U.S. Ghost Links

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                                                                 Including.....the bizarre, the creepy, & the macabre!

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Alabama Paranormal Investigators:

Alabama Ghost Hunter's Society

Alabama Paranormal Society

Ghost Hunters of the South - (Mobile)

Haunted Alabama Ghost Investigations

Flickering Lights Paranormal Investigation and Research Society - (based in NW Alabama)

Alabama Ghostly & Paranormal Links:

Haunted Alabama

West Alabama Paranormal Radio --- the official radio show of the West Alabama Paranormal Research & Investigation Group.


Alaska Paranormal Investigators:

Paranormal Explorers of Alaska - (P.E. AK)

Midnight Sun Paranormal Society - (MSPS) - (Anchorage)

Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska - (IOPIA)

Alaska Paranormal Research - (APR)

Alaska Ghostly & Paranormal Links:

Haunted Alaska

Haunted places in Alaska (from the Shadowlands website)

Alaska's haunted hotspots

The haunted Gakona Lodge & Trading Post

Book: Haunted Alaska: Ghost Stories from the Far North - by Ron Wendt

Strange Alaska Magazine


Arizona Paranormal Investigators:

MVD Ghostchasers of Mesa & Bisbee

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association

Arizona Paranormal Investigations

The Yuma Spirit Hunters of Yuma, Arizona

United Paranormal Investigation Society - (UPIS) - Your Arizona Ghost Hunters

Arizona Paranormal Investigations, Inc.  - (S.P.I.)

Tombstone Paranormal Investigations ~ {.T.P.I}

Arizona Paranormal Links:

The haunted Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee

Ghost stories of the haunted Red Garter Bed & Balery- (Williams)

Ghosts of Tombstone DVD (from Ghost Trackers)

Haunted Arizona  {from Ghosts of the Prairie ~ History & Hauntings of America}

Ghosts, Phantoms and Apparitions of Our Haunted Deserts - (Desert USA)

Haunted Arizona: Ghosts of the Grand Canyon State -  by Ellen Robson

Antonio R. Garcez- Ghost Author (Arizona Ghost Stories)

Sleeping With Ghosts!: A Ghost Hunter's Guide To Arizona's Haunted Hotels And Inns - by Debe Branning

Ghostly Legends of Arizona- (from the Legends of America website)


Arkansas Ghost Links:

Haunted Arkansas

The Ghosts of Arkansas- The Crescent Hotel

Ghosts and Hauntings at the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

Ghost Stories -Spooky Stories of the Crescent Hotel Hauntings

Live-In Entities of the Crescent Hotel – Why the Grand Old Lady Never Sleeps

Basin Park Hotel- Ghost Guests

Paranormal Studies of Arkansas

Arkansas Paranormal Investigators:

Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team

Arkansas Paranormal Research Association - (APRA)

Arkansas Paranormal Investigations - (API)

Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research

Engaging Spirits Arkansas Paranormal Investigations - (ESAPI)

Paranormal Studies of Arkansas


California Ghost Links:

The Queen Mary - (Long Beach)

Erika Frost- Paranormal hostess of the haunted Queen Mary

The Official Richard Senate Ghost Hunter Web Site- (& Ghost- Blog)

California Paranormal Investigators:

Sonoma County Paranormal Institute- (S. C. P. I.) - Paranormal Investigation Department- Education & Scientific Discovery in the World of the

H.P.I.- Haunted & Paranormal Investigations of Northern California

Ghost Trackers Paranormal Research Group - The Center for ParaPsychical Research - (Serving Santa Clara County/ Northern CA)

California Haunts Paranormal Research Team - (located in Sacramento, California, the California Gold Country, the Bay Area, NV, & TX)

The San Diego Ghost Hunters

Orange County Paranormal Investigation Team - (OCPIT)

American Paranormal Investigations- (based out of Sacramento)

