Nederland is a scenic mountain town located in Boulder County, Colorado, United States. As of the 2000 census, the
town had a total population of 1,394.

Nederland began its history as the site of the mill for silver ore from the rich mines at Caribou (now a ghost town five
miles away) and, during World War I, for tungsten ore from surrounding mines. Today it is better known as a gateway to
outdoor recreation in the nearby Indian Peaks and the new James Peak Wilderness Areas. Located 20 miles west of
Boulder, it is the Gateway to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

On Barker Reservoir within Roosevelt National Forest, Nederland hosts two major events every year: Frozen Dead Guy
Days and NedFest.


Frozen Dead Guy Days ®

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                Frozen Dead Guy Days ®
                                     Held annually in March

                    ~~~~~    2006 Schedule of Events    ~~~~~

Friday, March 10th, 2006

4pm – 10pm FDGD Expo at the Best Western Lodge at Nederland.

7:30pm FDGD® officially kicks off with a special Opening Ceremony unveiling a snow sculpture in the Highway

8:00pm Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the FDGD Expo, $5/$3.

8pm – 1am Come dressed frozen or dead or both to Grandpa’s Blue Ball at Black Forest Restaurant, with Onda, a 9-
piece Latin dance band.

9:00pm Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

10:00pm Ice Queen & Grandpa Look-Alike contests at Grandpa’s Blue Ball. $5 contestant fee, $100 prize to winner of
each contest.

5pm – 11pm Child Care available at Over the Rainbow Preschool.


Saturday, March 11th, 2006

7:30am - 10:30 am: Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Nederland Area Seniors at First Street Pub & Grill. $5 Adults,
$3 Kids under 12.

10am – 10pm FDGD Expo at the Best Western Lodge at Nederland.

10:00am - Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the FDGD Expo, $5/$3.

10am – Noon Register for Cryonic Parade and Tuff Shed Coffin Races at the Nederland Teens Inc. Youth & Family

10am – Noon Book signing One Too Many Frozen Dead Guys by Pamalla Stockho, at Old Town Books & Ice Cream

11am – Noon Celebrate the Corpse Pose, “Savasana” at Good Karma Yoga Center.

11:00am-  Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free. Noon FDGD Cryonic Parade on First Street,
complete with antique hearses, coffin racers, and festival revelers.

1:00pm- Bizung Family Traditional West African Drumming, at Chipeta Park. Polar Plungers and Tuff Shed Coffin Racers
will be amped as the crowd goes wild with the rhythms of this African drumbeat.

1:00pm - Costume Polar Plunge at Chipeta Park. Take the plunge for your favorite charity. $100 to charity for best
costumed & most creative plunger, $50 to charity for best athletic presentation.

2:00pm - Tuff Shed Coffin Races and Award Ceremony at Chipeta Park.

The Main Event you definitely do not want to miss! $25 team fee, $300 for fastest time, $100 for 2nd place and $50 for
3rd place. Look for “The Flamin’ Flamingos” cheerleaders!

3:00pm-  Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the race finish line Mausoleum, $5/$3.

4:00pm - Frozen T-shirt Contest at the Pioneer Inn. $5 contestant fee, prizes for top three competitors. How fast can you
open it up and get it on? Male and female competitions.

4:00pm-  Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

4pm – 5pm-  Book signing "One Too Many Frozen Dead Guys" by Pamalla Stockho.
At the FDGD Expo at the Best Western Lodge at Nederland.

5:00pm- Brain Freeze Contest at Whistler’s Cafe. $3 contestant fee. Chug ice slurpies for prizes!

5:00pm-- Pink Flamingo Rib Eating Contest at Pink Flamingo Restaurant. $10 entry fee includes souvenir T-shirt, cash
prises for fastest times.

5:00pm- Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

5pm – 8pm Music of Jubal at the Mexican Grill, Free

6:00pm-  FDGD Live Afterlife Auction at the Black Forest Restaurant. Items include an 8'x8' Tuff Shed, 2 cemetery plots
at Crestview Cemetery in Denver, and more.

6:00pm -  Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

7:00pm -  Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the FDGD Expo, $5/$3.

*******  7pm – 9pm = Ghost Stories!!  (Say hello to Grandpa at Old Town Books & Ice Cream Parlor.)

8:00pm - Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the FDGD Expo, $5/$3.

9:00pm  - Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free. 9:00pm –

1:30am - Music of The Eldorans and The Barnes Burners, at Whistler’s Cafe, Free. 9:30pm –

1:00am-  Music of Crazed Individuals at First Street Pub & Grill, Free. 9:30pm –

1:30am-  Music of Salem at the Pioneer Inn, Free.


Sunday, March 12

7:30am – 10:30am Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Nederland Area Seniors at First Street Pub & Grill. $5 Adults,
$3 Kids under 12.

10am – 5pm FDGD Expo at the Best Western Lodge at Nederland.

