charge
for any service we offer, period.

Founders Wade Wilson and Brannon Osbourne

Team management:

Steve Hart - Technical Manager
Steve's Biography:
First a little about me. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I graduated from college in 1995 with a Bachelor's degree in Earth Science with a
concentration in Astronomy. I then moved to California in 1995 to start grad school. Four years later I graduated with a Masters degree in
Astronomy. Right after graduation I started working at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD). For four years I managed and processed a
large database of satellite data used by polar researchers worldwide. In 2003 my wife and I moved to Boulder Colorado so she could start
graduate school for her PhD. I started working at CU Boulder as the Computer Systems Administrator for a large Geophysical research group. I
manage and maintain multiple high-end Linux servers, multiple Linux storage RAID arrays, 50+ Linux workstations, 20+ Mac workstations /
Laptops, and 20+ Windows workstations / Laptops.

As a kid, I was always interested in ghost stories and movies (not horror per se). Serious interest in the paranormal for me did not start until 2004.
A TV show called Ghost Hunters introduced me to the possibilities of serious scientific research into the paranormal. The idea appealed to me
even though I had never really had any sort of paranormal experience. After doing some background research into the local Colorado paranormal
research groups I contacted ParaFPI in 2005 to see if I could join in an investigation. After the very first investigation I knew I was hooked. Even
though we did not find any hard scientific evidence of the paranormal I knew I wanted to continue searching. Since then I have become one of the
Founders, Scientific Team leader, as well as the Technical Manager for ParaFPI. Our main goals in paranormal research are to collect hard,
scientific data to prove or disprove paranormal activity in any location we investigate, and above all to help the client deal with a sometimes
frightening situation.

Cat Shaubach - Case Manager
Cat's Biography:
I've lived in Colorado since 1997 with my children and now fiance, they are my driving force with all I do, and my biggest cheerleaders. I am a
staff accountant/network administrator with a local marketing company, as well as the treasurer of a PTA. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania
where the homes are old and "strange" occurrences aren't unusual. Additionally the small town I grew up in was very active with occult activity in
the 80's when I was a teenager. These two things prompted me to research various religions and beliefs, as well as the natural segway to the
paranormal. Knowledge is power after all, or at the least can provide protection. I joined with ParaFPI in May '07 so that I may have the opportunity
to expand on what I've learned in my personal research, but more importantly to me is to be able to reach out and lend a helping hand to someone
who is experiencing things they can't understand, let them know they aren't alone. I believe in an approach to paranormal investigating that
encompasses both the vital scientific evidence, as well as the use of a sensitive, I see the two approaches as being complimentary.

Roni Williams - Case Manager
Roni's Biography:
I was born and raised in Colorado. I moved from a small town to Denver to pursue my education and earned my Bachelors degree in Criminal
Justice. My grandparents owned a very "active" dairy farm so I spent the majority of my childhood there playing with the young ghost that resided
there. Being a child, I did not know or understand that the spirits I was friends with was not seen by everyone. This gift has never left me
so needless to say, I have grown up with being able to communicate with spirits. I joined this group in 2005 searching for answers and like minded
folks to share my experiences with, and to help others try to understand the paranormal using scientific evidence as well as using my gift as a tool.


Dana Backues  -Data Analyst
Russell Cairns - Data Analyst
Kiki Dillie- Data Analyst
Stacy Hains- Interviewer/Research
Angeleah Hains- Research
Kara Howard - Research
Haley Ittner - Data Analyst
Jim Lilly - Data Analyst
Greg Quintana - Data Analyst
Connor Randall - Data Analyst
Jennifer Wilkerson - Data Analyst
Eva Wheelock - Data Analyst
Alex Young - Data Analyst


Kevin Cannon
Stacie Gammel
KJ McCormick
Wade Wilson

Please send all mail correspondence to:
ParaFPI - Frontrange Paranormal Investigations
7366 W. 75th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80003

Paranormal Research Association of Colorado ~ {P.R.A.C.}

Location: Denver

Year Founded: 2012

The Paranormal Research Association of Colorado is a science-based paranormal research team serving Colorado and the Greater Rocky
Mountain Area.

                                                 Truth Through Science

The Paranormal Research Association of Colorado is a team of scientific paranormal researchers coming from all walks of life. We are dedicated
to the research of all claimed paranormal experiences with a three fold mission.

1. Above all, to help people who are suffering from paranormal experiences in their residences / places of work

2. To further our, and as a consequence the public at large, understanding of paranormal activity through logical, verifiable scientific means.

3. Through presentations, classes and our published research papers, to give the public an understanding of both paranormal activity and
the methods we use to locate and test paranormal activity. We use both tried and tested methods along with cutting edge technology / theory,
developed in-house and from the community, to further our knowledge and research techniques. In turn this enhances the service we give to our
clients. We do not now, and will never charge any business or person for our services. We remain not-for-profit and privately funded by
our members. The PRAC was formed in 2012 when the Public relations Officer of the Paranormal Research Association of Boston, one of the US's
top associations, moved to Colorado. We remain in close contact with the PRAB, and our other national and international affiliates. This again
enhances the service we can provide, as we have access to a massive, worldwide knowledge sharing network.


Nate Goldstein, MA - Lead Investigator and Founder

I have a Master's degree in Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  I bring a science-first attitude to the PRAC.  I've been a professional
research scientist for nearly fifteen years, I'm an avid photographer, and I'm an explorer of all things unexplained.

I joined the Paranormal Research Association of Boston in August, of 2009.  I worked for three years as the Public Relations Officer under Lead
Investigator Ian Murphy.  In June of 2012, I moved to Denver, Colorado and founded the sister organization, the Paranormal Research Association
of Colorado.  We remain a strongly-affiliated division of the Boston team.

Paranormal Research Forum

Location:  Denver Metro Area

Rick Nelson

(303) 919-6532

.......In search of the greatest truth where science and spirituality are understood as one.......

Paranormal Investigations:  From computer research to witness/ experience interviews, field investigations and processing of evidence every effort
is made to quantify the unexplained and unknown for further research and understanding of our amazing universe and human abilities.

Paranormal Research Forum:  A non-profit educational organization investigating, researching and presenting the most credible information on
paranormal discoveries forming our new sciences and human belief systems. Help Request ~  We are always looking for Colorado area
paranormal activity, events and locations for investigations. Suggestions are always appreciated. Outstanding speaker prospects and the best
websites on various paranormal matters are also welcomed.

Expeditions:  Trips are scheduled to high activity areas for various paranormal phenomena. Trained investigators with special expertise and
equipment are selected to find and document confirmation of the phenomenon for more detailed research.

~ Join us for an amazing experience of personal growth and discovery! ~       

Paranormal Sanctuary

Location: Lone Tree

Sabrina Crowley: Paranormal Investigator

We are a three person paranormal team, investigating the paranormal and the unexplained. We are fully equipped with state of the art equipment
in order to prove the truth of unexplained phenomenon. Investigations and evidence are always free of charge.