Ventura Haunts-  Ghost Hunters & Investigations



Spooky Mountain News -  (Denver - Rocky Mountain News)

www.ghostbooks.biz/colorado.htm - (Ghost author Antonio Garcez' new book in May 2008: Colorado Ghost Stories

Denver Hearse Society


The Denver Haunted Hunt

Haunted at Timberline

STRANGE COLORADO- (By John Hafnor- author of "Strange But True, Colorado" ~ Weird Tales of the Wild West)

Faith Ranoli-- c/o Historical Insights  (Denver historic home inspections/ and histories)

Anthony Quinata - Psychic Medium  - (Castle Rock)

Historical Insights


*** For Colorado Paranormal Investigators, click HERE!


Connecticut Paranormal Investigators:

Connecticut Ghost Hunter Society - (CTGHS)

Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society

Mr. Haunted LLC  -  (Skeleton Crew Paranormal Research Society)

Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation - (CSOPI)

Supernatural Inc. Investigations - (Torrington)

Connecticut paranormal links:

Connecticut Magazine article: Seeing Ghosts

Connecticut Ghosts: Spirits in the State of Steady Habits (book)

Haunted Connecticut: Ghosts And Strange Phenomena of the Constitution State (book)

Creepy Connecticut

Legendary Connecticut: Traditional Tales from the Nutmeg State (book)

Connecticut's Seaside Ghosts: Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings from Connecticut's Shore

Jeff Belanger article from GhostVillage:  Dudleytown - A New England Ghost Town

Troy Taylor article: The Curse of Dudleytown: The Story Behind one of the Most Infamous Lost Towns in American History

Haunted Connecticut

Article from the Bolton Community News: GHOSTS OF BOLTON PAST AND PRESENT- by Hans DePold, Town Historian

Spooktacular Connecticut:  Connecticut's Most Haunted Towns and Places (from thisIsCT.net)


Delaware Paranormal Investigators:

Delaware Ghost Hunters

Delaware Paranormal Links:

Haunted Delaware: Delightfully Dreadful Legends of the First State - (By Caroline Woods)

Civil War GHOSTS at Fort Delaware ~ (By Ed Okonowitz)

In Search of Ghosts: Haunted Places in the Delaware Valley - (By Elizabeth P. Hoffman)

District of Columbia   (Washington, D.C.)

D.C. Paranormal Investigators:

DC Metro Area Ghost Watchers

Baltimore / Washington Paranormal Investigators

D.C. Paranormal Links:

The Ghost of the National Theatre


Florida Paranormal Investigators:

Haunted Florida: Paranormal Investigators of Central Florida

Ghost Pros Professional Paranormal Investigators -- UNDERSEA PARANORMAL TECHNOLOGY AND EXPLORATION!!

Paranormal Investigators of Central Florida

Big Bend Ghost Trackers - (Tallahassee)

Florida Paranormal Research Foundation

Florida Paranormal Research

Florida Ghost Team

North Florida Paranormal Research Agency  - (Monticello, FL)

Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc

GHG Ghost Hunters - North West Florida Paranormal Research

Southern Ghosts

Paranormal Research Organization of Florida

Peace River Ghost Tracker Paranormal Investigations - (Located in Charlotte County; in S.W. Florida)

Southern Ghosts

Florida Paranormal Links:

Haunted Florida

Shadowlands: Haunted Places in Florida


Georgia Paranormal Investigators:

The Paranormal Investigation and Research Group ~  {P.I.R.G.} - Based in Albany, GA

The Georgia Ghost Society

West Georgia Paranormal Research Society

Georgia Paranormal Research Team

HGWI Ghost Investigators ~ {Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation is based out of Atlanta, GA.}

Research and Investigation of the Paranormal - (Atlanta)

Georgia Paranormal Links:

Haunted places in Georgia (from the Shadowlands website)

THE GA HAUNT HUNT TEAM (haunted sites)

Haunted Hotel -- The Partridge Inn in Augusta, Georgia

Top Haunted Spots-  By Citysearch-  Atlanta

Haunted Bonaventure Cemetery- (Savannah)

Atlanta Vampire Alliance


Hawaii Paranormal Investigators:

Supernatural Hawaii

Oahu Paranormal Society (OPS)

Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society - (Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters)

Hawaii Paranormal Links:

Haunted Hawaii: Spooktacular stories of some scary island places


Idaho Paranormal Investigators:

The International Paranormal Reporting Group ~ (formerly the Idaho Spirit Seekers)  - Headquartered in Nampa, Idaho.