10am – Noon Book signing One Too Many Frozen Dead Guys by Pamalla Stockho, at Old Town Books & Ice Cream

11am – 2pm Sundance Salmon Toss, $5 contestant fee, Prize for furthest toss: Dinner and a night’s stay at The
Sundance Lodge! Enjoy a delicious brunch while watching the fish fly at the Sundance Lodge & Cafe.

11:00am Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the FDGD Expo, $5/$3.

Noon – 3pm Frozen Beach Volleyball Tournament at the Mexican Grill.
Free entry, prizes for best Beach Attire and for the winning team.

Noon-  Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

1:00pm Rocky Mountain Oyster Eating Contest at First Street Pub & Grill. $10 contestant fee (includes t-shirt & beer),
with $100 for the fastest oyster eater!

1:00pm Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

2:00pm Chronicles of the ICE MAN, at the FDGD Expo, $5/$3.

3:00pm Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

4:00pm Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed film at the FDGD Expo, Free.

5:00pm Special Closing Ceremony in downtown Nederland.

All good things must melt eventually.

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From the Westword:   Voted Best New Festival – Mountains

Cool! The little mountain town of Nederland came up with a novel way to heat up the winter tourism business: Frozen
Dead Guy Days, a festival celebrating Bredo Morstoel, the Norwegian man whose body was frozen after he died back in
1989 and is currently stored in a shed behind the former home of Morstoel's grandson -- a skinny-dipping nutcase who
was sent back to Norway several years ago but is still hoping to thaw and revive his grandfather one day. Festivities at
the first annual incarnation of the reincarnation celebration included a showing of the Beeck sisters' acclaimed
documentary Grandpa's in the Tuff Shed, coffin races, a parade and a pancake breakfast -- fresh, not frozen.

By Bo Shaffer, Cryogenicist

Bredo Morstoel, or as he is known around here, Grandpa in the Tuff Shed, was born in Norway in 1900. He stopped
breathing in 1989, but is currently awaiting re-animation at some undetermined time in the future. This is the Life
Extension Concept: Grandpa is not truly dead, he’s just waiting until they can fix him and bring him back to life. The
concept of cryogenics has been around for a few years.

Grandpa Bredo died in Norway, was cryogenically prepared and frozen in Los Angeles, and currently resides in
Nederland, in a Tuff Shed emblazoned with the logo of the Denver radio station 103.5 The Fox that arranged for the
shed to be donated. The shed sits next to a partially finished, concrete covered, earthquake proof, fire proof, bomb
proof metal supported structure that was intended to be
the main building of the Life Extension Institute. The main building was to connect underground with the vault where the
cryogenic capsules were to be stored. This was the intention of Bredo’s Grandson, Trygve Bauge.

Trygve financed the land and buildings on a slim budget, always intending to get a couple of “paying customers” fairly
fast to help defray expenses. The cryogenic vault was a tin garden shed and the Dewar flasks for the liquid nitrogen
were not in the budget yet. Trygve was keeping the cryonic facility operating on a shoestring, using dry ice to keep
things at a relatively warm—cryonically speaking— but somewhat frosty –109°F.

Things were progressing slow but steady towards the full Institute concept, since there were now two bodies in the
cryonic “vault,” when Trygve ran afoul of the Law. Trygve always felt that he was a citizen of the world and he didn’t have
to show them no stinking Green Card. Even this would have probably been tolerated except that every time he could,
Trygve would call attention to his plight, using the media and making the INS out to be idiots. You can break their rules,
but don’t call them stupid!

It became necessary for INS to do their duty, and this they promptly did by snatching Trygve and hustling his butt off to
Norway. ’Nuff said.

Unfortunately, during the media brouhaha surrounding Trygve’s deportation and abandonment of his elderly mother,
Aud Morstoel (Bredo’s daughter), she happened to mention to a reporter that she just didn’t know how she was going to
take care of the two bodies in the shed. Up until this time, there
were probably only a half dozen people in the whole world that had any idea of what was coming into being on the
property in Nederland. Certainly none of the media nor the quickly summoned police knew anything at all about
cryogenically preserved bodies.

Once the furor had died down and everybody realized there was no crime, the locals decided that it bloody well ought to
be a crime to have dead bodies lying about, and decided to fix that little loophole in local ordinances. Thus, Nederland,
Colorado has one of the few laws in the books regarding the keeping of corpses on private property. It is strictly
verboten, but due to the vagaries of the law, one cannot make a current situation illegal, and therefore Grandpa Bredo
was grandfathered in, and is allowed to remain as a resident alien. Once his family heard about all the ruckus, Grandpa’
s roommate, Al, had to go back to Chicago where his family stuck him in the ground.

When Trygve left, he prevailed on some friends to continue to keep Bredo’s body as cold as possible with dry ice, in
hopes of someday returning to continue his plan for a proper cryogenic facility. After his deportation, Trygve searched
the world for a company that could temporarily sustain his dream.

