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                                                Manitou Springs and Pike's Peak - 1881 -  
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Hidden between the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, America’s most famous mountain, lies  the magical town of Manitou Springs.
"Manitou," a Native American word for "spirit," describes this beautiful mountain community. Nine named mineral springs throughout town
are fed by the snows of Pikes Peak.
Long before white men traveled here, the Ute, Cheyenne and many other natives considered this area sacred.

Besides being home to several world-class, nationally famous historic restaurants, as well as many favorite neighborhood eateries,
Manitou Springs has a wide selection of quality accommodations: an historic hotel, many unique Victorian bed & breakfasts, classic
motels, cozy unique motels, quality motor inns, cabins by Fountain Creek, and secluded wooded campgrounds.


                                                      The haunted Briarhurst Manor Estate!

                                                                        Photo from the Colorado Springs Gazette

                                              Haunted Briarhurst ~~   Haunted By A Very Spirited Past!!

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Come and experience Halloween at a Haunted Castle. On 10/29 we will be having a costume Grand Ball. Please visit me on Facebook
Briarhurst Castle or call

(719) 685-1864 for details.

Halloween Costume Party and Ghost Hunters Show!

Come and experience Halloween at a Haunted Castle.To celebrate the international Televise of The Briarhust show on Ghost Hunters,
we will be hosting a 2 night event. On October 28th, we will be having a reveal party with food and watching the show in the old section of
the castle. On the 29th we will hold a Halloween costume dance. Come dressed as your favorite Halloween persona.

Call (719) 685-1864 for party details. Reservations are required.

Can You Handle this Much History?

Come help us celebrate the 138th Birthday of The Briarhurst. Our Castle was THE showplace of the West and when you arrived dusty &
dirty from your coach, buggy, or trail ride in the 1880's, our grande "Lady" would have embraced your tired soul, relieving you of your
worries & burdens in luxury, not found in other mountain towns. Thanks to Dr.William A. Bell, Manitou Springs was created just to care for
you & your health......and we still do.

Tours  are held at  11:00 am and 1:00pm on Saturdays. Cost for the tour is $12.00 per adult, $8.00 for children 8 thru 11, and we offer a
$2.00 discount for active military. We encourage cameras but you are obligated to share any "unusual" photos.

Call 719-233-4773 For inquiries........            E-mail:

Please call (719) 685-1864 for reservations.

Tours are  90 minutes in length, includes HorsD'Oeuvres from Chef Tyler Peoples.

We would love to make special tour arrangements for your group and organizations.

Article about the Briarhurst from the Pikes Peak Journal:

Feb. 19th, 2009


For Briarhurst ghost stories, click HERE!


Scaring Up Secrets of Briarhurst

October 30th, 2008

The Briarhurst will be featured as one of three finalists in a Sci-Fi Channel contest for its show "Ghost Hunters."
Viewers can vote for one of the finalists during a live Ghost Hunters event on Halloween and the winner will get a full-scale investigation


October 30, 2008


Is Briarhurst Manor haunted, or have guests at the Manitou Springs restaurant simply overdosed on the duck confit ravioli?

Owner and president Ken Healey won't say the manor is haunted, but he maintains there's some weird stuff happening there.

"There's a lot of strange things that happen over time that are really unexplainable," Healey said.

Apparitions, levitating vases, electrical equipment switching on and off, motion detectors triggering, mysterious footprints with pointed
toes, a water valve shutting itself off behind a locked door and the sounds of a child's ball bouncing in an empty room ... there's certainly
more going on at the Briarhurst than fine dining and wedding receptions.

"There's odd things that happen," Healey said. "They don't happen constantly, all day long."

Fans of the paranormal and, in particular, of the Sci Fi Channel show "Ghost Hunters," will get the chance tonight to decide whether the
Briarhurst deserves a more thorough investigation.

A film crew from the Sci Fi Channel spent two days filming at the Briarhurst earlier this month. A segment on the restaurant will air during
a "Ghost Hunters" 7-hour live marathon tonight, along with segments from two other locations. Viewers can vote for which site they'd like
to see investigated and the winner - if that's the appropriate word for a spooky locale - will get a visit from the "Ghost Hunters" team.

Local historical researchers Erik and Tammila Wright were the ones who got Sci Fi involved. They are working on a book on the
Briarhurst's history and are fans of "Ghost Hunters." Erik Wright said he's had his own unusual experiences there.