Paranormal Society of Idaho

Idaho Paranormal Links:

The haunted & historic Get Inn- in Gooding, Idaho


Illinois Paranormal Investigators:

Haunted Chicago Paranormal Research and Investigation

Midway Paranormal Society  -  (Chicago area)   - - - - - - -   a n d  their Facebook page

Mississippi Valley Paranormal - (MVP  covers Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, including the Quad Cities.

Springfield Ghost Society

Will County Ghost Hunters Society

Chicago Ghost Hunters Society

Crawford County, Illinois Ghost Hunters Society

Illinois Paranormal Links:

Naperville's First Ghost Book and "Official Ghost Guide: Naperville, Chicago's Haunted Neighbor, Vol. I:  An Exploration into Naperville's Bizarre
History and True Stories of its Unrested Dead - Book from famous author and Naperville Historian Kevin Frantz.   Amazon.com link to Kevin's book:

Naperville Ghost Tour host Kevin Frantz' captivating and chilling video teaser - YouTube

Ghost Tours of Naperville Story Pages

Ghosts of the Fox River Valley  and  Ghosts of Interstate 90: East of the Mississippi River  by author Donna Latham -


Indiana Paranormal Investigators:

Indiana Ghost Trackers

Elizabethtown Ghost Hunters of Indiana

Hoosier Paranormal Research

Indy Ghost Hunters

Wolfpack Paranormal - (Greensburg, IN)

Indiana Paranormal Links:



Iowa Paranormal Investigators:

319 Paranormal - (Cedar Rapids)

Adrenaline Paranormal Research Society - (A.P.R.S.)    ~    AND ~ their Facebook page

Carroll Area Paranormal Team ~ (C.A.P.T.)  -

Central Iowa Paranormal Investigators ~ (C.I.P.I.)

Central Iowa Supernatural Seekers/Paranormal Investigations ~ (C.I.S.S.P.I.)  -  (Perry, IA)

Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators ~ (C.C.P.I.)  -  (Cedar Falls)   - - - - -    Facebook page

Des Moines Iowa Extreme Paranormal Advanced Research Team  ~ (Iowa Ghost Hunters)

Earthbound Paranormal of Iowa - (Des Moines)

Eastern Iowa Paranormal Alliance - (Vinton, IA)

Iowa Paranormal

Researching Iowa's Paranormal ~ (R.I.P.) -  (Fort Atkinson, IA)

Mississippi Valley Paranormal) - (covers Eastern Iowa, W. Illinois; including the Quad Cities

Mercer County Paranormal Investigators  (Iowa and Illinois

South Central Iowa Paranormal Investigative Team ~ (S.C.I.P.I.T.)

Supernatural Research Society of Iowa ~ (SRSOI)

West Central Iowa Paranormal ~ (W.C.I.P.)

Iowa Paranormal Links:

Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators' documentary series: Haunted Iowa!... which is COMING SOON!

Villisca Axe Murder House (documentary video- now on DVD!  (From Millers Paranormal Research)

Official Site of the Villisca Axe Murders  ------  (haunted)

Council Bluffs- the haunted & historic Squirrel Cage Jail

Strawberry Point - the historic Franklin Hotel


Kansas Paranormal Investigators:

Kansas Paranormal Group  - (Northeast Kansas)

Paranormal Research Investigators - (Topeka)

Olathe Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation - (OSPRI)

Wichita Paranormal Research Society

Kansas Paranormal Links:

The Eldridge Hotel - The Eldridge Ghost - (Lawrence)

Kansas Ghost Works

Lisa Hefner Heitz-   Author of 'Haunted Kansas'

The "In Cold Blood" murder house - was for sale (private auction) in October 2006- Click here for the details


Kentucky Paranormal Investigators:

Louisville Ghost Hunters Society

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society - (K.A.P.S.)