After looking for over a year, Trygve was able to obtain the specialized services of a company called Delta Tech to
ensure environmental continuity in the maintenance of the only do-it-yourself cryogenic life extension facility in the world.
The planetary ecologists at Delta have maintained Grandpa Bredo’s environment for over seven years.

During this time, the old tin shed was blown to pieces and a timely radio promotion stunt got Bredo a brand new, bigger
shed just in the nick of time.

Psychics have been consulted several times, to try to contact Bredo. Every TV station in the area has done their version
of the Grandpa story. Grandpa has been in every local newspaper. He’s been in The National Enquirer. National
Geographic Magazine did a portion of a cryonics special on Grandpa. TV personality A. Whitney Brown interviewed
Grandpa using psychics for a special news report. Inside Edition, Strange Universe and Globo have all done TV
specials. There was even a short
documentary feature done by a promising local director.

Grandpa Bredo appears to be more famous dead than most of us ever are alive. But he’s not dead. Really. He’s just
awaiting re-animation. It is extremely important to maintain his environment, because if it fails, he will be killed.

Two years ago a US Census taker came to the facility. When he was told what the situation was, he became quite pale
and stuttered, “I’m putting down no one’s home!” and promptly left.

In 2001, the Delta staff and Fox Radio gave Grandpa a New Millennium Birthday Party… He was 101.

A slice of cake was put in with Grandpa to keep until the next millennium.


                                                       <<<<< In The News >>>>>

                                              Daughter of frozen 'Grandpa' charged

By Vanessa Miller, Daily Camera
April 27, 2005

NEDERLAND - The former Nederland Chamber of Commerce president is pressing charges against the daughter of her
town's famous cryogenically frozen "Grandpa" over an alleged incident of harassment this month.

Although Nederland officials say it's unlikely, the dispute could bring an end to the town's Frozen Dead Guy Days - an
event inspired by "Grandpa" Bredo Morstoel, who is stored in a Tuff Shed under dry ice in the 1,394-person community.

The conflict, which is being addressed in Boulder County Court, started after Aud Morstoel, 74, whose son froze her 89-
year-old father after he died in 1989, was invited to Nederland to serve as the parade marshal in this year's fourth
annual festival.

Upon arriving in town, Morstoel saw how successful the event had become, drawing thousands each year, and was upset
her family was not getting more of the proceeds.

Morstoel allegedly confronted former Nederland Chamber of Commerce President Teresa Warren about the issue on
April 12 at First Street Pub. Warren declined comment for this story.

A police report gave this account:

Warren was having dinner with three friends when Morstoel approached their table and "began harassing her about
money she felt she was owed." Warren said Morstoel appeared "drunk and would go sit at another table, stare at Warren
and then come back to Warren's table to threaten and harass her."

The verbal harassment reportedly escalated to a physical "hit" on Warren's shoulder. Although she did not see the "hit,"
Warren said, "it did hurt." Warren became upset and left the restaurant.

The next day, Morstoel was at Warren's store in Nederland, "causing a problem and refusing to leave." A Nederland
police officer was called. He said he saw Morstoel standing near the back of the store and that she had bloodshot and
watery eyes, an unsteady stance and slightly slurred speech.

The officer said Morstoel told Warren she "owed her $60,000 for a shirt." The officer said he smelled alcohol
on Morstoel's breath and she had a fresh injury around her eye.

Morstoel was taken to the police department, and the officer tried "several times to get a breath test from her."
She participated "feebly," police said.

Morstoel was taken to the Alcohol Recovery Center in Boulder, and a charge of harassment was filed against
her. She appeared in court Monday to plead not guilty, said her attorney, David Harrison.

"Aud disputes Teresa Warren," Harrison said. "She may have touched her shoulder, but she did not hit her."

Morstoel's son, Trygve Bauge, who moved to Norway after being deported, said she suffers from paranoia and
manic depression, and was unable to take her medication because it was confiscated when she entered the
country. Bauge said his mother was drinking because she was on vacation, plus she suffered a black eye and
concussion in a fall days before the confrontation.


Morstoel seeking visa extension

By Associated Press
May 16, 2005

OULDER - Immigration officials must decide whether to extend the visa of a Norwegian woman whose father inspired
Nederland's Frozen Dead Guy Days festival so she can fight a harassment charge.

Police allege that Aud Morstoel, 74, hit former Chamber of Commerce President Teresa Warren on the shoulder in April
because she was upset that her family wasn't receiving more proceeds from the festival.   

On Friday, a Boulder County judge set a trial date of July 26 for Morstoel on the misdemeanor charge.

However, Morstoel's three-month visa expires in June. If her request for a visa extension is denied before her trial date,
she will have to return to Norway immediately, Morstoel's attorney David Harrison said.

Prosecutors offered to let Morstoel plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, but a conviction
could be used as grounds to bar her from returning to the country and to Nederland, where she is building a home,
Harrison said.

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