My name is Sabrina. I investigate the paranormal and the unexplained, in the state of Colorado. I use high tech equipment in my research in order
to prove the existence of the paranormal. My technique is kind and respectful when encountering spirits. My three person team is made up of a
lead investigator and historian, an investigator and lead tech manager, and an investigator and highly skeptical evidence analyst. My team and I
would be happy to investigate your paranormal situation. If our team cannot handle your particular case, I will contact a specialist on your behalf if
need be. All cases are kept in confidence unless we are given permission to disclose the location. We know that at times a case can be sensitive
in nature. We treat every client and investigation with the utmost respect. Please know that all of our investigations are always free of charge.

I work in the medical field by day and the paranormal field by night. I guess as I grow older my interest has peaked about what happens to us when
we leave this space in time. I am interested in the science of the paranormal, and finding the answers to the countless unexplained phenomenon
that surrounds us everyday.


Digital Recorder:  Captures EVP, a must have for the paranormal investigator. The most compelling evidence has been caught on here

Infrared Night Vision Camcorder: Used to video tape investigations in the dark.

KII Meter:  This meter is used to measure electro magnetic field. when there is an energy near, the meter will light up from green to red.

Digital Still Camera: Capture orbs and Apparitions.

Ovilus: Spirits can speak through a built in dictionary.

EM Pump: Puts out an Electro Magnetic field. Spirits can use the energy from this device to speak or manifest.

White Noise Generator:  Helps spirits speak through the white noise.

DVR night vision cameras: I set up a DVR system to monitor hot spots.

Paranormal Trackers of Colorado ~ {P.T.O.C.}

Location: Brighton

Founder and Lead Investigator: Mike Figoli

Paranormal Trackers Of Colorado is a team of Paranormal Investigators that has worked with fellow investigators all over the United States in an
effort to expand knowledge, share resources, and bring respect and unity to the paranormal field.  

Paranormal Trackers Of Colorado consists of Investigators and Researchers from around Colorado and investigates locally as well as locations all
over the United States.  Paranormal Trackers Of Colorado approaches each investigation with an open mind and each location must meet certain
criteria before it can be labeled as haunted.  Using advanced technical equipment our experienced team of paranormal investigators
carefully document, review and analyze scientific data and examine personal experiences to determine if suspected paranormal activity is indeed
paranormal in nature. We feel that locating ghosts is not the challenge, yet finding a way to establish consistent and meaningful communication
with entities beyond is! We want to prove through repeated example's that there is an intelligence that can be contacted even after death.
Paranormal Trackers Of Colorado is always available if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions or need to talk to someone about
your experiences. We are here to help explain what you do not understand. All investigations and conversations performed by Paranormal
Trackers Of Colorado are kept confidential and are always free of charge.


{Psychic Kids Support Group}

Location:  Denver

970-58PeeKS  ---- or ----  970-587-3357

PeeKS Group ::: Psychic Kids & Teens Support Group

Removing the fear; Embracing the Gift. Healing the world one Extraordinary Child at a time. Intuitive Consultations & Coaching, Teleseminars &
Workshops, Call-in Support Groups.

We offer both the clearing of haunted/ active locations and a service for families of psychic kids and teens.

I have spent my whole life communicating with the non-living and have a special calling to help them get to where they belong.  
I feel its our obligation to not only help the living, but to also help the dead!  This heals both sides of the veil and allows us all to live a more
peaceful existence.  We offer what we call "Energetic Interventions."  Its a service we offer to help everyone live together peacefully.  We also
recognize that not always is the energy in need of moving out, I can facilitate communication to
help families live with situations after the investigators conclude their work.  

I share below a bit about us and what we are offering to help families.

My daughter is now 16 months old, a Crystal some might call her, she is incredibly telepathic and has been "speaking" to us for 6 years now.  
Many kids like her are showing up in our world now.  We were called to start this group to begin setting in motion community and resources for the
psychic kids and their families as they begin to understand, embrace, and sometimes struggle with the occurrences happening to them.  

My husband and I have started the Psychic Kids Support Group, or PeeKS Group, to reach out to these amazingly gifted kids, teens & their
families.  We offer support groups, workshops, intuitive healing sessions, and "energetic interventions" locally and over the phone.  We hope to
remind families they are not alone, are not weird, and in fact are quite fortunate!  We strive to normalize being psychic and help the families in
accepting and understanding what is occurring with the New Children and their own son or daughter.

Andye Murphy is a psychic and a healer.  A former kid psychic herself, she knows first-hand the isolation and confusion that can occur when our
gifts are not accepted and understood by others --or even by ourselves.  

A devoted mother with a degree in Psychology, Andye shares understanding, experience and compassion with these unique and amazing
children, teens, young adults, and their families. To learn more about her psychic specialties, visit her website at:   

Gavin Harrill is a dedicated father of a psychic child and a psychotherapist specializing in marriage and family dynamics. Also, as a highly intuitive
empath, he offers a unique perspective to the whole family of these gifted youth. Developing his own intuitive abilities and gifts, he's embraced his
spiritual path-- including its blessings and its challenges.

One life-changing challenge was his religious beliefs.  Being raised Roman Catholic, talking to Spirits, Angels and ghosts was extremely foreign --it
even went AGAINST his beliefs as a Christian.  However, these occurrences were happening, and he had nowhere to turn to get authentic and
satisfactory answers.  The explanations the priests and nuns gave simply did not hold water --these experiences were outside of the neatly
packaged box of dogma and doctrine.  He could no longer ignore, pretend or disbelieve in his very real life occurrences.  While he will always
believe in the basic tenets of Christianity, he now understands all religions are neither "right nor wrong," and Spirit carries the same message
regardless of denomination:  Love, compassion, integrity, forgiveness and service.

We'd love to hear from you and learn how we may help if your child is experiencing things she, he or you cannot readily explain.  Help your child or
teen create some normalcy in her/his life, when clearly the things happening to her/him may not be normal at all!

Call us anytime at 970-587-3357 or email us.
(or call 970-58-PeeKS)

Paranormals Raw Truth Investigators ~ {P.R.T.I.}

Location: Denver Metro/ Littleton

Paranormal's Raw Truth Show airs Thursdays on GTN and PEN. The internet show is based in Denver, Colorado and was voted #1 Independent
Paranormal Web-Series!  This show is about revealing the real truth about paranormal activity and what life looks like on the other side. We work
hard to share the reality of paranormal investigating and what happens when entities reach out and connect. We are passionate about what we do
and we will never rest until we find the RAW Truth!

Watch our episodes at:

Our Team:

All of our team members have to go threw a training process to become a Investigator with us !
They must at least go on four Investigations with us and learn to use all of our equipment !