Bardstown Paranormal Society

Kentucky Paranormal Research - (K.P.R.)

Kentucky Para-4

Northern Kentucky Paranormal Group - (NKYPG)

Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society

Paranormal Investigators Of Northern Kentucky - (P.I.N.K.)

Paranormal Investigators of Southern Kentucky - (P.I.S.K.)  - Ft. Campbell

Spirit Hunters of Central Kentucky - (SHOCK)

The Hauntings Investigators of Northern Kentucky - (THINK)

TM Ghost Hunters

The Paranormal Realm - (TPM) - Louisville

Kentucky Paranormal Links:

My Old Kentucky Ghosts


Louisiana Paranormal Investigators:

Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations

SouthWest Louisiana (SWLA) Paranormal

Louisiana Paranormal Links:

The Shadows of Oak Alley Plantation- (Vacherie, Louisiana)

Haunted Happenings at the Magnolia Mansion (New Orleans)

Louisiana's Haunted Plantations - (by Jill Pascoe)

The Haunting of Louisiana- (by Barbara Sillery)

The Myrtles Plantation: The True Story of America's Most Haunted House - (by Frances Kermeen)

Field Reports from the haunted Loyd Hall Plantation - Cheneyville, Louisiana


Maine Paranormal Investigators:

Kennebec County Paranormal Society

Maine's Paranormal Research Association

Maine Ghost Hunters Society

River Cities Paranormal Society Maine

Maine Paranormal Links

Maine Unsolved ~ {Investigations Into Maine's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries and True Crime!}

Strange Maine


Maryland Paranormal Investigators:

The Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research

The Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition

Frederick Ghost Investigations

Baltimore / Washington Paranormal Investigators

Maryland Paranormal Links:

Maryland Ghosts- blogspot

Beltsville Ghosts

The haunted Point Lookout Lighthouse

Ellicott City Remains Very Haunted (article)

Haunted Ellicott City

Maryland's Haunted Castle: Lilburn


Mass. Paranormal Investigators:

Berkshire Paranormal Group

Massachusetts Ghost Hunting Society

Mass. Ghostly Links:

The Ghost from The Old Yarmouth Inn

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast


Michigan Paranormal Investigators:

Grimstone, Inc. - Paranormal Investigators of Michigan

Michigan Ghost Busters- Paranormal Investigators

Michigan Paranormal (M.O.P..A.R) -(Michigan Organization of Paranormal Activity Research)

Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization

ParaHaunt- (Paranormal Research and Investigation)

Michigan Paranormal Links:


Minnesota Paranormal Investigators:

Hastings Paranormal Team - (H.P.T.)

Minnesota Paranormal Study Group (M.N.P.S.G.)

MidNIte Walkers Paranormal Research Society

Minnesota Paranormal Investigators Group - (M.N.P.I.G.)

Sanity Check Paranormal Investigators - (S.C.P.I.)

Twin Cities Paranormal Society - (St. Paul)

Minnesota Paranormal Links:


Mississippi Paranormal Investigators:

Mississippi Ghosthunters and Paranormal Investigators

SPIRE- North Mississippi Paranormal Investigators

Mississippi Paranormal Links:

Field Reports of the haunted Baldwin House - Vicksburg, Mississippi

Field Reports from the haunted Duff Green Mansion - Vicksburg, Mississippi

Field Reports of the haunted Broadcountry Cinema 3 - Magee, Mississippi

Ghosts! Personal Accounts of Modern Mississippi Hauntings -(by Sylvia Booth Hubbard)


Missouri Paranormal Investigators:

ELITE Paranormal of Kansas City ~ (KC Metro area - both MO & KS) - Click here for their Facebook page -- Twitter -- YouTube

Missouri Paranormal Society - (M.O.P.S.) ~ (Kansas City)

Sedalia Ghost Hunters

Missouri Investigators of Paranormal Research - (M.I.P.A.)

