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Colorado Springs began as one man's dream. When General William Jackson Palmer first saw the scenic attraction of the Pikes Peak
region, he immediately knew it was a location which could attract his wealthy European and East Coast friends. The city's first stake was
driven in 1871. Colorado Springs became especially popular with the British and acquired the nickname Little London. Riding the rails,
visitors came to see the area's beauty and were inspired to stay by a mild climate and the region's growing resort accommodations.

In the 1890s, Colorado Springs found it was surrounded by more than scenic wealth. Gold was discovered in nearby Cripple Creek in 1891,
and Colorado Springs found itself a thriving financial center. The golden years lasted until 1917, when the U.S. went to silver for its coinage
and the local economy once again emphasized tourism.

Looking to expand its economic base, the city offered land to the military in 1942. With the start of World War II, Fort Carson was established
on 137,000 acres to the south of Colorado Springs. The military's presence grew in the 1950s with the opening of the U.S. Air Force
Academy. Over the next 30 years, Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base and Schriever Air Force Base helped create
Colorado Springs' reputation as the nation's military space capital, housing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD),
and other Space Command centers.

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado. At an elevation of 6,035 feet, it is situated near the base of one of the most famous
American peaks, Pikes Peak, on the east side of the Rocky Mountains.

The capital of Colorado, Denver, is 68 miles to the north. The city is the county seat of El Paso County.


                                                Overnight Ghost Hunting With KKTV's John Harding

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum investigation with the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association!


PLAY VIDEO: 11 News Investigates Pioneer Museum Haunting

PLAY VIDEO: 11 News Haunting Investigation

PLAY VIDEO: A Haunted Night

PLAY VIDEO: 11 News Investigates Haunting

PLAY VIDEO: Testimonial from Colorado Springs Paranormal Association

PLAY VIDEO: Live Ghost Hunt With 11 News

KKTV 11-News ushered in Halloween with a "one of a kind" ghost hunt at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

KKTV 11 News Morning Anchor John Harding and members of the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association begin their search around 10:30
Thursday evening, and broadcasted the investigation through a live webcast until around 5AM Friday.

Team members went room by room using sophisticated audio and visual equipment to hopefully capture sights and sounds of the

Some members say they did see and hear unexplained phenomenon, and one member says she even felt an unexplained entity touch her
through the night. The group will now review the gathered data, to try and verify or debunk any evidence of the unexplained.

The group has around 60 hours of combined data to review, which is done in "real time." KKTV 11-News plans to share their findings within
the coming week.

The investigation was set in the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. Many consider it one of the "crown jewels" for paranormal activity in
Southern Colorado. It has a rich history which dates back long before it became a museum in 1973. It's that history which leads to many of
the ghost stories which haunts it today. You can visit the museum website by clicking

Web Extras:

To learn more about the each member of the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association and their personal stories about why they do what
they do, click on the video link above.

here to see a map of the floor plan of the Pioneer's Museum.


                                      Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society
                                                                   Preservation through Education


Aug. 12th, 2009 at 6:30pm
Where? Evergreen cemetery chapel
We are hosting a second volunteer meeting.
At each meeting we are going to highlight either a piece of history from the cemetery or history of the local communities and ghost towns (yes
there are ghost towns out here). Want to join us and have a topic you would like more information about? Please contact us. We are planning
on a meeting each month up till November for now. We will have light refreshments and look forward to meeting more people. The July's
meeting had a wonderful showing.

October 2009
The traditional walking tour has been cancelled. We are planning specialized tours with advanced ticket sales.
Themes may include: Murders, Mausoleums, Cops and Robbers, The Nuns and Sanitoriums, or Masons,IOOF, and Printers.  

Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society
1005 S. Hancock
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Reservations Required: Please Call 719-630-7328
(719) 578-6646

                                                                        City Founder, General Palmer's Gravesite


Rockledge Ranch EVP recordings produce sounds

Pure Paranormal, a company that records and investigates locations for ghostly presence, recorded
sounds the staff believes to be from spirits of the dead.

Posted Saturday, November 01, 2008 at 1:13 p.m

                                           A night vision camera is on to record ghostly apparitions.  / FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- FOX21 News reporter Meaghan Collier visited Rockledge Ranch on Friday, and sat in on a paranormal
investigation of the historic home on the site, said to be haunted.

The home was built in 1874 on the edge of Garden of the Gods, the property now part of Rockledge Ranch.

Pure Paranormal, a company that records and investigates locations for ghostly presence, recorded sounds the staff believes to be from
spirits of the dead.

"How do you know that's a ghost, or a spirit?" Collier asked the team.

"How else are you going to describe it?" is the reply.

The electronic voice recordings (EVP) contain noises that are said to be from spirits. Pure Paranormal believe what they recorded that night
were from a man, a woman and children.

Night vision equipment and digital audio equipment costs thousands of dollars, and the teams visit a place three times to record before they
consider what has been captured to be legitimate.

No one in the room whispers during EVP sessions, so the noises recorded are not confused with sounds from living persons in the room.

Rock Ledge Ranch Living History Association
PO Box 6299, Colorado Springs, CO 80934
(719) 578-6777

The Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is an educational, non-profit living history farm and museum, which depicts life in the Pikes Peak region
in four time periods: American Indian area in 1775; 1860’s Galloway Homestead; 1880’s Chambers Home and Ranch; 1907 Edwardian
Country Estate.



NOTE:                                                                    The Hearthstone Inn
506 N. Cascade Avenue

             The last I heard, the haunted Hearthstone Inn has been sold and is no longer open for business.......

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