I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago,Il. and currently live in Littleton,Colorado. My 1st experience happened at the age of 15
when I saw someone in my house that wasn't supposed to be there. From that time I have repeatedly been in touch with those who have passed,
they come to me for what ever reason they have talking to the point I hear them with my own ears to recording them with Digital recorder and on
Cameras. Don't know if you believe in Dreams-Visions or what ever but I Do for I had a experience several years ago in which "GOD" had told me
to help get Faith and Religion back to the public as crazy as it sounds.I was brought back to being a kid in the late 60's-early 70's when we would
go to Church once or twice a week and would see all my friends and their families. Now a days Churches are 1/2 full and I hear people say there is
no God....nor Life after Death, well I have news for you and that is that there is a God and there is a Heaven along with there being Satan and
Hell...I heard from both sides. There is a place in the middle where people pass and remain here for what ever reason they have and that's where
my Team and I will Prove to you without a doubt that life continues after our Physical Life ends. We are NOT "GHOST HUNTERS"... we are
"Paranormal Scientist" who dedicate our souls for the Truth and that being said I put together "Paranormals "Raw Truth" for those are my initials
and we will bring it to you Raw-hard and real...Thank You for your support.......


Margie was born and raised in Atlantic City, New jersey with strong and strict parents who sent her to private catholic school. she has three lovely
children named , Dana Marie, Richard William, Anna Laura who she loves to death. she loves horse back riding, camping, tanning, working out,
health drinks, and very old fashion. When she was eight she saw a vision when she was sleeping of a little girl who looked just like her named
Marion and they played for some time until a figure told her its time to leave. When she ran down stairs and told her mom why she didn't know she
had a sister named Marion, her mom fell off her chair cause she never told her she had a twin sister who died when she was 3 months old. The
father at their church told her mom god gave her a gift to see her sister and since then she has had many visions and things happening to her.
When she met her husband Rick they talked and realized they both have the same interest in things they cant explain so they bought a recorder
and started getting responses to their questions. As years passed they started getting equipment and started their team and now they know they
have both have this power to communicate with souls who either need their help, want answers, or just want to talk. God is with them at all times
and he directs them to the path of these souls to go forward and do what they need to do, and to find what they are looking for " KNOWLEDGE


My name is Karie Sibert . I'm 43, married to a beautiful woman for 20 years now. I have 4 dogs and a little house.
I'm a Dedicated Paranormal Investigator. It's hard for me to think about much else. I've been involved with investigating the paranormal for over 15
years. The last 2 years I've been with " Real Investigations of the Paranormal ." I've never been so excited and passionate with another team ever..

Rick and Margie Wegrzyn have been amazing motivators and my new family. When you are involved with something that is close to battle and
combat, you become very close to people. I'm Rick's "Wing man".. I wouldn't want to be in the Trenches with any other human being.. He's got my
back and I've got his...

On another note, I'm a Novice Cyclist and a proud member of Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.. That's Roller Derby. I'm a Novice at this as well. I'm 43
and my life has taken on a new course. The most exciting thing is this conquest, Paranormal's Raw Truth. The Paranormal is always evolving.
There's so much to investigate and bring out to the open.. I'm in all the way...

Research in the Paranormal

Location: Florence

Year Founded: 2011

About Our Team:

What started out as up close and personal experiences with the paranormal for each and every member of the R.I.P. Team, has evolved into a
passionate paranormal research team...
looking for answers for unexplained events.

We approach every investigation scientifically.  For example, for our most recent investigation at the Museum of Colorado Prisons in Canon City,
Colorado-we used the guests to help with a scientific method study of rocks and minerals and their influence on Electronic Voice Phenomena,
environmental fluctuations, and emotional reactions.  Each subject sat for 10 minutes in the Solitary Confinement Cell surrounded by
a circle of the same type of rock.  One would be surrounded by limestone, the other Obsidian, etc.
Of course, we did a control session with no rocks.  The results will be compiled after complete review.
Remember, this is only ONE session which does not confirm nor disprove any findings.
There will have to be many more to show a pattern.

We have performed investigations at:

*The John C. Fremont Library-Florence, Colorado

*The Museum of Colorado Prisons-Canon City, Colorado

*Private Residences in Florence, Penrose, Central City, Blackhawk, Colorado and many more.

*We do not charge a fee for our services, however donations are greatly appreciated to defer the costs of equipment and production.*

The "R.I.P" Team Members:

Eileen Yerman-  Founder & Lead Investigator:

I have always wondered about the paranormal.  Do ghosts/spirits really exist?  It was not until 1997 when I was doing a tour in Bosnia while enlisted
in the U.S. Army,   that I had my first experience with the paranormal.  Since then I had often wondered if  there was a way to prove to the world
that there is something that we can't explain  once we pass on.  For the past 10 years I have been investigating the paranormal world.  It was not
until 2011 that my group "Research In the Paranormal" was founded.  Now that we are established, my dream is to one day find the missing link
that science and the world needs to prove- without a doubt,  that the paranormal is not paranormal but "normal" in the world we live in.  With that
being said, my search for the missing link will carry on with every unique investigation conducted.
Happy hunting!

RussAnn Kale-  Investigator

Robin Hohn-  Investigator & Technology:

I am a Colorado native.  I earned my Bachelor's of Science Degree from Colorado State University with a Major In Zoology and a Minor in History.
I work at the John C. Fremont Library District in Florence, Colorado as a Youth Services and Technology Librarian.  I became interested in
learning more about the paranormal when I first saw "Ghost Hunters".  It inspired me to read up on the subject and learn more. I have had a few
personal experiences over the years that have helped to solidify my beliefs in the paranormal and that there truly is more for us after death.
Working with " R.I.P."- I hope to help prove to the rest of the world that there is far more to this world than what can be seen with our eyes.

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea." Buddha

Christi Grisenti-  Investigator

Patricia DePrizio-Analysis:

I was born in Chicago.  I am the oldest of 9 children.  At this point in my life, you could say that I am semi-retired....although I keep busy with
reviewing evidence from investigations and producing DVD's  from that evidence.  I have "Mom ears" and because I never blasted Rock-n-Roll
music, my hearing is still very good!  You would think having 8 younger siblings would compromise my hearing...but...not only do I have "Mom
ears" I also have the "Mom evil eye"...worked most of the time.

I graduated from Schaumburg High School in Schaumburg, Illinois.  I moved to Colorado in 1976. While in Illinois, I was a Veterinary Technician at
Park-Wise and Arlington Park Animal Hospitals. Still, to this day-I consider that my favorite "job" .  I loved it, so I don't consider that it was a job.
My other career as a Real Estate Broker specializing in large acreage mountain properties here in Colorado was also wonderful, not the
paperwork, but the hiking, horseback riding, and 4-wheeling, some spectacular mountain land.  Now, I help the rest of the "R.I.P." team with
analysis from their investigations.  Sometimes I say to myself- "I am so tired of hearing all these EVP's"!
              A nice problem to have, I guess! I am very fortunate to work with my 2 daughters- Eileen & Robin,
              and my wonderful friends- Christi & RussAnn.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”     Mahatma Ghandi

Bailey Grisenti
Inside Investigator....

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society ~ {R.M.P.R.S.}

Location:  Westminster

Year founded: 1999

                                                       'The Region's Only Forensic Paranormal Investigators'

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society
P.O. Box 350664
Westminster, CO 80035

720 -201-1234

Modern Paranormal Investigator Magazine - A Magazine for the Open Minded:

Warning Radio with Baxter & Brian:

The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society was formed in 1999 to help people and study paranormal phenomena.