Joplin Paranormal

Haunted Missouri Paranormal Studies

Ghost Vigil Investigations of Kansas City

Paranormal Activity Investigators - (P.A.I.) - (Kansas City)

Becky Ray's Ghosts A Go-Go! - (Kansas City area -based Paranormal Investigator)

Missouri Office of Paranormal Investigations - (M.O.P.I.)

North American Paranormal Research and Investigation Society (NAPRIS) - Lees Summit, MO

Ghost Hunters & Investigators of the Ozarks -{G.H.I.O.} - (based in Aurora, MO)

Missouri Paranormal Research Society

Miller's Paranormal Research  (Kansas City, MO area)

Ghost Hunters of St. Louis, Transcendental Society

Missouri Ghost Hunters Society

Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri - (a St. Louis - based paranormal investigation and research group)

Grandview Association with the Society of the Paranormal  - {GASP-Paranomal Research}

Missouri Paranormal & Creepy Links:

Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri - (St. Louis)

The Haunted Lemp Mansion- (St. Louis) - From the Legends of America website

Underground Ozarks


Montana Paranormal Links:

Haunted Montana ~ By author Karen Stevens ~ author of Haunted Montana,  and the just-published More Haunted Montana,

Paranormal Montana

The Lonely Lady and Other Ghosts of Chico Hot Springs - (Debra D. Munn)

"Beyond Spirit Tailings: Montana's Mysteries, Ghosts and Haunted Places" by historian Ellen Baumler

Telling Ghost Stories- Ellen Baumler

Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge- haunted

Uptown Butte - Ghosts of the Dumas Brothel

Montana Paranormal Investigators:

Eastern Montana Paranormal Society- (EMPS)

Umbria Paranormal Research Team - (Missoula)


Nebraska Paranormal Investigators:

Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Midwest - (P.R.I.S.M.) - Omaha

Omaha Research Beyond the Supernatural - (O.R.B.S.) - Omaha

Metro Area Paranormal Society - (M.A.P.S.) - Omaha

Nevermore Paranormal - Omaha

Nebraska Paranormal Links:

Haunted Nebraska - (DVD)


Nevada Paranormal Investigators:

Nevada Spirit Seekers

Nevada Ghost Team

Lake Tahoe Ghost Hunters

Nevada Paranormal Links:

Janice Oberding's Haunted Nevada

Ghosts of Virginia City (videos available to purchase)

New Jersey

New Jersey Paranormal Investigators:

New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society

Central NJ Paranormal Investigators (CNJPI)

Keyport Paranormal

New Jersey Ghost Links:

Haunted New Jersey

Spirit Trackers of Northern New Jersey

Weird New Jersey

Psychic Medium and Ghost Author Craig McManus

New Mexico

New Mexico Paranormal Investigators:

Southwest Ghost Hunter's Association

New Mexico Paranormal Links:

The haunted St. James Hotel- (Cimarron)

Haunted KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque (from the Legends of America website)

St. James Hotel - Cimarron, New Mexico

Santa Fe: The haunted La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa -  (haunted by the ghost of Julia Staab!)


"Riders in the Sky: The Ghosts and Legends of Philmont Scout Ranch"  -by Michael Connelly

"Haunted New Mexico: The Ghosts of Albuquerque"  - by Cody Polston

"Adobe Angels: The Ghosts of Albuquerque -  by Antonio R. Garcez

"New Mexico Ghost Stories"   -by Antonio R. Garcez

"Adobe Angels: Ghost Stories of O'Keeffe Country"  -by Antonia Garcez

"American Indian Ghost Stories of the Southwest"  -by Antonio Garcez

New York

New York Paranormal Investigators:

Eastern Paranormal Investigation Center - (E.P.I.C.)

