St. Elmo
               A very spirited ghost town

      St. Elmo Town Hall and Jail

(The St. Elmo Town Hall burned down April 15, 2002.)


St. Elmo Colorado was officially founded in 1880.

Gold and Silver Mining brought many people to the area. There were over 150
Patented mine claims in the St. Elmo area.

Populations reached a high of nearly 2000 people. The DSP&P  laid their tracks up
to St. Elmo and continued  the line through Romley then to Hancock and through the
Historic Alpine Tunnel.

St. Elmo was considered a Hub town for supplies arriving
by train. The tracks were abandoned in 1922. It is said that St. Elmo's Population
rode the last train out of town and never came back.

This a picture looking over the St. Elmo Town Hall at the Home Comfort Hotel

The St. Elmo Schoolhouse

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 Preservation of St. Elmo Ghost Town

                             "The St. Elmo Project"

At the annual meeting of the St. Elmo Property Owner's Association held in  St. Elmo
on Saturday, July 6, 2002, the association passed a resolution to take the necessary
steps to convey the School House and Town Hall properties to the Buena Vista
Heritage.  After a long discussion considering tax exempt status, eligibility for grants
and the limited manpower available for work, the group decided on the transfer.

The St. Elmo residents have been the stewards of these two properties for many
years starting in 1959, but only received the ownership of the School House from
School District R-31 in 1975 and the Town Hall from Chaffee County in 1989.  
Thanks to their efforts, the buildings have been preserved through the many years.

The association has received a historic assessment grant from the Colorado Historic
Fund and has received a grant to work on the town hall before the April fire in town.  
The devastating fire destroyed the Town Hall, Jail and Stark buildings and Buena
Vista Heritage has to make decisions about the possibility of rebuilding and raising
funds for the Town Hall.  BV Heritage is a 501-3c tax exempt association and directly
eligible for grants from the Colorado Historical Funds.

The Heritage plans to work closely with the Association and residents to preserve
and protect St. Elmo.  A St. Elmo Fire fund at the Collegiate Peaks Bank in Buena
Vista is open for donations.

The Buena Vista Heritage welcomes all new members, for there will be much work
involved in this project.  For more information contact Buena Vista Heritage at (719)
395-8458 or, Melanie Roth at 395-6082 or Suzy Kelly
at 395-2572        

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