We conduct our investigations with a scientific approach. We feel that an open mind is the most important tool that you can use.

Our typical investigations consist of an interview with the people involved, historic research, and an on-site investigation if we feel that the
phenomena can be documented.

*We do not have "specialists", "Certified ghost hunters" or "Demonoligists" we have dedicated people with backgrounds that help us research the
unknown with an open mind to get real results.

Contact us if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. We are here to help you.

Why choose Rocky Mountain Paranormal? Click here to find out!


* Bryan Bonner -  Founder/ Lead Investigator/ Chief Member

* Matthew Baxter -  Lead investigator/ Chief Member

Carol Olivacz -
I have always been interested in the Paranormal field, and have become a member of Rocky Mountain Paranormal to help further my
understanding of the unknown. I have been a member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society for 5 years. I am currently helping with
Investigations, Historical research and Witness interviews. I review video and audio recordings from investigations to document possible activity. I
also do work with web site/database management. I also am the Moderator/Owner of our 4 Yahoo groups: nationalparanormalresearchsociety,
warrensgroup & ghosthauntingsandparanormal, paranormalexpo.

Dina Hood
A longtime lover of philosophy and religion, Dina has had an interest in the paranormal for many years. Although she has been studying and
practicing of Wicca for over 10 years, she loves to learn about different religions, and is constantly reevaluating her own beliefs and challenging
herself to think critically and keep an open mind. She completed her Bachelors of Business Administration in Management from the University of
Colorado Boulder in 2009, and dreams of one day being a fashion designer and running her own company. Dina continues to reside, hike, learn,
explore, and love life in Boulder, and writes fashion and music features for Rooster Magazine. In her spare time, she loves to make clothes and
attend as many concerts as possible, and enjoys writing on new bands, CDs, and show reviews.

Stuart Hayes
I'm originally from the back woods of western NY. I moved to Colorado back in 1996 to pursue my career in graphic design and video production. I
currently run my own small video production and motion graphics business called SJH Productions. I have had a fascination with the "paranormal"
for many years.  I used to love romping around the local "creepy" places where I grew up, and regale in the local ghost stories. The creepier the
better. Even though I have been interested in the paranormal I have always had a skeptical view of it. I have never experienced a paranormal
event, and anything that might have been construed as "paranormal" I could quickly debunk with a little common sense. Even though I have never
had an experience I try to keep an open mind. I am a die hard skeptic but try not be cynical in my skepticism.  I am a die hard skeptic, but try not
be cynical in my skepticism. The fact is that while I feel I have a very strong common sense sensibility, I also realize I do not have the answers to

Fueled by a fierce intellect, and a wicked case of the “why’s”, I am keen on exploration. Eleven years as a free-lance hand-held camera operator,
and video production specialist gave me an enjoyment of putting it all together in a multimedia way. In addition, with strong anal retentive
tendencies. Working with the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society is an opportunity for me to combine my love of production, and fulfill
my lifelong dream to be their number one groupie. I was awarded a Bachelor’s of Arts In Communications with a minor in Business Administration
from a local college, and have worked both for profit and nonprofit in a variety of very interesting positions, and so have skills that have nothing to
do with this. Oh, and I was once a licensed cemetery property salesperson.

Marc Sylvir
I came into my association with Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society in a roundabout way. When I was asked by the person who runs
HorrorFest at StarFest to host a panel room, she recommended I contact Bryan to do a presentation.  If I remember right (this was 5 years ago) I
asked them how long they needed, and Bryan said about 2 hours. I gave them 2 ½ hours, and it was standing room only, and lasted 3 hours
before they finally had to say enough. They’ve been our guests at HorrorFest every year since, and are now up to 2 presentations over the
course of the weekend.  Bryan asked me to attend some of the hunts, and I eagerly accepted. I’ve been an unofficial member ever since. And now,
I am an official member. In addition having ministerial experience, and a working knowledge of varied religions, I can talk to and reassure those
who feel distressed over what they feel is happening in their house.

William Fontenot
Experience: Over 10 years experience in the Hospitality/Convention Services industry - 10 years experience in the audio/visual industry including
audio, video, lighting, staging and production.  Comp TIA Network+ Certification -   Windows XP Administrator -  I was born in New Orleans, LA  and
transferred to Denver in June of 2003.  Ever since I was in grammar school, I have always wanted to be a paranormal investigator. Several months
ago, my wife heard the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society on the radio and told me about it. I looked at the website, sent an email, and it has
been a great experience ever since.

Logan Baxter
Logan, Baxter's son, has been getting trained in critical thinking his whole life.  He began investigating with RMPRS in July of 2008 and was quick
to demonstrate his sharp eye and critical mind on his first investigation at the Yak and Yeti Indian Restaurant. He was able to spot an "event" on a
video monitor and came up with several possible explanations before the team even had a chance to analyze the video. His fresh intelligence and
alertness of mind are already proving to be an asset to the team. He also demonstrates his maturity by serving as Stage Manager for the Bryan
and Baxter Lecture Series.

Rocky Mountain Research and Investigation in the Paranormal ~ {R2IP}

Location: Frederick

Shari DeOllos and Deanna Gloyd

The great question of "what happens after death?" has been pondered as long as humans have been around.

Different things I have experienced in my lifetime usually ened with me helping someone through a strange situation and usually involving the
paranormal.  It soon became obvious that it was time to put something together
to help folks out when they were desperate for answers.

This is our solution!

The Rocky Mountain Research and Investigation in the Paranormal or for short R2IP!

Since paranormal activity has spiked over the last few years many ghost hunting groups have cropped up wanting to collect evidence that yes
there is something going on after death, but in what I've seen there are very few that actually help clients rid themselves of unwanted energy nor
help the wandering souls that seem to be stuck in limbo.

We began R2IP to help.  Our assistance is designed to help the client find a peaceful home or business and to help the lost soul find their way.

If this fits you, you have come to the right place.

-Shari DeOllos, Co-Founder

We conduct our investigation on site, by first addressing the areas of client concern.  We then research any known reasons that the paranormal
activity may be occurring.  After our investigation we will review all findings presenting the client with information that either offers a tangible
explanation for what they are experiencing, or evidence of what appears to be paranormal activity. Our investigation and research is free of
charge.  Additional services to clear identified energies or paranormal presence are fee based and can be discussed with the individual client.

Please contact us via email

Self Paranormal Investigations

Location: Craig

Year Founded: 2000


Founder: Leslie Self

Our goal is to help you understand the nature of what is occurring in your home or business and also how to handle the situation should turn out
to be paranormal.

Our mission is to help people with paranormal activity understand how to cope with a given situation and /or provide information on whom to
contact to aid in removing the paranormal activity.

Company Overview:
At Self Paranormal Investigations we take pride in our professionalism in each case we do. Confidentiality is a priority with every case as we want
you to feel comfortable discussing your situation with us and know that we will not share your case without your approval.