Supernatural Paranormal Agency - (Rochester)

Paranormal Investigation of NYC

Albany Ghost Investigators

New York Ghost Chapter

Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center - (East Bethany)

Binghamton Area Paranormal Society (B.A.P.S.)

New York Ghost Links:

Long Island Oddities

Ghost Stories from the Olde Bryan Inn Restaurant - (Saratoga Springs)

New York ghost author David Pitkin's website

Ghost stories of the Beardslee Castle (historic Mohawk Valley restaurant in Little Falls)

North Carolina

North Carolina Paranormal Investigators:

North Carolina Paranormal Phenomena Research Society

L.E.M.U.R Paranormal Investigations  (Joshua P. Warren)

Metrolina Paranormal Research (Charlotte, NC)

Foothills Paranormal Investigations

North Carolina Paranormal Links:

Haunted North Carolina

Devil's Tramping Ground


Ohio Paranormal Investigators:

Rural Ohio Paranormal Investigation Society - {R.O.P.I.S.}

Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits

C.O.R.U.P.T- (Central Ohioans Researching Unexplained Paranormal Things)

Ohio Ghost Hunters

Ohio Exploration Society - (OES)

The Ghosts of Ohio   - (Paranormal Research & Investigation)

G.H.O.S.T- Ghost Hunters Ohio Research Team

Ohio Ghost Hunt

Tri-Mar Paranormal Research

M.A.J.D.A. Paranormal Research Society- (Alliance, OH)

Central Ohio Paranormal Society

Ohio Paranormal Links:

www.karenlaven.com/home  -  Karen Laven, author of Cincinnati Ghosts

Ohio Lost

Dead Ohio

Forgotten Ohio- Abandoned and Haunted Places


Oklahoma Paranormal Investigators:

Tulsa Ghost Investigators

Oklahoma City Ghost Club LLC  - (Paranormal Research & Investigation Services)

Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa - (PITT)

Oklahoma Paranormal

Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations

Ghost Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Legends Investigations (GHOULI)

North West Oklahoma Paranormal Investigators  (NWOPI)

PROOF - Paranormal Research of Oklahoma Foundation

Oklahoma Paranormal Links:

The Haunted Stone Lion Inn - (Guthrie, OK)


Oregon Paranormal Investigators:

Pacific Paranormal Research Society - Haunted Oregon

Paranormal Studies and Investigations of Oregon - (PSI)

Oregon Ghost Links:

A Ghostly Guide to Washington And Oregon


Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators:

Chester County Paranormal Research Society -  {C.C.P.R.S.}  ~ Located in West Chester  ~   Twitter

Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators ~ (Philadelphia)

Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania

Delaware County Paranormal Research

Strange Happenings Ghost and Hauntings Research Society ~ (Pittsburgh)

Spirit Society of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Paranormal Links:

Voices Carry Paranormal Talk Radio

Ghosts In The 'Ville: True Experiences and Tales of the Unexplained in Riegelsville, PA - (by Jeffrey A. Wargo)

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Paranormal Investigators:

Rhode Island Paranormal

Rhode Island Paranormal Links:

Cranston - the haunted Governor Sprague Mansion - Charlie the Butler's ghost

South Carolina

South Carolina Paranormal Investigators:

Coastal Spirit Chasers - (Myrtle Beach)

South Carolina Paranormal Links:

Haunted Spartanburg, SC

South Carolina Ghosts  (book)- (by Nancy Roberts)


Tennessee Paranormal Investigators:

Clarksville Ghost Hunters - (C.G.H.)

East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society - (E.T.P.R.S.)

Ghost & History of Southeastern Tennessee, Inc. - (GHOST)

Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters  - (Formerly The Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee)

Memphis Paranormal Investigations

Southern States Paranormal Research Society - (S.S.P.R.S.)