"The most recent one was only a week and a half ago," he said. "I had something come up next to me when I was in the office. It kind of
grabbed a hold of me and pulled me down the hallway."

Sci Fi is flying the Wrights to Delaware for tonight's live show, during which they'll talk about what they think is happening at the
Briarhurst. Wright said he's really hoping the "Ghost Hunters" team visits Manitou Springs to investigate.

"It would give some credibility to the stories (and) to the history of the property," he said.
Healey said he'd welcome a investigation; he's not aware of any traumatic events in the Briarhurst's history.

The large vase that levitated and then dropped and broke during a reception was seen by many people, Healey said. He saw the
footprints with his own eyes. And the water valve and the motion detectors.

"How do you explain that?" Healey asked. "There may be an explanation, we just don't know what it is."

Janice Montoya, the Briarhurst's sales director, used to think that she was the only one at the manor who hadn't experienced anything
unusual. Then one morning when she was at the restaurant all by herself, a boom box switched on suddenly in another room, then
suddenly switched off.

"I complained to someone that I had been here for years and nothing had ever happened to me," Montoya said. "Be careful what you
wish for."



7-hour live event from Fort Delaware begins at 5 p.m. today on the Sci Fi Channel

Briarhurst Manor Restaurant

Call us at: (719) 685-1864
Fax: (719) 314-4017
Toll Free: 1-877-685-1448

E-mail us at

404 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO, 80829                                                                     

                  Emma Crawford's Annual Victorian Wake - Miramont Castle!

Held annually in October

Miramont Castle
9 Capitol Hill
Manitou Springs, Colorado

It is with great sorrow that we mourn the passing of Miss Emma Crawford....

In 1889 Emma Crawford came to Manitou Springs in search of her health. It was her desire that she would benefit from the crisp
mountain air and Manitou Springs famous mineral waters. Sadly Emma succumbed to her illness and as she wished was laid to rest on
top of Red Mountain when years later her coffin washed down the granite cliff. (See Emma Crawford Coffin Race and Parade listing for
more details). Admission includes entrance into Miramont Castle, Victorian wake and among the other guests include Buffalo Bill Cody
and his wife, Lillian Russell (aka Diamond Lil), Dr. Davis and of course the original Miramont Castle residents Father Francolon and his
mother Madam Marie Francolon.

The event is graced in pure Victorian splendor and you will enjoy Victorian food and beverage in the great hall. Space is limited and
reservations are required. For pricing and more information contact Bob Yager at (719) 685-1011 for reservations

* Ghost stories of Miramont:


                      Emma Crawford Festival - Annual Coffin Race and Parade

Held annually in October

Fun Filled Day of Coffins, Costumes, & Coffin Racing!

Emma Crawford lived in Manitou Springs at the turn of the century. She came to Manitou Springs seeking a cure for her tuberculosis by
means of the famous mineral waters and while she was here, became infatuated with Red Mountain. Being a spiritualist, Emma believed
she saw her Indian guide waiting for her on the mountain. She did climb to the Summit of Red Mountain and expressed her desire to be
buried there. Sadly, Emma died quite young. Her family kept their promise to Emma and she was carried to the top of Red Mountain by
12 strong men and laid to rest there. Emma rested peacefully for many years. But Red Mountain is granite and eventually the granite
gave way and what remained of Emma's coffin washed down the side of Red Mountain. Now Historic Manitou Springs remembers this
beautiful young woman who loved the color red with its own unique festival. Come see the coffin race or even better race one with a
team of your own! Parade begins around noon
with races immediately following.

Downtown Manitou Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO
Fun Filled Day of Coffins, Emma's, Costumes & Coffin Racing!
Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce: (719) 685-5089 -or- (800) 642-2567

                                                   Ghosts of Old Manitou Walking Tours

Held annually in October

*** Please note: This is not a "real" ghost tour. It is a 'mock'-cemetery tour and historical reenactment

Manitou Springs
Contact: Floyd O'Neil    719 685-5089

The Ghosts Tours Are Back!

To celebrate the Emma Crawford Festival, Historic Manitou Springs, in association with Venue 515 of the Business of Art Center, The
Ghosts Tours Of Old Manitou are back!

Tours are approximately 45 minutes and will take you through the spectral history of Manitou Springs. Costumed Spirit Guides will lead
the lantern- lit way.