We have a wide range of equipment at our disposal and are proficient in its use. We use this equipment along with scientific methods to
prove/disprove evidence to support the claim of paranormal activity in your home or business. We bring a logical outlook to each and every case
and approach it with a clear goal of making sense what is going on and how to deal with it should turn out to be paranormal. We listen to your
concerns and make them top priority in our investigation. We then make a plan, do our investigation, and give you our findings. We will give you a
copy of any evidence that we find, do follow-up calls to see how things are going, and support you in any way that we are able.

Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers ~ {S.C.P.R.}

Location: Pueblo

Year Founded:  2006

About SCPR:  

We are Southern Colorado's premier Paranormal Research group. We were formed in 2006, and specialize in the investigation of public buildings
that have a history of reported "ghostly" activity. We investigate museums, theatres, government buildings, prisons, tourist attractions, historic
sites, and more. If you have ghosts, we want to hear from you!

While we are located primarily in the southern part of Colorado, we do cover all of Colorado.  Our method of investigation is based on scientific
research and reasoning.  We do not work off of “feelings”.  We not only take the time to research the specific location in question, but the
surrounding area and history as well.  There is never a fee for our services.

Team Members:

Roger White & Tyrus Escalante (Co-founders and team consultants)

Stacie (General Manager/Lead Investigator)

Jeri (Investigator In Training)

Rick (Investigator in Training)

Southwest Ghost Hunter’s Association ~ {S.G.H.A.}

Covers the Southwestern part of the U.S.:  Colorado. New Mexico, Nevada, California, Arizona and Texas  

Year founded: 1985!/southwestghosts


  .....Expanding knowledge through disseminating information

The Southwest Ghost hunter’s Association was formed by Cody Polston in 1985 and is research organization which has an Limited Liability
Corporation status. We are dedicated to the scientific research of the phenomena commonly called ghosts. Our goal is to gather and collate data
that will lead to a better understanding of ghosts and hauntings in accordance with Scientific Method. Our organization is composed of both
believers and skeptics.

SpiritBear Paranormal

Location: Boulder

Year founded: 2007

(303) 579-2544

Contact us!

Give us a sign of your presence.…

If you would like to contact us regarding a request for an investigation, advice or questions regarding evidence, methodology or joint
investigations, please drop us a note to Inquiries at:

Or you can send a note to Dave {} ~ who is functional site administrator; or to Sharon at:

About:  Investigation, Research, Commentary, Community
Description:  Husband and wife paranormal team based in Boulder, CO.
General Information:  Dave and Sharon has been conducting paranormal investigations since 2005. Our primary focus is the collection of
evidence and research into locations and reported activity, with an emphasis on respect for the property/location, sensitivity to the witnesses and
an open mind regarding the afterlife.

About Us:

Based in Boulder, CO, Dave and Sharon have been conducting paranormal investigations, in one form or another, for a combined 20 years.
We have investigated private homes, museums, prisons, public spaces and cemeteries in six states, both as a pair and in conjunction with other
groups. We have also participated in ‘ghost hunting’ classes.

Regarding the collection of evidence: our basic methodology is more or less standard in the field. We interview the site host regarding ownership
and history of the location, the claims made of paranormal activity – duration, corroboration, timelines, external publicity – with neither a skeptical
nor validating bias . We make no assumptions about validity of claims nor their sources – we do assume our presence has been prompted by a
genuine request for assistance or advice. We believe in conducting investigations respectful of the property and the owners, gathering and
evaluating evidence carefully.

We do not pursue this hobby in order to gain publicity or recognition for ourselves or our group.

Please feel free to visit our Equipment Page for more details on the equipment we use, and feel free to visit this page frequently, as we are
updating our tools regularly.

Regarding the use of mediums on investigations – as a result of personal circumstance (Dave and Sharon are both widowed from previous
marriages), we have spent considerable time consulting with and sitting for mediums. Our view of medium-ship is one of skepticism but not uniform
disbelief. Self-professed mediums or ’sensitives’ can be a valuable tool in the course of paranormal investigations, if their contributions can be
validated against recordable evidence and biases effectively filtered out in the evidence evaluation process.

We frequently conduct investigations with other paranormal groups, as we believe that a sharing of methodologies and viewpoints on the
paranormal only makes the field better  and more disciplined.  Our views on ghosts, spirits, the afterlife and so on are complex and continually

Our primary intent, like many other honest investigators in this field, is to take an open-minded but careful approach to investigations, and treat
people and locations with respect and dignity.

Please contact us if you are interested in consulting with us, having us investigate your residence or other property, or just wish to share notes on
methodologies, locations or equipment.


The SpiritChasers

Location: Manitou Springs

Year Founded: 2007

Founder:  Christopher Allen Brewer

About:    .....Join them on their adventures through the Underworld as this unique paranormal investigation team parts the veil and shares their
stunning evidence of the afterlife with you.

Awards:  Wouldn't call them awards, but among other things we have appeared on the Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story" twice, the award
winning High Strangeness television show in Washington, the SyFy Channel paranormal website, as well as numerous radio appearances.

Spirit Connection Investigations ~ {S.C.I.}

Location: Longmont

P.O. Box 593
Longmont, CO 80502

Gail 303-709-5995
Eric 303-709-5997
Diane 970-290-3801

About us:
A cohesive investigative team that researches and studies paranormal events and all those things that go bump in the night. SCI is available by
appointment for private, confidential consultations and/or investigations of paranormal activity. Consultations and investigations are conducted
free of charge; however, free-will donations are greatly appreciated to offset expenses and further our investigative capabilities.

Mission Statement:
SCI is dedicated to the study, scientific research and unbiased investigation of paranormal experiences and the possible existence of spirits and
life after physical death. Our findings in these investigative endeavors are shared with the public through educational and informative seminars
and presentations.

             For those who believe, no explanation is necessary..... for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.
                                                                                                                ~ Joseph Dunninger, Mentalist

Investigators: Eric and Gail Jones: I.G.H.S. Certified Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators and Instructors:

Eric grew up in St. Louis, MO, and has been interested in the paranormal and astral projection since childhood. His interest in the paranormal field
heightened in 1980 with the passing of his mother and his father about 3 years later.

Gail grew up in Murphysboro, IL, and has been interested in the paranormal from a very young age also. Being an avid reader, she has read,
studied, and researched the paranormal and the afterlife through hundreds of books with particular interest in the historical evolution of
information on these subjects.

Eric and Gail have been married for 39 years and have continued their interest with the paranormal and with a group of other interested
paranormal enthusiasts for 9 years before organizing Spirit Connection Investigations. They currently live in Longmont, CO. Eric's day job is with
the federal government and Gail is a self-employed bookkeeper.

Diane Lane: I.G.H.S. Certified Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Researcher and EVP Researcher:

Diane grew up in Manassas, VA, living on a civil war battlefield where the Battle of Bull Run was fought. Since a very young age, she experienced
several paranormal incidents and has always been fascinated with the paranormal. She spent most of her early years traveling to battlefields
between Pennsylvania and North Carolina to experience the energy of the wars of long ago, and has a passion for researching the history of the
areas where investigations are being conducted.

