Beautiful angel statue at Crown Hill Cemetery ~ Wheatridge

{p. 19, black granite, ca. 1912-15, Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheatridge, Colorado}.
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Wheat Ridge has a unique heritage. Its early history actually began with the Gold Rush of 1859.

The Baugh cabin, built by a pioneer miner in 1859, is thought to be the oldest cabin in Colorado still on it's original site. It is located on
the corner of 44th and Robb St. It is being restored in a joint effort of the City of Wheat Ridge and the Wheat Ridge Historical Society.

Although commercial wheat production is a thing of the past, the ridges remain which provide expansive views of the front range. Wheat
Ridge occupies approximately 10 square miles of rolling land in the northwest area of metropolitan Denver and is adjacent to the
Interstate 70 transportation corridor between Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

In 1859 a small group of farmers, some who came to Colorado in search of gold and silver began a rural village in this location. By the
late 1800's, good soils and plentiful water led to the development of a small farming community. Until World War II, the Wheat Ridge
community was a major supplier of fresh produce to Denver.

Today, Wheat Ridge is served by Interstate I-70, linking this bedroom community to the sophistication of downtown Denver and the
natural wonder of the Rocky Mountains.

The rugged terrain of the Rockies that overshadows the great plains of Colorado, where Wheat Ridge and neighboring cities such as
Arvada, Edgewater, Golden, Lakewood and Littleton are situated adds to the allure of this magnificently stunning region of the state.


                                          The haunted old Richards-Hart Estate

                                  Richards-Hart Estate- (@1927) ~ Source of this photo:  www.photoswest.org

Hart residence in Wheatridge, located close to Benton/Chase & 26th.  This brick home at West 28th (Twenty-eighth) Avenue and Benton
Street, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado, has a bay window and a porch/balcony.  

W. 28th Avenue and Benton Street, Wheat Ridge

This charming, victorian estate sits statuesquely on three acres of lush grounds and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Tucked
away in a secluded, historical part of Wheat Ridge, the old-world elegance of this exquisite historic estate is a wonderful location for
weddings and receptions, rehearsal dinners, parties, business meetings, and community gatherings. The estate is surrounded by
beautifully landscaped grounds that are accented with colorful flower gardens and a picturesque fountain. Inside, you'll feel as though
you've stepped back in time as you observe the mansion's old-world elegance with its classic, turn-of-the-century decor featuring period
colors and wallpapers and rich wood trims.

Tours for prospective renters may be arranged Monday through Friday by appointment only. To check availability or to schedule a tour,
please call 303-231-1307.

                                                 THE HISTORY OF RICHARDS-HART ESTATE


In 1859 James Richards, a 20 year old from Illinois, arrived penniless at Russell Gulch. A hardworking farmer and astute businessman,
he quickly made his fortune. In the mid-1860s he married Elizabeth. Their first child was born in 1868 and died at the age of 3 months. In
1869 and 1870, two other sons were born; in 1874 Effie, the only daughter arrived, and in 1876, son Charles completed the family. In
1869 James Richards homesteaded 160 acres at 26th Ave. to 32nd Ave., Sheridan to Harlan. He built his country residence, called Lake
Side, at what is now 27th and Benton St., overlooking Sloan’s Lake. He had multiple business interests in Denver and Colorado but his
residence is always listed as Lake Side in Wheat Ridge. The original house, of Italianate architecture, had beautifully landscaped
grounds with unusual trees (Linden, Kentucky Coffee, Catalpa, Walnut, Evergreens), a fountain, etc. He grew wheat, averaging 30
bushels per acre. He had a large orchard and a vineyard that yielded 2-3 tons annually. A few years later he added the western portion
of the house, built in the less ornate Queen Anne Cottage style. On May 22, 1883, at age 44, he died at his home of unknown causes.
Services were the next day at the residence. The family remained in the residence until 1911.


Jocelyn and Lovella Manby purchased the property in 1911. Mr. Manby was born and educated in England but had traveled extensively.
He had finally settled with his family in Trinidad, Colorado when they bought the Wheat Ridge property. The Manby family raised four
children in the home; three of them were married at the mansion. The family remained in the home until 1926, when they traded it to
Patrick Hart. PATRICK F. HART FAMILY 1926-1976 In June of 1926, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hart traded their 640 acre cattle ranch near
Leadville, Colorado to Lovella Manby for the five acre property at 5349 W. 27th Avenue and a Denver apartment building. Mr. Hart was a
well known and successful merchant in Leadville. For over two years the Harts repaired, remodeled and landscaped the property and
moved in early in the summer of 1928. The exterior was stuccoed, hardwood floors replaced the original ones and an art deco fireplace
was built in the living room. A new hot water heating system with a coal stoker was installed, replacing the various coal heating stoves
previously used throughout the house. The east side of the property was a 75 tree apple orchard of several varieties and the family
enjoyed making cider in the press.

Mr. Hart passed away on Christmas Day 1928, due to complications from an auto accident. He had lived in the home only six months. He
left his widow with six children to raise, the youngest three years old. For several years Mrs. Hart rented the fields to local farmers raising
various produce on a share basis. She canned, preserved and stored her portion in the fruit cellar of the house for her family’s use. In
1929 due to a fire of undetermined origin the one car garage burned. The boys built another garage in 1934, which was razed in 1983.
In 1932 Mrs. Hart had extensive remodeling done in the kitchen which included installation of a Skelgas combination range, cabinets and
new appliances. A back porch was added for laundry facilities. There is an artesian well on the property which the Harts never used. One
daughter, Marie and her husband, John Brovsky, built a home on the southwest corner of the property in 1965 to be close to and care
for Mrs. Hart in her golden years. Mrs. Hart passed away in 1971, leaving her estate to her children. In 1976 the children sold the
property to the City of Wheat Ridge. This included the house and five acres of ground, less the Brovsky lot.

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Past event:

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Halloween Luncheon at the Richards-Hart Estate!

The Richard-Hart Estate is the perfect setting for ghost stories! You will have a chance to look at a variety of unique Halloween toys and
decorations from years past, enjoy lunch and then listen as our storyteller spins scary Halloween tales.

12 noon

$6.50   ($7.50 if purchased after 10/27)

West 28th Avenue & Benton St
Richards-Hart Estate (1877)
5349 W. 27th Ave.

Information regarding the Richards-Hart Estate is handled at:

City of Wheat Ridge
4005 Kipling Street
Wheat Ridge, CO  80033

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