Tours will leave from 515 Manitou Avenue and depart every 15 minutes, starting at 5:30 PM.

Ticket prices are $10.00 for adults & $5.00 for children 4-12.


Tickets can be purchased directly at the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau at 354 Manitou Avenue. Checks or
Cash only.

Historic Manitou Springs, Inc. is an educational non-profit that contributes to local historic endeavors. The organization has launched a
fund rasing effort to purchase 517 Manitou Avenue to be the new permanent home for the Manitou Springs Heritage Center. All
proceeds from the Ghost tours will go to his effort.                             


Historic ghost tours from the Agate Hill Inn

A nightly lantern lit Victorian historic walking tour leaves the Inn just after dark. Tours last approximately 40 minutes. Your tour guide has
been leading historic ghost tours for 7 years.

The stories have been discovered by an avid town historian by reading old newspapers and documents from the archives.

Listen to stories from the late 1800's about Soapy Smith, J.G. Hiestand and his lover Elsie. Marvel over the dedication to love, even upon
death, of Hildabrant to his just deceased fiancée Emma to fulfill her wish to be buried on Red Mountain.

Tours are complimentary to guests staying more than one night, otherwise they are $15 per person with the proceeds going to Historic
Manitou Inc.

Agate Hill Inn
103 Cave Avenue
Corner of Spencer and Cave Avenues
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829
Phone: 719-685-0685 Toll Free: 877-685-0685
(Just 1 mile from Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak)
Copyright 2002-2003 Agate Hill LLC


                                                               Murder Mystery Weekends:

 Red Crags B&B- Onaledge B&B- Rockledge Country Inn B&B!

Call for dates & times

Red Crags Estates contains three magnificent historic mansions, Red Crags Bed & Breakfast, Rockledge Country Inn and Bed &
Breakfast at Historic Onaledge. Stroll the six acres that are prominently situated above the Manitou Valley with unique views of Pikes
Peak, Manitou Valley, Garden of the Gods and the city of Colorado Springs. High Ceilings, hardwood floors and beautiful antiques
predominate. It is a place to lose yourself "somewhere in time". Walk through the beautifully landscaped grounds and herb gardens, or
sit and relax in the outdoor hot tubs.

The Murder Mystery package includes 2 nights of Mystery, Appetizers Friday night, Dinner Saturday night, two nights Lodging and two
Breakfasts. A special part is written just for you and you will take an active part in playing and solving the mystery.

For the first time ever, our crime solving escapades will take place in more than one location - perhaps the murder happens at the Red
Crags Bed & Breakfast and the resolution occurs at Rockledge Country Inn??  Who knows.  Who dunnit?  Participants will stay at these
two inns as well as Bed & Breakfast at Historic Onaledge.  There is room for everyone staying at our 3 historic Bed & Breakfast
properties, but don't delay. . .

CALL NOW to find out when our next murder mystery weekend will be: 719-685-4515 or 719-685-1920. You may plan your own Murder
Mystery Weekend if you can get 12-16 people together and choose your own date, subject to availability and with prior approval.

Have you always wanted to be a private eye? Ever watched a TV detective show and knew that you could solve the crime in a flash? Or
perhaps you could commit the perfect crime.... Come and enjoy yourselves. Our Murder Mysteries are lots of fun to participate in.

Willing and even slightly shy guests will be treated to mystery, suspense, great food, lots of laughs and above all - a great time. After
filling out personality profiles, guests will have a special part written especially for them by our mystery writer. Every mystery is unique.
Every plot is fascinating with its own twists and turns. You may find that you have been transported back in time to a forties speak-easy,
a fifties movie set or a time faraway. Of course, costumes are a must and will reflect the character you play.

The event will begin on Friday evening at 8PM when the crime is revealed. Appetizers are served at this introduction to the murder
mystery game. Return to the site of the crime for a scrumptious catered dinner on Saturday evening. Dine with fellow sleuths and
possible criminal suspects, then become part of a rollicking investigation of the previous night’s murder. You won’t know if you are the
murderer until the mystery is solved by you and fellow guests.

Complimentary wine is served both Friday and Saturday nights. During the day on Saturday, guests are invited to explore our charming
town of Manitou Springs, to venture into Colorado Springs or to enjoy the many attractions in our area.