Diane's investigation interests are capturing EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and using dowsing rods. Diane has been doing investigations
with Eric and Gail for 9 years. Diane currently resides in Berthoud with her significant other and three dogs, and works in the
pharmaceutical/biotech industry as an auditor.

Paranormal Investigating with SCI:

If you are interested in learning how an experienced, professional group performs such an investigation, please call 303-709-5995 or email us at with any questions you may have or to request a registration form.

Spirit Paranormal Investigations ~ {Spirit PI}

Location:  Littleton

Year founded: 2005


 We are.......your guide to the other side

Spirit PI is a dedicated and experienced paranormal investigation and research team. Our mission is to capture and document ghostly
phenomena, share information, resources, and techniques with the community at large, and contribute to the advancement of paranormal
research in the field of ghost study.

We also provide public ghost hunting tours, events, and FREE Paranormal Investigations for qualifying individuals and businesses. Our website
includes evidence, articles, case studies, evaluations, tools, and informed opinions about ghosts, paranormal activity, and the art of ghost hunting.

Meet the team:

Kevin Sampron -- President/ Lead Paranormal Investigator

Brian Schieltz -- Vice President / Technical Manager

Kate Schieltz --  Case Manager / Paranormal Investigator

You may also contact our main office at (303) 347-1746

Spirit Trackers Paranormal Investigation Team

Location: Denver

Year Founded: 2011

We are the Spirit Trackers Paranormal Investigation Team.  We are based out of Denver, CO.  We take seriously each investigation and hunt we
go on, always taking a professional approach.  We seek to debunk every experience or piece of evidence we get, looking at all possible options,
reasons and explanations to debunk what we experience before calling it paranormal.  We do not employ the use of Ouija boards on our
investigations.  We seek to provide thorough, reliable evidence for the paranormal in everything we do.

We are proud to be a Corporate Associate Member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology, based out of London, England.

Dillon Dick: co-founder, Lead Case Manager, Investigator
Daniel McAdams: co-founder, Lead Investigator, Equipment Tech

The Spirit Trackers:

Dillon Dick A.M.Inst.F.P.- Lead Investigator, Founder, Assistant Site Manager

Bio: I'm currently a college student double majoring in psychology and computer science. I've been interested in the paranormal for many years.  I
have a strong talent for learning languages. I'm currently studying Arabic, German, Hebrew and Russian. In the future, I plan to serve in the
military and possibly the Central Intelligence Agency.

My first experience with the paranormal was an encounter I believe to have occurred when I was at most 7 years old. Since then, I've spent many
hours researching all things paranormal -- from ghosts to extraterrestrials, cryptozoology, psychic phenomena, etc. Currently my main areas of
paranormal research are psionics and evil spirits.
"Spirit Trackers--We aren't afraid of the dark, we've been making it our domain since 1998"

Daniel McAdams A.M.Inst.F.P.- Equipment Tech, Founder, Site Manager

Bio: I am currently working full time as a caregiver at a memory care facility.  I have a talent in the arts field, logic and reasoning, and in learning.  I
love to study and learn about everything. I am planning on getting my degree in video production and/or photography through either the Air Force
or college.

My first experience with the paranormal occurred when I was about 7 or 8, and since then I have had multiple experiences with the paranormal.  I
have had a fascination with ghosts and the paranormal due to that experience, and since then I have always been intrigued with ghost stories,
urban legends and scary campfire stories.  Due to my fascination, I have done research into the paranormal, ghost hunting and cryptozoology.
Currently, I am researching parapsychology, psionics, the nature of the paranormal, including hauntings, ghosts, orbs, paranormal investigating,
etc and advanced paranormal investigation techniques. I plan to become a Certified Paranormal Investigator as well as get my certification in
Parapsychology. I am also an Associate Member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology.  

John Kelley- Investigator

Bio:  I am currently training as a shift manager at Twisters restaurant. One of my other passions is writing. I enjoy writing lyrics and short stories
and am working on getting some published. I love to spend time with my daughter Lila, who is also interested in the paranormal.

I have been fascinated with the paranormal ever since I was little. My mom and aunts would talk about their experiences with the Ouija board all the
time. My first real experience with the paranormal happened right after my grandfather passed. The night after his funeral I saw a figure at the end
of my bed. It didn't say anything. It just looked at me. I knew it was my grandpa. The facial features were exactly the same as his.
So now, I strive to be the best investigator that I can be and prove that the paranormal world exists. I am proud to be part of the Spirit Trackers

Hunter Klein- Lab Tech

Catherine Meyer- Investigator  

SPOOKS, Inc. ~ (Society for the Preservation of the Ostracization or Obliteration of Kindred Spirits)

Location:  Longmont

(303) 776-3611

633 Deerwood Dr. Suite 11
Longmont, Colorado 80504


Qualified to investigate a business, home, or other area to determine if there is paranormal activity.

Stanley Hotel ~ Stanley Paranormal Investigation Team

Location: Estes Park; at the Stanley Hotel

Resident Paranormal Investigators of the Stanley Hotel: Lisa Nyhart, Karl Pfeiffer, and Connor Randall!stanley-hotel/cv21

We are the official Resident Paranormal Investigators for the Stanley Hotel.

We lead the public paranormal investigations that take place at one of the most haunted hotels in the world.

Made up of Lisa Nyhart, Karl Pfeiffer, and Connor Randall, the Stanley Paranormal Investigation Team for the Stanley Hotel leads public weekend
ghost hunts, lectures at paranormal conferences and events, and considers guest evidence.

If you're interested in attending one of our ghost hunts, visit the Stanley Hotel's website to schedule a hunt.

If you'd like to have us out for your event, contact Lisa at

And of course, if you think you got something cool on one of our hunts, toss it up on the page for discussion!

You can also find the team on twitter @StanleyParaTeam, @KarlPfeiffer and @LiSaNyHaRt

The Stanley Hotel  
333 Wonderview Avenue  
Estes Park, CO   80517

Toll-Free 800-976-1377  
Colorado 970-577-4000

Third Eye Girls

Location: Denver!/thirdeyegirls

Three female investigators discovering the truth about the paranormal.

We are an all female paranormal investigative research team.  Our task is to seek the truth about the spiritual world and all things paranormal. We
conduct our investigations with professionalism, integrity and objectivity.  Our mission is to collect as much evidence as we can to either prove or
disprove paranormal activity.  We are 100% real. No “stunts” to try to provide you with meaningless entertainment. We only show you the real deal,
and if we don’t find anything, we will show you that too.

We use standard methods of investigating, (night vision cameras, digital audio/voice recorders, digital cameras, EMF meters, digital thermometers,
motion sensors, etc.) But, we also implement some non-conventional methods, which we think increases our chances of capturing evidence of
activity, and makes our investigations stand out and more interesting. (Example: dowsing rods, spirit box, trigger objects, crystals, séance
techniques, etc.)

We hope you enjoy touring our website! Make sure you watch our webisodes and check out photos. We are ALWAYS looking for new locations to
investigate and welcome suggestions or personal requests for private investigations of homes or commercial locations.

