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The Southern Colorado Crossroads of The West ---- Walsenburg, Colorado ---- Located in Huerfano County

Located on I-25 and US 160, with access to Colo. Hwy 10. Eastern gateway to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Huerfano County presents breathtaking scenery, fascinating history and a wealth of recreational options.
Come and stay for a day and you will want to spend the rest of your life here.

Huerfano County was one of the 17 original  counties when Colorado became a state in 1876.
The word "Huerfano" (War-Fe-No) translated, means "Orphan." It was named after the lone volcanic butte 7 miles north of Walsenburg
on I-25.

Walsenburg is named in honor of  Fred Walsen, an early pioneer, who opened the first coal mines. Black Diamond refers to coal. The
mines are now closed.

Source:  www.huerfanocounty.org/os/huerfanococ.htm

Walsenburg is the county seat of Huerfano County. Located between exits 49 and 52 on the I-25, Walsenburg also sits astride US 160,
the primary east-west route in Southern Colorado. The town is just east of La Veta Pass, gateway to the San Luis Valley and Great
Sand Dunes National Park.

Walsenburg was originally settled as La Plaza de los Leones in 1852 but is named after Fred Walsen, a businessman who settled here
about 1870. It was Fred who opened the first coal mine in the county just west of town in 1876. Walsen Mine was the largest and most
productive coal mine in Huerfano County.


Cemetery Ghost Walk - Walsenburg Mining Museum

Walsenburg Mining Museum
112 W. Fifth Street
PO BOX 134
Walsenburg, CO 81089


Contact the Museum for more information~~ and also to see if they still hold this event.




Ghost walk!   Tombstone Cemetery Tour of South St. Mary Cemetery

Held annually in September-- please call for dates and times: (719) 738-1992 or (719) 738-1065.

For the details and more information- please contact:

Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce
Railroad Depot
For info and directions, call:  (719) 738-1992

Huerfano County Historical Society
400 Main St.
Walsenburg, CO 81089  


E-mail:  hchs@huerfanomuseums.org

(719) 738-1065

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