Cost of the entire murder mystery weekend package for two people, which includes two nights lodging, two breakfasts, appetizers,
dinner, and our murder mystery, will depend on the room that you select. Please call for more details

Red Crags Estates:

Red Crags B&B
Howard and Lynda Lerner, Innkeepers
302 El Paso Boulevard
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829
(719) 685-1920
(800) 721-2248
FAX: 719-685-1073

Rockledge Country Inn
328 El Paso Blvd • Manitou Springs, CO 80829
p: 888.685.4515 [TOLL FREE] • p: 719.685.4515 • f: 719.685.1031

Bed and Breakfast at Historic Onaledge
336 El Paso Boulevard
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

         The Avenue Hotel - A Victorian Bed and Breakfast ~ (formerly Grays Avenue Hotel)
         <<< Haunted >>>

                                                                  Photos from the Avenue Hotel website

Built in 1886 as the Avenue Hotel, it has served as a Hotel, a boarding house, apartment building, a lodge, and private residence. In
1984 the Grays converted it to Manitou's First Bed and Breakfast. It is a wonderful 7-room historic turn of the century Queen Anne in the
heart of Manitou Spring's Historic District. Our accommodations include private bathrooms, most with claw foot tub and shower, a
delicious breakfast served daily a Jacuzzi in the back garden and spa services available. There are also many restaurants , shops and
art galleries within walking distance of the inn. All this makes for a memorable stay. Avenue Hotel, A Victorian Bed and Breakfast, is
conveniently located in the Colorado Rocky Mountain foothill region of Pikes Peak, Home of Pikes Peak Cog Railway and Pikes Peak
Highway, just 4 miles west of Colorado Springs Colorado.


"This old house has lots of odd noises. Several guests have expressed different events.
The most note was a long term guest that said every time his girlfriend came over the tapestry in his room would fall off the wall. We also
had a local ghost hunter come and do his thing her for a book he is writing.

He said we have one lady ghost that spends most of her time in the kitchen but travels all over the B&B. He said she was a friendly ghost
and that she wants people to be comfortable. He felt because of her strong desire to comfort that she may have been a previous

This was built as a railroad hotel in 1886 so who knows. Manitou has a big reputation on its ghostly reputation and it is just an over all
wonderful place to visit."

From the Innkeeper

Kevin Abney- Innkeeper
Grays Avenue Hotelgs, Colorado 80829
A Victorian B&B in the heart of Manitou Springs CO
711 Manitou Avenue

719-685-1277  or    (800) 294-1277


                                       Craftwood Inn

During extensive renovations of The Craftwood in the summer of 1988, a secret room was discovered in the attic. Behind a door that
looked more like a wall were artifacts from the past that revealed a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Engravings, old photographic
plates, metal works and a mirror reflected a time in Colorado few know about.

Built in 1912, it stands today as a symbol of a different type of pioneer. While most think early Colorado was filled with cowboys, cavalry,
Indians, trappers, traders and miners; there was another pioneer spirit whose ghost still walks the streets of Manitou Springs. It was the
artist and the craftsman who also came to Colorado seeking freedom and creativity in a natural setting.

Roland Bautwell built The Craftwood Inn and The Onaledge Bed & Breakfast, both fine examples of English Country Tudor. In Bautwell's
time, Colorado Springs was known as little London.

He was an Englishman, an architect, a builder, a photographer and a coppersmith. He was part of the Arts and Crafts movement that
moved from Europe to the Americas at the turn of the century. The movement was man's humanistic and artistic response to the
industrial revolution. Taking the technology of the day and utilizing it for artistic expression within a natural environment was the central
theme of the Arts and Crafts movement.

For many, Colorado was the ideal setting for such endeavors.

In 1940, The Craftwood became a restaurant. In its heyday the cuisine was exquisite, attracting dignitaries and celebrities in search of
fine food and ambience. Cary Grant and Bing Crosby lunched by the window seat and Lawrence Welk and Liberace were also frequent
guests. An owner of the Hope Diamond leased the entire estate one summer as did Harry Truman's daughter on another occasion.