Please  email us at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.   

Thank you for checking us out, and enjoy!!

The Team:

Kameo  - Lead Investigator
Hi, my name is Kameo, co-founder of Third Eye Film productions! Since I was a little girl, I have had a genuine love for all things paranormal.  My
mom was always letting me watch movies like, “The Exorcist”, “The Amityville Horror”, and “The Entity”. (Bad Mommy!!) At five years old, let me tell
you, “The Exorcist” not only scared the sh#* out of me…but I also LOVED it!! I couldn’t wait for more!! So at the age of five, my curiosity and thirst
for paranormal “goodies” began. I need to thank my mother actually for letting me watch those movies, and for all the times she took me on drives
through the country to find old cemeteries and old run-down abandoned houses to explore, and for all the great ghost stories she shared with me.
She helped me to be open to seeking the truth and to be the thrill seeker that I am today. I have been told stories that my family possesses some
very special gifts pertaining to the ability to communicate with spiritual beings, and that I too, may possess these special gifts, and need to nourish
them to make them grow. That is just one of the many reasons I am so very excited and privileged to be investigating alongside two of my
immediate cousins on my deceased Fathers’ side of the family.  Being a “Daddy’s girl”, I also miss him very much, and his passing on ten years
ago has only increased my interest even more to find the truth in the spiritual world. I know he is watching and smiling upon us for reconnecting
our family, and doing this together as a team.  Some other things you may (or may not!) want to know about me:

I am obsessed with the psychology of criminal minds. Love all shows/documentaries about murders and unsolved mysteries. Love scary movies.
Favorites include, The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, The Entity, The Shining, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Paranormal Activity, The Ring,
Nightmare on Elm St., Friday the 13th, and Halloween. Love Stories based on true events. My mentors and favorite ghost hunting team is definitely
Ghost Adventures. Never miss it. On a lighter note, I grew up in small town Iowa. I have degrees in Human resource management, psychology, pre-
education, and cosmetology. My all time favorite movie is “Dumb and Dumber”. I am a huge animal lover. My biggest fears are natural disasters,
flying, and spiders! EEK! I am a girly-girl on the outside, and a tomboy on the inside.

To contact Kameo:

Sara - Co-Investigator
Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I experienced many spirits. Unfortunately, they were mostly from bottles.  Even still, I was able to nurture a
healthy curiosity for all things living and dead.  I always wondered about life after death.  An event in my early teens brought it to the forefront of
my thoughts.  My freshman year of high school will always remain fresh to me. That year one of my closest friends passes away unexpectedly.  
Since her death, I have come into contact with her presence on several occasions. On those occasions, I experienced olfactory paranormal
phenomenon.  This has not been an isolated experience. I am a strong empath, so I consistently feel the emotions of spirits, living and dead.

As a photographer for Third Eye Film Productions, I am hoping to someday to get a spirit to pose for me but until then, I love a good scare with the
girls.  I do not have all the answers, but I am open-minded and intuitive.  People call me many things on any given day, but today you can call me

To contact Sara:

Trish - Equipment Tech
I am a true Scorpio.  Ask anyone about me bring strong-willed and determined.  But I think I am also mysterious and passionate.  Just like the
astrology says, Scorpios are willing to explore ideas that others may shy away from such as the paranormal and afterlife.  I have always felt like I
have had a connection to those who passed from this life but didn’t want to embrace it.  The two biggest impacts were having my Grampa die on
my 21st birthday and being pulled to my Gramma's bedside when she died.

The big push to explore the mysterious afterlife came when the stars aligned (or Facebook) put me in contact with my cousin, Kameo.  After
Kameo, Sara and I got together, there was no stopping us.  (Oh, Sara is my little sister.)  We went up to the Stanley Hotel to do a ghost hunt and
overnight stay and really got the bug.

Born and raised in Iowa, Trish relocated to Colorado.  She has worked behind the camera in many capacities – filming, producing and editing.  

To contact Trish:

Robyne - Guest Investigator
My name is Robyne  and I’ve been intrigued by the paranormal since I was a little girl. I would read any book and watch any TV show or movie
related to it; but it was my first experience with the paranormal the summer before I went away to college that pushed me from being merely
fascinated with it to wanting to find answers about it.

Growing up in the south, there was never a shortage of ghost stories and haunted locations related to the Civil War for my friends and I to explore.
Attending college at a small southern school that had a few ghost stories of its own was interesting and my boyfriend (now husband), friends and I
would often visit ‘haunted’ locations around the area while other co-eds were out a keg party (not that we didn’t go to more than our share of those
as well!).

I met Kameo, Sara and Trish during a ghost hunt at The Stanley Hotel in 2010 and I quickly realized that I had found kindred spirits…no pun
intended. I am proud to be part of this group with such amazing ladies who have the same fascination with the paranormal that I do.

A southerner born and raised in Virginia, I currently live in Connecticut with my husband, who is equally as fascinated with the paranormal as I am.
We have two rescued dachshunds and two rescued cats who all allow us the privilege of sharing ‘their’ home with them. My ‘day’ job is working in
Human Resources at Yale University School of Medicine where most of my co-workers think I’m nuts.

To contact Robyne:

Third Eye Paranormal Investigators

Location:  Loveland

Year founded: 2009

                                                                        <<<  We See Both Sides  >>>

Our home base is Loveland;  and we do investigations up and down the front range within a 1 hour travel time of our office.

We are a group dedicated to gathering scientific information about paranormal phenomena and also to assist homeowners, businesses and spirits
as well. This last piece of the puzzle is what makes our group unique and special.

We first set up an interview with the homeowners or business owners to assess the types of paranormal activity that they are experiencing. We
then arrange for a time to come into their home or business to perform a thorough investigation using scientific equipment. We also have members
that are trained psychic mediums to connect with any earth bound spirits that might also be calling your place home.

After the investigation is completed we return to discuss our findings with the clients. At this point we may make recommendations to assist or
educate them concerning any worries or fears.

As we have mentioned previously we assist the spirits as well. Earth bound spirits or ghosts are people without bodies that are here on our level of
existence and have not crossed over yet to the other side. Therefore, we treat these spirits with respect and assist them to continue on their
spiritual journey.

We also deal with residual energy. This energy can remain trapped in an area which might feel like an intelligent or interactive haunting. These
areas can make you feel uneasy and may contribute to bickering and fighting among family members. We are able to successfully clear this

Our Mission:

Our mission is to gather scientific evidence of paranormal phenomena, and to assist homeowners, businesses, as well as spirits as well.

This last piece of the puzzle is what makes our group unique and special.

Two of our members are psychic/mediums who have a great deal of experience in assisting spirits in crossing over as well as releasing lower
vibrations and residual energies.

Our Goals:

1) Validate paranormal experiences (you're not going crazy)

2) Execute a professional investigation

3) Educate about the paranormal

4) Clear unwanted entities

5) Send earthbound spirits into the light

We investigate paranormal activity and hauntings

We investigate for home owners & businesses

We set up an appointment for the initial interview  

We set up a time and date for the investigation

Our team then performs the investigation

We then perform clearings and crossings

Finally we present the evidence to our clients

Once we have accepted you as our client; our services are free.