Tennessee Ghost Hunters

Tennessee Paranormal Investigations

Tennessee Paranormal Investigation Team - (T.P.I.T.)

Tennessee Paranormal Links:

The haunted Magnolia Manor B&B (Bolivar, TN)


Texas Paranormal Investigators:

DFW Paranormal Research of North Texas

Dallas Area Paranormal Society

Paranormal Investigations of Texas

Corpus Christi Paranormal

Corpus Christi Spook Central

Houston Ghost Hunters

Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations

North Texas Paranormal Investigations

Texas Hauntings Society

Texas Spirits Paranormal Investigations - (Austin)

Supernatural Watchers @ Tyler - (S.W.A.T.)

Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society

Tyler Research and Investigations of the Paranormal - (R.I.P.)

San Antonio Paranormal Network - (S.A.P.N.)

Texas Paranormal Links:

Menger Hotel Ghost Stories - (by Menger Hotel Ghost Authority Ernesto Malacara) -  (San Antonio)

Haunted Texas

Ghost Stories of the haunted Church Bistro and Theatre

The haunted Historic Ott Hotel - (Liberty, TX)

Texas Guide to Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns (book) - by Robert Wlodarski

Ghosts of North Texas - (book) - by Mitchel Whitington

The History and Mystery of the Menger Hotel - (book) - by Docia Schultz Williams

Haunted Texas Vacations: The Complete Ghostly Guide - (book) - by Lisa Farwell


Utah Paranormal Investigators:

Investigators of Spiritual Connections ---  (Northern Utah)

CCPI Paranormal Investigations

DPART- Departed Paranormal and Research Team

The Ghost Investigators Society (G.I.S.)  ---  (Layton, UT)

Insight Paranormal

Northern Utah Paranormal Society (N.U.P.S.)

Paranormal Utah

The Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah

Salt Lake City Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society

The Salt Lake Ghost Hunters Society

Unknown Utah

Utah Ghost Hunters Society

Utah Ghost Organization

Utah Ghost Research and Investigation (U.G.R.I.)

Utah Paranormal Exploration & Research

Utah Paranormal Research Group

Utah Researchers Of Paranormal Activity ~ (U.R.O.P.A.)

Wasatch Paranormal Investigators

Utah Paranormal Links:

Utah Ghosts: Ghost Traveller


Vermont Paranormal Investigators:

Green Mountain Paranormal Society

Vermont Paranormal Links:

Vermont Ghosts

Haunted Vermont

Vermont ghost stories & haunted places

Haunted Vermont index- (from Shadowlands)

The Vermont Ghost Guide

Joseph Citro- Vermont ghost author

Haunted inns and hotels in Vermont


Virginia Paranormal Investigators:

The Center for Paranormal Research & Investigation - (Richmond)

Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society

Rockingham Paranormal Society - (Grottoes, VA)

The Waynesboro Paranormal Research Group

Virginia Paranormal Links:

Washington State

Washington State Paranormal Investigators:

Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma

INSIGHT Spokane - (Inland Northwest Society for the Investigation of Ghosts, Hauntings and the Transcendental)

Washington State Paranormal Investigations & Research - (WSPIR)

The Evergreen Paranormal Group

Washington State Ghost Links:

The Ghosts of Washington & Oregon

Seattle Museum of the Mysteries

West Virginia

West Virginia Paranormal Investigators:

Huntington Paranormal Investigations & Research

West Virginia Ghost Hunters

West Virginia Paranormal Society

West Virginia Paranormal Links:

West Virginia's True Ghost Stories

Theresa's Haunted West Virginia


Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators:

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

River Cities Paranormal Society (R.C.P.S.) - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Madison Ghostseekers Society

Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group

South East Wisconsin Ghost Research

S.P.I.N. Wisconsin (Stateline Paranormal Investigative Network of Wisconsin)

Wisconsin Paranormal Links:

Door County’s Haunted Lighthouses

Weird Wisconsin: Ghosts & Haunts

Unexplained Research -  (The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations)