The Craftwood Inn reopened in the fall of 1988. The owners, Dave and Kathy Symonds, along with Chef Jeff Knight welcome you to The
Craftwood Inn and the tradition that is pure Colorado. Our new Colorado Cuisine carries on the spirit of Bautwell and The Arts and Crafts
movement. Our produce is Colorado's own, and our game, though indigenous, is drawn from commercial stocks and does not deplete
Colorado's prime natural resources. Coloradoans' appetites are hearty and robust, and so is the cuisine. We invite you to taste the
flavors of Colorado and truly hope you enjoy our Craft in the Woods.

****** Many of the restaurant's employees think a ghost - a pioneer spirit who came here seeking creative freedom in a natural setting -
still roams near a secret room discovered in the attic during extensive renovations in 1988.

"While we were doing the renovation, a woman stopped in and said she had lived there as a child in the 1920s and asked if we had
found the secret latch," co-owner Cris Pulos says. "She showed us where it was. I talked to everyone who owned the restaurant for the
last 40 or 50 years and none of them knew the room was there."

Behind a door that looked like a wall was a treasure trove of turn-of-the century engravings, photographic plates, metal works and an
antique mirror. The English Tudor-style inn was built in 1912 by Roland Bautwell, an English architect, coppersmith and photographer.
The building was originally his coppersmith's shop and Onaledge was his guest home.

No one is ready to claim it is the ghost of Bautwell, who's picture hangs on the men's room door, but "there's definitely, absolutely,
positively something there," says Karen Deeds, a waitress at The Craftwood for seven years.

"I don't see it, but I feel it and most of the people who have worked here over the years have had some sort of experience with it. Our
chef, who's 300 pounds, is totally afraid of this ghost.

"Everyone who feels it says it's friendly but if I need to go up by the attic alone, I run. There's two flights of stairs and I come down without
touching a stair. I get goose bumps from the tips of by toes to the top of my head and I can't stop it. My heart rate goes up. It's intense.

"One night, everyone was feeling it. We have five phone lines and they were all lit up but there was no one there. We're all trying to shut
them off and they wouldn't go off. Everyone was looking over their shoulders all night."

SOURCE: Publication: The Gazette; Date:1995 Oct 30; Section:LIFESTYLE; Page Number 2

404 El Paso Blvd.
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829
Phone:  719-685-9000

404 El Paso Blvd.
Manitou Springs
(719) 685-9000

                                          Miramont Castle

You can contact the Castle by phone at 719-685-1011
You can contact the Tea Room by phone at 719-884-4109

Our mailing address is:


Email us at

Miramont Castle was constructed in 1895 as a private home for Father Jean Baptist Francolon, a French born Catholic priest. The castle
features nine styles of architecture ranging from English Tudor to Byzantine and all crafted from locally quarried greenstone and yellow
pine framing. Today Miramont is a museum dedicated to preserving the Victorian heritage of Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

Miramont Castle is conveniently located just off Ruxton Avenue between the Pikes Peak Cog Railway Depot and the historic downtown
shopping district. For more information call 719-685-1011. Miramont Castle is closed on Mondays.

Miramont Castle is a magnificent hodgepodge. Crammed with Victorian -Age furnishings and art, and necessities, the rock-walled home
is a monument to the subtle luxury enjoyed by the area's upper-crust pioneers.

Local legend claims that a few ghosts still haunt this compact stair-stepped structure, which housed a reclusive priest and his fragile
mother for five years.

Father Jean Baptiste Francolon - like many major figures in the area's early history - arrived in 1892 with a prescription for mineral water
and dry climate. An abdominal problem forced him out of missionary work in Santa Fe. , and he arrived at the foot of Pikes Peak in 1892.
The Catholic priest had plenty of money and had traveled the world. He bought a steep lot alongside the Sisters of Mercy Sanitorium and
made plans for an eclectic home named Miramont Castle, built for his mother, Marie.

The architectural scheme he devised was a collage of nine popular French, British and Mediterranean styles.

The building materials were local: greenstone walls and yellow pine framing.
Forty-six rooms and two greenhouses crawl up the mountainside; few rooms have four square corners.

Francolon and his mother lived sequestered from the community until 1900, when they left abrupty. She died a few months later; he died
in 1922.

When the Sisters of Mercy sanitorium burned down in 1907, patients and staff moved into Francolon's vacant castle and stayed open
until 1928.

The Manitou Springs Historical Society rescued the castle from a succession of apartment-building owners in 1976, and Miramont Castle
was added to the National Register of Historic Places the next year.

Miramont Castle, 9 Capitol Hill Ave., Manitou Springs.
"Miramont Castle: A Brief History," by Shirley Copp.