Our Team:

Our team is comprised of experienced paranormal investigators and psychics.

Our Scientific Team:

Kevin White — President

My interest in the paranormal began when I was younger and experienced activities at a friends house. I always wanted to pursue my interest in
this field on the scientific side ( I love gadgets and shiny things), but could never find anyone else with experience enough to go with. Joining the
group has allowed to pursue my interest in the paranormal.


Lisa White — Treasurer

I became interested in learning more about the paranormal after having experiences I couldn’t explain, that I thought may be paranormal. I want to
understand how we are connected to the spirit world and to prove that the paranormal exists. I enjoy watching the ghost hunting shows to see their
techniques, findings, and equipment.


T — Scientific Investigator Lead and Secretary.


Randy O’Connor

I’m here to meet other ghosts with similar interests.

Rob Hillstrom

Having had many paranormal experiences of my own, I am a firm believer in many things paranormal / supernatural. As a tech junkie, I investigate
from a scientific point of view but with a psychic bias. I believe the experience more than I do the evidence collected with existing technology. I have
spent many years exploring the paranormal experiences of other people and how their spiritual center and emotional state has influenced their
experiences. In my spare time, I discuss topics and share advice on various paranormal forums.

Our Psychic Team:

Sarina Baptista — Psychic Team Lead

My interest in the paranormal began when I found there were children who hadn’t moved forward on their journey after their physical “death”.  I
made it a mission to help these children cross over and reunite with their loved ones.  I also am passionate about educating those here in bodies
about the paranormal.  To learn more about me, please visit my website at

Unearthly Paranormal

Year founded: 2012


ALL THINGS PARANORMAL! We are a Colorado team passionate about investigating and discovering the proof of all things paranormal.

We also have a monthly Paranormal Newsletter!

Description:  Renee founder of 3paran0rmal3 and Sabrina founder of Paranormal Sanctuary have come together as a team investigating all things
paranormal. Starting out as ghost hunters we have found that many people have witnessed something that they cannot explain, anywhere from
ghosts, creatures, ufo and other strange phenomenon. We have extended our passion to gather evidence and hopefully explain the unexplained.

Wednesday's Paranormal Investigations

Location: Colorado Springs/ Pikes Peak Region

Year Founded: 2011

Phone #:  719*474*9682 (leave name, #, detailed message)

We are a paranormal investigative team located in Colorado Springs, CO but serve all of Colorado. We specialize in Ghost Hunting, but constantly
searching out all things paranormal.

~We will not stop til' we find the truth~

Company Overview
We cover Colorado Springs,CO and Pikes Peak Region: We are a nonprofit organization that travels the entire state. We are aimed to help others
understand and find the truth about the unexplained happenings all around us. Using old and new scientific methods to prove or disprove the
existence of all things paranormal.

If you feel you need help, if there are things happening that you can't explain, if there are kids or animals involved, if you are scared and need
answers, if you have had any sightings, email us and we will be there to help.

We are "All Things Paranormal" but "Ghost Hunting" is our specialty

General Information:
W.P.I.~ Wednesday’s Paranormal Investigations "There are things known & there are things unknown, & in between are the doors."

The Team:

Wednesday Natitus ~ Founder/ Lead Investigator

I am married and a mother of 3 and a stay at home mom. I love spending time with my family. We spend a lot of time outdoors, in the mountains, on
4x4 trails, exploring, and campfires. In the midst of all these things, I find time for self-enlightenment and refreshing my personal spirit.

I am a curious explorer who approaches most situations with a realistic outlook. I am open minded when it comes to new experiences. I also enjoy
the thrill of the unexpected.

I am a believer of the paranormal, but a skeptic first. I have had several personal experiences throughout my life, keeping me always interested
and questioning the paranormal. Throughout most of my personal experiences, I have learned to be a skeptic first in order to properly determine
the cause of the activity. Not everything is paranormal. Because of that fact, I have a growing curiosity as to where, how, why, who, and what
creates or allows the paranormal to exist.

My first experience was when I was five. I call it my "shadow hand" experience. I had a bamboo bird cage in my room with 2 finches when I was 5.
The cage was hung up in the corner of my room. It was definitely out of reach. One night I was awoke by my birds chirping and making a lot of
noise when they normally were sleeping that time of night. As I looked up towards the cage to see what the commotion was for, I saw a shadow
shaped like a hand with very long fingers moving towards my bird cage and actually opening it, letting my birds out of the cage. The birds flew out
of the cage all around my room. I started to scream scared and confused with what had just happened making my parents run into the room. My
parents were baffled on how the birds could get out of the cage and after I told them, all just went quite and it was never brought up again.

Lexy Race ~ Investigator

I'm an 18 year old researcher of the paranormal and I've always believed that there was more to the world than I was told. This curiosity has set me
on my own personal journey to prove the existence of the things that go "bump" in the night and to answer the questions that I have of our spiritual

With the help of W.P.I., I am learning how to approach the paranormal safely so that I can gain a better understanding of these things that I can't
see and to help advance the world today as we know it.

I live in Colorado Springs with my father and fellow investigator in training -- my dog, Bolt. I spend my leisure time at the gym, on the computer,
playing the flute, or filling my brain with information to help me grow. Life is sweet, and I'm out to share it with those willing to be a part of it.

Westcliffe Paranormalists

Location: Westcliffe

Year Founded: 2012

ph: 719-371-0709
fax: 719-239-9711
alt: 719-371-5790

Office location:
8441 State Hwy 96
Westcliffe, CO  81252


We are a group of paranormal investigators dedicated to scientific research and documentation of paranormal phenomenon.  We conduct
paranormal investigations, as well as host fundraiser events for local businesses.

Residential Paranormal Investigation or Cleansing:

We provide at no charge residential paranormal investigations and cleansings.  This is for people to think they have a paranormal phenomenon in
their home.  We enter the home, and conduct and investigation to determine what is inside the home.  If the aparition is melevolent, we can also
perform a cleansing of the home.  This service is also free to residential customers, with the excepetion of cost of supplies for the cleansing.  All
data recovered is confidential, and will not be released to the public.

Paranormal Fundraiser Tour:

This service is offered to local business owners who are purported to have paranormal phenomenon in their business location.  These tours are
designed to raise money for both the business and Westcliffe Paranormalists.  Participants of the tour are treated to an actual scientific
paranormal investigation.  The participants actually participate in the event.  This is a great fund raiser for non profit organizations as well.  It's also
a great way to bring people into your place of business.


Our mission is to support the paranormal community through investigation, research and documentation of paranormal activity.

Company Overview:

We provide paranormal investigation services, including but no limited to: Private residence investigations and reports, public investigation tours,
and scientific research and documentation of paranormal events and occurences.

General Information:

If you would like to join our organization, download this application:

and then mail it to:

Westcliffe Paranormalists
C/O Jason Conner
8441 State Hwy 96
Westcliffe, CO 81252

or you may scan it and email it to:

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