Wyoming Paranormal Investigators:

Wyoming Spirit Seekers

Cheyenne Paranormal Investigators - (CPI)

Wyoming Paranormal Links:

Wyoming Ghost Stories

High Plains Hauntings

EXCELLENT miscellaneous ghostly, paranormal, & macabre links! (Tons of them!) ~ (Listed alphabetically)

AAPI- American Association of Paranormal Investigators

Atriad Press (Haunted Encounters series)

The Asylum's Gate

Absolutely Paranormal



Coast to Coast AM (Art Bell/ George Noory) - (They feature 'Ghost- to -Ghost' every Halloween)


The Cold Spot documentaries-  Ghostly homes

Darkness on the Edge of Town radio show

Death and Dementia- Paranormal Anamolies-   Great ghost links!

Dark Destinations:  Locations in the United States



The Eerie Archive- Great American Ghosts!    (Natl' Trust for Historic Preservation)

Fate Magazine- True Reports of the Strange & Unknown

FarShores.org- Your Anomalous Phenomena Resource

Ghostly Tales from America's Jails - (Excellent book from author Joan Upton Hall)

Ghost Hunters - (series on the Sci- Fi Channel)


Ghost in my Suitcase


Ghost Guides

Grave Addiction  - - -    (GREAT LINKS!!!)

Ghost Hunters, Inc Journal

Ghost Investigators Society- (GIS)

Ghost Hounds- Paranormal Investigators Network

Ghost Chasers International, Inc.

GHOST magazine

www.ghostlytalk.com  -  Internet talk radio show about ghosts

Ghost Stories and Hauntings


Ghost to Ghost




The History Channel - Haunted History message board!

HAUNTED REAL ESTATE  -~COOL site!  From a real estate agent in Los Gatos, CA    

Haunted Times Magazine - (Christopher Moon)

Historic Hotels of America- (Natl' Trust for Historic Preservation)-  Ghosts & Hauntings!

HAUNTED HIKER! Excellent book: Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks {By Andrea Lankford}


Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted Vacations

Haunted Places Directory  -  (Author Dennis William Hauck)


History & Hauntings: Ghosts of the Prairie  -    (www.historyandhauntings.com /  www.prairieghosts.com/)

Haunted Travels

International Ghost Hunter's Society    (www.ghostweb.com)

ISPR- International Society for Paranormal Research   (http://www.hauntings.com / http://www.ispr.net/home.html)

Invisible Ink -  Tons of Books on Ghosts and Hauntings! (by Chris Woodyard- Author of the Haunted Ohio Series)



Legends of America - EXCELLENT web site!

Military Ghosts- The Guide to America's Haunted Forts, Military Posts & Battlefields

Mysteries Magazine

Michael Norman- Haunted Homeland author

Michael J. Kouri haunted house investigations- icghosts


Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page- Ghosts & Haunting



Perception 9


Paranormal Activity Research Association

Paranormal News

ParaNexus Anamolous Research Association


www.rue-morgue.com -- Rue Morgue: Horror in Culture & Entertainment

www.speakingofstrange.com  - (Joshua P. Warren)

Speaking of Strange radio talk show -  Joshua P. Warren

The Shadowlands

Supernatural Episodes  - - - - {Watch Supernatural episodes online}

Twilight Zone Radio

Ten Best B&Bs To Sleep With A Ghost This Halloween!

True Ghost Tales ~ (Ghosts and the Supernatural World)

True Ghost Stories of the West- (by ghost author Antonio R. Garcez)

The Atlantic Paranormal Society - (TAPS)

www.unexplained-mysteries.com  (Ghost & Spirit News)

Voices on the Wind - Recorded voices of ghosts

Where Ghosts Do Dwell

Where the dead love to shop

WinterSteel- Paranormal Information & Stories of the Unexplained

www.whitington.com  - (Ghost author Mitchel Whitington)

World of the Strange


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