Ghost Stories of Miramont Castle

                                       Manitou Springs


We would like to present to you, for you enjoyment, things that have gone bump in the night.  
There has been the usual happenings (hearing footsteps when no one was there, items
mysteriously moving, lights turning themselves on and of course voices).  It is up to you to:   

-My own experiences are few, but interesting none the less.  I was in the tearoom kitchen with my
friend (and our president) Kathy.  Her youngest son was with us; he was about 3 years old at the
time.  We were the only ones in the castle (or so we thought).  Dusty grew real nervous and
scared.  He came to me and asked who was in the castle and I told him we were the only ones.  He
was very scared and wanted to go upstairs to the third floor.  I had to carry him.  We went up there
and Kathy decided to take me down the servant’s staircase to the chapel.  I again had to hold
Dusty; he refused to go down the stairs.  Kathy went to the chapel door, cracked it open and
could hear singing.  I went down and
couldn’t hear anything, but the spot was very cold and the hair stood up at the base of my neck.

-Another time Kathy, my mom and myself were in the solarium (we do a lot together).  Again, we
were the only ones in the castle.  I heard a man and woman having a heated discussion.  I looked
at Kathy and she looked at me as if to say “did you hear that”?  Just then, my mom asked if we
heard that and the voices stopped.

-My last episode was during Victorian Christmas.  I was by the craft table, and Dusty was cleaning
the guest bedroom.  He looked in the mirror and the face of a woman in Victorian dress was
looking back.<o:

-Then there was the time that Kathy was by the butler’s kitchen looking toward the grand staircase.
She saw a man in a frock coat and a woman in a bustle dress wearing an old style hat coming
down the stairs.  She could see right through them.

-A psychic was going through the castle and said she felt and conversed with the spirit of Mother
Francoln’s niece, Amanda.  We don’t know if the Francoln’s ever had any relatives there from

-Several dolls have been restored and displayed on the fourth for by the little landing going to the
servant’s quarters.  The area had been sealed off for quite a while.  

-Since then, one of our volunteers who works in the gift shop saw a young girl, holding a doll in
the Christmas room.  She thought it was a doll at first, but then realized that she could see right
through her.

-A man with a video setup saw the same girl carrying a doll in the same room.  He too could see
through her.

-A young woman said that at the grand staircase, the tablecloth with the flowers on it just came off
of the table.  She said that another woman saw it with her.

-Another board member had her first experience in March of 1999.  She had been involved with
the castle for about 1-1/2 years.  She had heard stories, but thought people were making them
up.  It was closing time, around 3:05pm.  The sun had already gone behind the mountains.  With
workbag and pocket book in tow, she began to walk from the front counter (in the gift shop) to the
rear hallway.  When she looked up, she saw her.  She was a woman dressed in a cream colored
dress with long sleeves, high collar, laced bib front and ankle length.  She was coming toward
Bee.  The biggest problem was that she had no head (the woman).  Whoever or whatever is was
seemed to turn as looking back at Bee and disappeared into the Christmas room.

-Do you have your own story to share, if so, we would like to hear from you.  We would like to hear
from you even if you don’t have a story.



Miramont Castle
9 Capitol Hill
Manitou Springs, Colorado


Ghosts that inhabit this four-story, 48-room mansion may not be haunting it; they might just be lost.

Miramont Castle is a maze of staircases, hallways, odd-angled rooms and musty Victorian relics.
A secret corridor, closed to the public, is on the second floor. It's the prototypical haunted house,
and has a boatload of haunts.

"We've got people all the time (who) are saying crazy things are going on," said Bob Yager,
Miramont's executive director.

The castle was built in 1895 by a French priest as a private residence. It later became a
tuberculosis sanitarium (run by the Sisters of Mercy), a fashionable retreat and an apartment

Yager never has seen a ghost in his 15 years at Miramont, but several spirits are said to haunt
the mansion. One is that of a pregnant nun who committed suicide nearly a century ago. Another
appears to be that of a little girl carrying a doll.

Sightings are so commonplace that castle volunteers have started a book, located in the gift shop,
in which visitors are encouraged to report any unusual happenings.

Accessibility: The castle, now a museum, is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays.

Cost: $6 for ages 16 and older, $2 for children 6-15, and free for those younger than 5.

From: Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)

October 31, 2004   
Section: Life
Page: LIFE1

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