Haunting tales from Northern

Book signing by Nancy Hansford, author of "Northern Colorado Ghost

2 p.m.  on Oct. 29th, 2005

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 4045 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins

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Fort Collins Coloradoan

October 2, 2005
Section: Life
Page: C6

Coloradoan staff:

How did you get the idea for writing a book about ghost stories of Northern Colorado?

When I was researching my first book "Fort Collins Highlights," I learned a few ghost stories
and just put them aside because they didn't fit into the Fort Collins book. One day in May at 3
a.m., it came to me that I should write about ghost stories in the area. My distributor also
thought it was a viable idea, and the project began.

How did you find the sources you used in researching the book? Did you have a way to gauge
their trustworthiness?

The librarians in all the towns I covered were critical in aiding my research to validate or
disprove the stories from early days. When I gathered personal experiences from individuals, it
was very easy to determine their truthfulness.

What is your favorite ghost story in the book? Why?

One of my favorite ghosts is Barlow, who lived in a Loveland restaurant called Josie Dillon's.
He was named Barlow by the owners who were Stephen King fans and thought that name from
the novel `Salem's Lot" fit their resident spirit. Barlow was very kind, as the majority of spirits
are and became a part of the customers' lives as well as becoming the owners' unseen
partner. Who wouldn't love a spirit named Barlow?

According to some of your sources, what are ghosts and why do they haunt particular places?
Is there any way to get them to leave?

Some certified paranormal investigators said ghosts are the disembodied essences of people
who have been unable to ascend to the afterlife. I found that some spirits or ghosts occupy or
visit the place where they died. Other entities appear in places because they have some
unfinished business. A building or residence does not have to be old to host a ghost, even
though most stories do involve historic locations.

According to a credible intuitive, there are ways to help ghosts to leave. She says many need
help ascending to the afterlife and she explains how to do that in the book. Some like having a
resident ghost or spirit and they live together very peacefully.

Did you think ghosts were real before you wrote the book? Has the way in which you think
about ghosts changed in the process of writing the book?

I believed in ghosts before I wrote the book because so many people have shared their
experiences with me. However, I have learned that ghosts are not like the Hollywood depictions
we are all familiar with. Ghosts will show themselves only to those they sense are receptive to
them and, often in forms of spiritual energy or orbs. There are authentic intuitives who are
able to see ghosts. For the rest of us, there are electro magnetic field instruments and other
devices that can indicate the presence of ghosts.


"Northern Colorado Ghost Stories" (Indian Hills BookWorks, $12.95)

Author: Nancy Hansford is the author of "Fort Collins Highlights" and has been a freelance
writer for more than 30 years.

Description: Northern Colorado Ghost Stories takes readers on a ghostly tour of Fort Collins,
Estes Park, Loveland, Longmont, LaPorte and Livermore visiting both well-known and obscure
haunted sites.

Available: Barnes & Noble; B. Dalton, Foothills Mall; Colorado State University Bookstore, Lory
Student Center; Fort Collins Museum Bookstore, 200 Mathews St.; Nature's Own, 201 Linden

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