Source: The Colorado Springs Gazette, June 10th, 1990
Andy Dennison; Gazette Telegraph

                             Onaledge Bed and Breakfast
.....Now operating as a B&B again!

Friendly ghosts at the historic Onaledge, a bed and breakfast in Manitou Springs, make their presence known regularly with their sense
of humor.

"Psychics who have stayed here say there's an old man and a young man sitting on benches on either side of the fireplace," says Adam
Podell, Onaledge proprietor.

"We've had people who stayed here who couldn't stay in bed because it was leaning. We've been up to their room with a level to show
them it wasn't. Still, one man kept falling out of bed. I like to not disbelieve. Instead of `Prove it to me,' I tend to say prove that it's not
true. One person said that their newspaper floated across their room."

Adam's mother, Shirley Podell, who bought and renovated the Onaledge 10 years ago, thinks the ghosts moved in from the neighboring
Craftwood Inn after Craftwood co-owner Jean Pulos performed a cleansing ceremony by waving embers of cedar.

People come to this house in Manitou Springs year round. What brings them here is curiosity. Some are believers; some skeptics and all
are looking for proof one way or the other.

Cold spots are indications of spirits. Visitors make their way through the home with thermometers and dowsing rods. Each utensil said to
detect the presence of a spirit or ghost. The house was once a Bed and Breakfast. It was named “On-A-Ledge” by Alyssa Kevil’s
grandmother. She had a lot of different hotels and motels but if there were anywhere in the world she could be it would be here.

Alyssa says her grandmother frequently mentioned dancing lights throughout the rooms. She even had names for some of the spirits
that lived with her. For decades, people who have lived and stayed in this house have shared stories about seeing apparitions around
this fireplace. They almost always mention this seat over here. They talk about an old man who sits in the chair alongside a young boy
and the faint smell of pipe tobacco that lingers in the air.

The stories have been passed on for generations. What is more convincing is the story the camera tells. The camera caught three quick
successions of what appears to be light or energy on tape. Closer inspection shows, in slow motion the last sequence of the video
reveals what looks like an orb flying out of the blast of light and into the wall. They say they are residual haunting.

Stephanie Waters runs tours through the privately owned home. Although she has seen this video dozen of times, it never ceases to
amaze her. She says unexplained lights; shadows, even smells and sounds are commonplace here. Although sometimes startling, she
says they are never threatening. It is almost like a ghost that is kind of stubborn. It wants to be here because it enjoys being here.

The stories are compelling but what really stands out is the video. Mark Manning, a video expert watches the tape with a skeptical eye.
He is a Paranormal Investigator and has seen a lot of video that has been tampered with. He says that doesn’t seem to be the case here
but there is something about this tape that disturbs him.

When the flash does occur it is always outside the camera. It is never directly in the center of the tape. Manning says he would like to
visit the house, take some readings and investigate further.

As far as visitors here go, they say they don’t need an expert to tell them what is real or not. Just walking through this house chills them
to the bone.




Click here for more pictures

~~~~ Located in the Craftwood Historic District

~~~~ Built in 1912 by Roland Boutwell, the builder of the Craftwood Inn.


                               Peacock Bed & Breakfast

                                                      Now a private home- no longer operating as a B&B

"Thank you for you interest in the Peacock Bed & Breakfast.  We are sad to report that after 5 years of servicing our
wonderful guests, we have sold our charming home as a residence and closed our business.  We are referring guests to
1892 Victoria’s Keep Bed & Breakfast which is another Victorian B&B only a few blocks away in Historic Manitou Springs.  
Thank you again for your support."


Peacock B&B  was rated as one of the Ten Best B&Bs to Sleep With a Ghost on Halloween.

Peacock B&B, Manitou Springs, CO: Its colorful history as a former bordello may explain the ghostly girl seen trying on jewelry, while
other spirits sneak up the back staircase. Stay two nights starting at $90 nightly through October 31, and enjoy a free guided mystical
tour of Manitou Springs. Info: 866-685-0123.

41 Lincoln Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO  80829
719-685-0123 or 1-866-685-0123

Lavishly restored Victorian nestled in the hills of Manitou Springs.  Tranquil setting with Victorian veranda and great views.  Private
Jacuzzi tubs, outdoor hot tub, and gourmet breakfast.

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