Apparitions abound in Leadville

Cassie Pence
October 27, 2004
Vail Daily article

LEADVILLE - At first, Dave Ellerman didn't think anything about the lights turning on that he was sure he had shut off. Nor did the bumps and
grinds that stirred him awake at night bother him. And the footsteps that had him thinking someone was in the house? Well, those noises were
simply the settling of a house built in 1893.

No, it wasn't until Ellerman was lying in bed watching TV and actually saw a figure walk through his kitchen that he realized he was living with a

"I've seen him a couple times. He's usually visible up through the second story window in the barn at the back of the house. It's is a little unsettling
seeing a figure in that window up there. It's a small window and all you basically see is a head and shoulders," said Ellerman, who's lived in
Leadville on West 7th Street for about 13 years. "He's usually most active between 6 p.m. and about 2:30 a.m. The rest of the time he's pretty

He calls his ghost Mr. H, because several people who have come through the house, clairvoyants and his mother included, felt that his last name
began with the letter H. The clairvoyant told him Mr. H was benign and most likely in his mid to late 20s.

Ellerman, who is a delivery driver for Goodnight Mattress in Eagle-Vail, believes Mr. H must have died quickly in one of the mines around Leadville
and never went on to anywhere else. Mr. H likes to play with the pinball machines in Ellerman's living room, always ringing the bells once or twice.

"We do think he was a miner because he messes with the pinball machine. In mining, one ring means going down and two rings mean going up,"
Ellerman said. "He makes it ring when the machine is off."

Mr. H has a penchant for modern day technology, turning on the television or the lights of the cars Ellerman keeps in the barn. Right before this
reporter's eyes, Mr. H set the model airplanes in Ellerman's spare room slightly spinning.

"He does like to show off," Ellerman said.

Out of everybody that has seen Mr. H, Ellerman's small niece is the only one that he has actually spoke to. She was snoozing on her uncle's couch
when Mr. H aroused her from slumber.

"In the morning, she told me a person that was in a checked shirt, suspenders and pants said he was sorry for waking her up and told her to go
back to sleep," Ellerman said.

Sometimes Ellerman's keys would disappear and end up in the refrigerator or medicine cabinet on top of the toothpaste, but Mr. H has never done
anything nasty or mean to him.

"You never really feel alone in the house. He is almost the perfect roommate. He doesn't eat and he doesn't use hot water," Ellerman said.

Mr. H was, however, constantly leaving the refrigerator door open, spoiling some of Ellerman's food. So Ellerman asked, out loud, for Mr. H to
please leave the door closed because the waste of food was expensive. Since the request, it hasn't happened in some time, Ellerman said.

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